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Shanghai International Toy Fair 2020
Industry: Toys / Gifts / Crafts
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/10/21 - 10/23 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sponsor:China toy and Infant Products Association
Organizer:China Gongmei International Exhibition Co., Ltd


As an international and professional business platform for toy, preschool education supplies and equipment industry, the 2016 China toy exhibition covers an area of more than 150000 square meters,
The only international exhibition in China, overseas brands layout bridgehead of Chinese market
China Toy Fair attracts nearly 500 international brands from more than 20 countries and regions to participate actively every year. The United States, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have collectively seized the beach. The number of international brands has increased by 30% year on year. China Toy Fair seeks provincial and municipal agents and shares the business opportunities of China's second child new policy.
National brands gather in the exhibition group of the production area
China toy exhibition has gathered 20 major production area exhibition groups, including Dongguan, Shenzhen electronic toys, Chenghai plastic toys, Zhejiang Yunhe wood, Yongjia amusement equipment, Pinghu children's car, Jiangsu baoyingjiao toys, Jinjiang electronic plastic, Hebei Pingxiang children's car, etc., with the active participation of national brand leading enterprises, launching millions of new products, connecting with city agents and dealers at all levels.  
Special exhibition of teaching toys and equipment for preschool education to fully meet the teaching and office needs of the kindergarten
While maintaining the advantages of toy categories, China Toy Fair will expand the market segmentation of preschool education supplies, build a new "Preschool Education Toy Center" and "preschool education equipment center", promote effective negotiation with front-line directors, purchasers and integrators of preschool education supplies, and fully meet the equipment requirements of teaching aids, scientific discovery room and office equipment.
At the same time, a seminar on playing teaching aids was held to integrate theory with practice and improve the level of running the park
In response to the call of the head of the kindergarten, we initiated the conference mode of "forum + selection + observation", invited well-known preschool education experts at home and abroad and the head of the demonstration kindergarten, etc., to share the experience in the selection of playing teaching aids and kindergarten curriculum construction, and had the opportunity to personally select the excellent teaching toys of the year, visit the well-known kindergartens in Shanghai, combine theory and practice, and improve the quality of the kindergartens.
The three service platforms of the association are jointly displayed, with multiple benefits for one visit
At the same time, China Toy Fair held China baby show and China authorized exhibition. The three service platforms of the association complement each other, helping you expand your business vision, accumulate more industry resources, successfully expand new business areas, and promote the leap forward promotion of business!
Last review
On October 22, 2015, the 14th China International Toy and Educational Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China toy exhibition"), China infant and children's exhibition and China authorized exhibition ended perfectly in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The overall scale growth of the three exhibition platforms of the association has successfully maintained over 20%, the exhibition area has reached 145000 square meters, the number of exhibitions has exceeded 6700, and the number of exhibitors has exceeded 1500, covering the whole industry chain of 0-14-year-old supplies such as child safety seats, baby carriages, furniture, baby supplies, toys, preschool education supplies and equipment.
The exhibition period is three days, with a total of 60618 professional buyers at home and abroad, an increase of 20% over the previous year, a growth of 28% for buyers of rapidly expanding categories such as preschool education supplies and infant products, and a growth of 30% for brand authorized visitors. It is worth mentioning that the growth rate of overseas buyers has reached 19%. This year, 4900 international purchasers from more than 120 countries and regions have been attracted to the exhibition. The appeal, cohesion and industry status of the association's brand activities have been demonstrated again, leading the development trend of global toys, baby products and brand authorization.  
Statistics of 2015 China Toy show, China baby show and Shanghai authorized Exhibition


Toys: Plush software, wood, dolls, electronic and electric, plastic, educational and educational wisdom, children's riding, holiday party supplies, plastic inflation, etc;
Preschool education: teaching toys, teaching tools, books and books, toiletries, early education machines and software, children's furniture, early education institutions, etc
Outdoor amusement equipment and categories: large combined amusement equipment, slide, swing, climbing, indoor and outdoor naughty Fort series, bounce series, seesaw, swing horse and swing machine, fitness equipment series, rubber mat, artificial lawn, etc
Model machinery: aircraft model, automobile model, ship model, building model, military model, train, animal model, simulation model, die casting and metal toys, etc
Others: testing mechanism, accessories, raw materials, etc

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth: 14000 yuan / 9m2, minimum 9m2 (additional 15% surcharge for corner)
Booth facilities: 1 consulting desk, 2 folding chairs, 5 spotlights, carpets, 9 floors, (1 meter / piece) or 3 lockers, Chinese and English lintels, 1 paper basket, 1 500W / 220V (5a) power socket, 1 or 2 3M × 2m booth curtains
Floor space: 1400 yuan / m2, minimum 36 M2 (only floor space, additional 15% surcharge for corner space)

Advertising expenses
Registration fee for exhibition: 2000 yuan (1P color page advertisement for domestic or foreign trade journals, size 210cm × 275cm)
Matters needing attention
Other expenses of Guangdi: site management fee: 30 yuan / m2, construction certificate, construction deposit, electricity box fee, electricity box deposit
The measure of area: 180000m2


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