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Huaqiao International Expo Center

Address:1598 Greenland Avenue, Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Area:64861 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City-City of Kunshan


Huaqiao International Expo Center is a key functional project of Huaqiao International Business City in Kunshan City. It strives to build a product exhibition and Trade Center at home and abroad. The project adopts the commercial formats of exhibition and trade integration, exhibition belt meeting and trade promotion, integrates technical services, advertising services, business services, parking lot, property services and other functional facilities, integrates exhibition functions, conference functions and cultural activities, and is positioned as the Western sub center of Shanghai Hongqiao National Exhibition Center and the influential exhibition industry cluster area in East China, striving to build Exhibition, trade, business, office and conference five in one multi-functional comprehensive service area.

Exhibition hall scale
Huaqiao International Expo Center is located at the junction of Greenland Avenue, Xuezhao road and Guangming Road in Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, with a land area of 144129 square meters, a building area of 64861 square meters, an indoor exhibition area of 40000 square meters, and an outdoor large equipment exhibition area of 12000 square meters. The main exhibition hall is divided into three floors (the first floor can be used for exhibition, the second floor and the third floor can be used for conference office), and then three single-layer standard pillar free large space exhibition halls (international standard Hall of 10000 square meters) are connected. The indoor single square meter bearing capacity is up to 3 tons. In addition, the large equipment display area on the west side of the exhibition hall meets the bearing requirements of 5 tons per square meter. The exhibition center can meet the needs of different levels of exhibitions. All friends are welcome to discuss and cooperate.

Pavilion parameters

Entrance: each exhibition hall has 6 goods entrances and 13 passenger flow entrances.

Exhibition hall area: 10000 square meters / hall, 3 exhibition halls in total.

Goods entrance: 5.4m wide, 4.4m high

Floor of exhibition hall: low wear-resistant steel sand floor, bearing 3 tons / m2, single equipment shall not exceed 7 tons.

Elevator: 9 passenger elevators, 2 sightseeing passenger elevators and 2 freight elevators.

Electricity: the total power supply of the whole main exhibition hall is 10500kv, 2000kv / Hall

Power supply mode: 10kV substation, 3-way 5-wire system

Hall brightness: 112 lights, 300lx in each hall

Exhibition hall height: the building height is 20.6m, and the clear height of the exhibition hall is 13m.

Allowable height of Construction: the construction limit is 6m.

Hanging objects in exhibition hall: static light advertising carrier under 20kg

Water supply port: water inlet pipe DN32, interface DN20.

Drainage: 4 drainage ditches / halls

Fire fighting: smoke alarm, automatic sprinkler, portable fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, image alarm system, electric smoke exhaust window.

Internet: ISDN (128K), wireless broadband network (sharing 11m), wired broadband network (sharing 10m at most)

Motor vehicle parking: 642 (including 12 buses), non motor vehicle parking: 1400

Toilet: there are 64 urinals, 32 urinals and 160 toilet seats (exhibition hall and front area) in the first floor men's toilet.    




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