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Lanzhou International Expo Center

Address:No.1, Beibinhe East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City
Area:28207 M²
Location:China-Gansu Province-Lanzhou City-Chengguan


Lanzhou International Expo Center is a modern and intelligent Expo Center developed by Lanzhou Guofang Real Estate Co., Ltd., which integrates international conferences, international and domestic exhibitions, exhibitions, business negotiations, commerce, finance, information, catering, entertainment, office and star hotels. Located in the heart of Lanzhou City Square, it mainly undertakes international, national and regional expositions, trade fairs and fairs, displaying and selling famous and excellent new special products and national products in Northwest China. Lanzhou International Expo Center has building equipment monitoring system (air conditioning and ventilation, power transformation and distribution, water supply and drainage, lighting, elevator system), broadcasting and background music system, anti-theft alarm system, entrance and exit control system, patrol system, security computer central management system, automatic spray system, full digital program-controlled exchange system (PABX), VSAT satellite data communication system Satellite and shared television receiving system, information resource management system, multimedia information, query system, electronic screen information display and announcement system, business management system.  

Exhibition hall scale
Lanzhou International Expo Center covers a total area of 42.312 mu, 28207.9 square meters, which is composed of main building, side building, tower and green belt. The green land is 12.27 mu, 8117.25 square meters. There is a large area of centralized green belt with a width of 40 meters and a length of 123 meters at the north end of the project. There are two circular flower bed fountains with a diameter of 14 meters in the belt. There is a roof garden on the eighth floor of the main building, and there are pedestrian streets about 100 meters long at both ends of the north and south.  




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