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Jinan Shungeng International Exhibition Center

Address:28 Shungeng Road, Shizhong District, Jinan
Area:41000 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Ji'nan City-Shizhong District


Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center is invested and built by the people's Government of Jinan. It is located in Shungeng mountain villa, the "state guesthouse" of Jinan City. It is built on the mountain, integrated in nature, surrounded by green, pleasant scenery, superior geographical location, and convenient transportation. The exhibition center is equipped with central air conditioning, escalator, fire control monitoring and automatic alarm system. Its functions are divided into exhibition hall, conference hall, sunshine leisure corridor, business center, banquet hall and other different areas, integrating exhibition, conference, catering, accommodation, business office and other functions. The whole building is one of the landmark buildings in Jinan City.

Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center is to hold the "International Forum and exposition on information technology innovation" (hereinafter referred to as the "information Expo") sponsored by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific, the Asia Pacific Technology Transfer Center and the Chinese Academy of engineering. It is invested and built by the people's Government of Jinan City, and Shungeng mountain villa in Jinan is responsible for the construction.

The exhibition center is divided into phase I and phase II projects. The phase I project is composed of conference, seminar, exhibition, parking and other functions. The phase II project is the supporting service function. The building adopts advanced steel structure and cable type point supported glass curtain wall system, and is equipped with intelligent control system that meets the requirements of modern exhibition. It is a modern exhibition building with advanced technology and complete functions, which adapts to the technical requirements of the information age.

The architectural design of the exhibition center is based on the principle of respecting the natural environment and obeying the overall situation of the region. The design concept is to highlight the natural features of Jinan Mountain and water. Through the architectural modeling conforming to the contour of the mountain and the landscape design showing the dynamic flow of water, it achieves the organic combination of human and nature, architecture and landscape, and creates a new and beautiful landscape for Jinan, the spring city 。

Under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, with the full support and scientific guidance of the leaders in charge, and with the cooperation of all relevant functional departments of the government, the engineering construction headquarters, through strict organization and reasonable scheduling, leads all builders to overcome difficulties without fear of hardship. Under the circumstances of tight time, heavy tasks, high requirements and great difficulties, it has gone through five stages The arduous struggle in may successfully completed the construction of the Convention and Exhibition Center, ensured the successful holding of the fair, and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet to the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the people of the city.    

Exhibition hall scale
The construction area of the Convention and Exhibition Center is 41000 square meters, including 20000 square meters of exhibition area, which can accommodate 1000 international standard booths; 10000 square meters of underground parking lot, which can park 150 cars at the same time; 6000 square meters of conference area, which can accommodate 40-700 people and 11 conference rooms; and 5000 square meters of underground two-story supermarket, which is used to hold various exhibitions and conferences Ideal place.

Conference Room
Conference Hall:
1 international lecture hall for 700 people, 2 multi-functional rooms for hotels, 1 multi-functional room for shunhuayuan Business Club
Conference room, VIP room:
25 small and medium-sized meeting rooms and VIP rooms




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