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Cannes old port and Pierre Cantor port

Address:Cannes, France
Area:200000 M²
Tel:+33 4 92 18 84 84


Cannes port is located in Cannes, France, covering a total area of 200.000 square meters, all of which are open-air display areas. Cannes port is a conference center in Cannes France, in order to hold Cannes Film Festival. It was founded in 1982.

Cannes port is a conference center in Cannes France, in order to hold Cannes Film Festival. It was founded in 1982. Cannes port was founded in 1949 and hosts Cannes Film Festival. The original building is located in Cannes for a walk on the avenue in the Marriott Ghana resort. The hotel previously hosted the fourth and sixth European singing competitions in 1959 and 1961.
The continuous success in holding the film festival and the emergence of the first business practice prompted the French media market to decide in 1965 that the city of Cannes should establish a new venue and building in 1979, a six story architectural design and rich in modern architectural style. Hubert first born Bennett and Francois druet, and built on the casino website. It officially opened in December 1982 and expanded its space in 1999. It is a new 10000 square meter space built by Riviera.

In January 1992, the activities of Cannes were mixed with the economic society (that) to manage the palace. The results come from a merger of three non-profit organizations: the omacc for Cannes tourism and the association Cannes palace Festival and Congress.
Cannes port has a total exhibition space of 25000 square meters, including many conference halls and 18 screening halls, the largest of which can hold about 2300 people. The annual venue of Cannes Film Festival is held in Cannes port, and the housing conference with "modern high-tech facilities" is held throughout the year.


Bus Line

Cannes station → Cannes port

Raboca, Cannes, Louis Armand street, 0615 billion raboca, Cannes, Pierre canto, cruise Avenue, 06400 Cannes
16 minutes (5.5 km)
Avenue du Dr Raymond Picaud
13 minutes (if the road is clear)

Cannes airport to Cannes port

Cannes madelier airport, 245 Avenue Francis toner, 06150 Cannes, Pierre Cantor, cruise Avenue, 06400 Cannes
25 minutes (9.6 km)
South Boulevard
21 minutes (if the road is clear)


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