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Dahao Headline: China-Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of "Ink Warehouse" high-quality tofu

Published At: 2020-02-04   Hits: 2801070 Editor: zixun1
Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of "Ink Warehouse" tofu. Shicang tofu is made from local original soybean, spring water and salt brine...


Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.General ManagerLi Xiaoying's Business Interview with Liu Zhenli, Moderator of COTV Business Information

Brief Introduction to Enterprises
Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of Hakka agricultural products mainly consisting of stone warehouse oil and tofu. This is Songyang's first agricultural product company with oil tofu as its main component. In order to realize the diversified and standardized development of product types, Xiaoying Family Farm and Tofu Workshop of Ink Storage were established, the trademark of Ink Storage was registered, the agricultural industry chain of "Internet+Farm+Base+Farmer" was promoted, and the modern agricultural management mode of resource sharing and utilization sharing was realized. "Leading everyone to work and cooperating with everyone to make a good situation" to promote the development of villagers and achieve win-win situation with farmers. The company actively exerts the advantages of ecological resources, highlights the ecological characteristics, always adheres to the production concept of "green, healthy and original ecology", strives to create the perfect product of "high health, high safety and high nutrition", and is always committed to making pure natural green food enter millions of households through the platform of ink silo. Soybean base is located in Caizhai Village, Dadongba Town, Songyang County. It is an ancient Hakka village with a history of more than 300 years. It is located in the upstream of Shicangyuan. Its air quality and water quality are excellent all the year round.

Five advantages of the original soybean in the washstone warehouse: 1. The climate is suitable. 2. Soil and water are clean and pollution-free. 3. Let crops evolve naturally. 4. Refuse genetically modified beans. 5. Technology inheritance. Characteristic of Ink-washed Bean Curd: Shicang Bean Curd is made of local original high-quality soybean, mountain spring water and salt brine combined with local unique traditional craft. It has golden color, thin skin, soft, tender and slightly salty taste. Although deep-fried, it still retains the original taste of tofu, with endless aftertaste. It is the representative food of Hakka delicacies.


Songyang Ink Warehouse Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.Contact: 15869226663, micro-signal: 15804888659, contact Li Xiaoying, address: Ink Store, Yufeng District, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province, welcome customers from all over the world to discuss cooperation!

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