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Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Address:Showground, Brown Road, Broadmeadow
Area:1650 M²


Newcastle Exhibition Center is located in Newcastle, Australia. It is a multi-purpose activity center, covering an area of 1650 square meters. It is an ideal Exhibition Center.

The Newcastle Convention Centre (formerly the Newcastle arena and the telewest arena) is a sports and entertainment arena in the north-east of England. It operates SMG Europe to host new town radio, music, entertainment, sports and business events. There are also a variety of professional basketball and ice hockey team home users. In 2009, the ice hockey team Newcastle Viper moved to the Whitley Bay skating rink, and the basketball team Newcastle Eagles moved to the University of Northumbria stadium in 2010.
The Newcastle Fair Exhibition Centre is the largest concert and exhibition venue in the northeast of the UK. It has a total area of 40000 square feet (3700 square meters) of exhibition and conference space. Among them, the concert venue can accommodate more than 11000 seats, while the basketball game can take 6500 seats, and the ice performance can take 5500 seats. Another space with a total area of 36000 square meters is available for large events and exhibitions. In addition to the main center, there are two 100 company lounges. In front of the lobby, there are two venues called Meijing and riverside. In addition, there is a safe parking facility for 600 cars outside the venue.


Bus Line

From Newcastle, NSW 2300 Australia
To Newcastle Entertainment Centre, broadmeadow NSW 2292 Australia

10 minutes (5.1 km)
By hunter st and A15
9 minutes (if the road is clear)
NSW 2300 Australia

Drive south from watt st to Scott st
25 meters

Turn right at junction 1 and enter Scott st
650 meters

走Hunter St
2.4 kilometers

Turn left into Selma st
100 meters

Turn right at junction 1 and enter Donald St / A15
1.5 kilometers

Turn left into Chatham Rd
220 meters

Turn right from Chatham RD to brown Rd


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