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Ningbo Hardware Fair in 2020
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/11/25 - 11/27 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Ningbo Ningbo International Exhibition Center 181 Huizhan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Sponsor:Yiwu hardware and Appliance Industry Association
Organizer:Yiwu hardware and Appliance Industry Association



Contact: Hu A kind of 152-1666-1383     Business affairsQ:6953-1680

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Two thousand and twentyChina(Ningbo) hardware and electrical Expo


Time Between:Two thousand and twentyyearElevenmonth25-27day          

land Point: Huizhan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang ProvinceOne hundred and eighty-oneNingbo International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: Yiwu hardware and Appliance Industry Association

Exhibition overview:

China(Ningbo) Hardware & Electrical Expo will be held inTwo thousand and twentyyearElevenmonth25-27Held in Ningbo,Ningbo sub provincial city, as“OnebeltOneThe node city of national strategy of "road",Two thousand and sixteenThe city's GDP inEight thousand five hundred and forty-one point oneBillion yuan.Two thousand and sixteenTotal revenue of the city inTwo thousand one hundred and forty-five point eightBillion yuan.Two thousand and sixteenTotal import and export volume of ports inEleven thousand six hundred and sixty-six point fourBillion yuan,The proportion of the export volume of mechanical and electrical products in the total export volume of the city is54.5%; exports of over US $100 millionOne hundred and forty-fourindividual,New foreign trade business registration enterprises in the whole yearThree thousand seven hundred and sixty-threeHome, cumulativeThirty-three thousand three hundred and ninety-oneCountries and regions that directly trade with NingboTwo hundred and twenty-threeNingbo port has been connected with the worldTwo hundred and sixteenCountries and regionsSix hundredA number of ports have opened routes, which have been rated as the "top five ports in the world" by the authoritative magazine of international port and shipping industry -- British container international.

China(Ningbo) hardware and electrical Expo will be held in Ningbo, which is conducive to zero distance contact between hardware and electrical exhibitors and Ningbo areaThreeMore than ten thousand foreign trade companies and foreign trade institutions are in favor of increasing the number of enterprises participating in the exhibitionOnebeltOneExports from countries along the road.

China(Ningbo) hardware and electrical Expo focuses on the development of the industry, and is committed to providing an international exhibition platform for domestic and foreign hardware tools, mechanical and electrical enterprises. It is a professional exhibition and Trade Fair integrating brand display, technical exchange, trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, and international discussion.

Exhibition promotion:

One. select national large-scale hardware tools, construction hardware, daily hardware, hardware kitchen and bathroom, mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical products, etcFifty10000 enterprise data and data of domestic tools, mechanical and electrical supporting enterprises, and select the whole countryOne hundred and eightyLarge hardware tool market, mechanical and electrical market and large professional business units are invited one-on-one to urge their managers, technicians and purchasers to come to the meeting for exchange and purchase, so as to build the exhibition into a multi-functional one integrating brand promotion, channel improvement, international foreign trade, new product release, etcZThe one-stop purchase and trade exchange platform of hardware and electromechanical industry.

Two. overseas merchants group

The organizing committee fully integrates industry resources with international organizations, foreign agencies in China, as well as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo and YiwuFive hundredForeign trade companies and so on reached a consensus on in-depth cooperation. At that time, the bus organization overseas merchants will organize a group to visit the exhibition. Let the buyer team through face-to-face communication with the exhibitors, reduce the middlemen, and achieve win-win.

Exhibition scale:

Exhibition area:Twenty thousandSquare meter

Number of booths:One thousandindividual

Exhibitors: AboutEight hundredhome

Professional audience:Twenty thousandPerson time


One. hand tools: traditional hand tools, explosion-proof tools, automobile protection tools, garden tools, toolbox package;

Two. electric tools: traditional electric tools, accessories of electric tools

ThreePneumatic tools: traditional pneumatic tools, components of pneumatic tools;

Four. mechanical and electrical machinery: water pump, air compressor, motor, generator, water supply and drainage equipment, bearing, agricultural machinery, plant protection, cleaning, carpentry, garden

Packaging, lifting, spraying, hydraulic pressure, lifting appliance;

Five. welding equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding, gas cutting equipment, welding materials, accessories;

SixAbrasive Abrasives: abrasive Abrasives, chip tools, diamond products;

Seven. hardware products: construction, decoration, doors and windows, plumbing, castors, locks, standard fasteners, hardware accessories;

EightElectronic appliances: electronic appliances and accessories, electrical materials;

Nine. other products: safety protection, labor protection appliances, safe (cabinet) daily use and gift hardware, e-commerce, commerce, media;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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