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COTV Global Live Broadcast - Shaoxing Junyi Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes In Designing And Processing The "Seeking Space" Series Of Fashionable Curtain Fabrics, Trendy Wall Fabrics, And Vario...

Published At: 2024-03-17   Hits: 684431 Editor: fengzemin
COTV Global Live - Shaoxing Junyi Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and processing the "Seeking Space" series of fashionable curtain fabrics, trendy wall fabrics, variou...


On March 16, 2024, at the "2024 China Light Textile City Curtain and Fabric Exhibition" held at the Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center, Mr. Peng Wei, General Manager of Shaoxing Junyi Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd., warmly accepted the "Enterprise Innovation Product Business Interview" promotion by Chen Xiaoying, the host of the "COTV Global Live" Wanlixing program.

Mr. Peng Wei, the General Manager, warmly introduced Shaoxing Junyi Home Technology Co., Ltd.'s professional design, processing and production of the "Seeking Space" series of fashionable curtain fabrics, trendy wall fabrics, and various fashionable and new finished curtains to the global audience, netizens, and new and old customers through COTV global live streaming; Original design, unique style, diverse styles, available in stock, and accepting customized samples and drawings as well as domestic and foreign trade orders. We welcome customers from all over the world to come and discuss cooperation! Address: No. 901, 9th Floor, Boutique Hall, Zone 7, China Textile City, Yunji Road, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. Contact number: 0086-18355165888. General Manager Peng Wei and all employees sincerely welcome everyone to visit!

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