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Zhejiang xinnongdu Exhibition Center

Address:No. 3398, Jianshe 4th Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Area:24852 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Hangzhou City-Xiaoshan District
Tel:0571-82875888 / 83680019


Zhejiang new Nongdu Exhibition Center is a large professional exhibition hall integrating exhibition, conference, hotel, business and other functions. It is an important part of Zhejiang new Nongdu logistics center, which was completed and put into use in 2012. The indoor effective exhibition area is 24852 square meters, divided into five exhibition halls, covering 7395, 6220, 2722, 4090 and 4425 square meters respectively, which can accommodate 1200 standard booths. The first floor outdoor East Square, West and North roads can be used as the venue for the opening ceremony of large-scale exhibition.

I. complete exhibition facilities
The size of exhibition hall in the exhibition hall can be combined organically, which is suitable for holding various scale exhibitions. The effective floor height of the exhibition hall is 5m, which can provide supporting facilities and services such as lighting, power supply, water supply, telephone, network, advertising, business, monitoring, fire control, broadcasting, air conditioning, fresh air, storage, materials, security, cleaning, parking, etc. There are 7 conference reception rooms, 6 offices, 23 groups of fire escape stairs, 5 vertical freight elevators, 4 escalators, 2 moving sidewalks, 2 East-West car ramps, about 2800 free parking spaces on the roof, underground and ground. All kinds of news media partners can provide high-quality services.

II. Convenient location and transportation
The exhibition hall is located at the junction of Jianshe 4th Road and Changshan Zhihe River in Xiaoshan District, with obvious location and transportation advantages. 6 bus lines have been opened to connect Hangzhou urban area, Xiaoshan urban area and metro station; 5 minutes' drive from Metro Line 2; entrance and exit are planned for line 7 on one side of the block; 104 national highway is next to each other; 10 minutes' drive from Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway, airport expressway, Ring Expressway and Xiaoshan International Airport; you can go through Fuxing Bridge, Xixing bridge, Pengbu bridge, Jiubao bridge, Xiasha bridge and Qingchun tunnel Wait 10 minutes by car to get to Hangzhou city.

III. complete peripheral facilities
The exhibition hall is located in the 3 # boutique market block of Zhejiang xinnongdu logistics center. The first phase of the logistics center covers an area of 450 mu. It has non-staple food market, aquatic product market, beverage market, frozen product market, meat market, grain and oil market, vegetable market, comprehensive distribution market, Hotel, residence, warehouse and other supporting facilities. Hotels and guesthouses in the surrounding area of 5km range from five-star to economic, which can meet the needs of different levels. Xinjie town and ningwei town are strong industrial towns in Xiaoshan District, ranking first in Zhejiang Province in terms of comprehensive strength, with dense foreign population and obvious driving consumption capacity.

IV. good team service
Since the exhibition hall was put into use in 2012, many large-scale exhibitions have been held, such as 2012 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo, 2013 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo, China (Xiaoshan) entertainment appliance Expo, 2013 Zhejiang beverage frozen products Expo, 2013 Xiaoshan residential products Expo, 2014 Zhejiang goods Expo, etc. the exhibition site operation and management service experience is mature, with thoughtful cooperation, and after your cancellation Worry about it.

V. sincere cooperation
Zhejiang new Nongdu Exhibition Center has a professional exhibition team with both theoretical basis and practical experience. All colleagues adhere to the enterprise concept of "customer-oriented, service-oriented, professional focus, sincere and trustworthy", and provide the best service for the exhibition and conference activities here.




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