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Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group is devoted to the production and sale of European Classical Furniture and New Chinese Furniture series of "Kafanlei" and "Rodans"

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Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group is devoted to the production and sale of European classical furniture and new Chinese furniture of "Kafanlei" and "Rodans" series. The company is in the forefront...


Mr. Zou Jijun, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group, warmly accepted the product recommendation of Liu Zhenli, the host of COTV Business Information column group, on 09 August 2020.

Mr. Zou Jijun, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group, introduced the company's development strategy and product characteristics to customers and audience netizens all over the world through COTV Internet and TV enthusiastically.

Company Profile

Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group is a professional manufacturer and seller of solid wood furniture. It has four production bases of Zhongshan Hechi Furniture Co., Ltd., Foshan Lianzhong Furniture Co., Ltd., Sino-foreign joint venture Lianchi (Jiangxi) Furniture Co., Ltd., Hongkong Lianchi International Furniture Co., Ltd., and six series of two brands of "Cafanlei" and "Rhodanthe". The company has introduced German HOMAG automation equipment, advanced digital management, design technology and manufacturing capacity all rank in the forefront of the industry. In accordance with ISO 9001 International Quality Standard, ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System and CID Standard of Green Environment Protection, the company has selected high-quality raw materials from domestic and Southeast Asia to produce more than 300 kinds of high-quality furniture products with two brands of "Kafanlei" and "Rhodanthe", and many products have won national patents. Welcome all kinds of businessmen from all over the world to discuss cooperation! Address: Lecong Town International Convention and Exhibition Center, Foshan, Guangdong, China. Tel: 018676122789, Vice General Manager Zou Jijun, welcome to our company!

Company Address: International Convention and Exhibition Center, Lecong Town, Foshan, Guangdong, China, tel: 018676122789.

Guangdong Lianchi Furniture Group is a company specializing in the production and sales of solid wood furniture. It owns two major production bases of Sino-foreign joint venture Lianchi (Jiangxi) Furniture Co., Ltd. and Xinyang Lianchi Furniture Co., Ltd., and six series of European classic furniture and new Chinese furniture under the two major brands of "Kafanlei" and "Rodans". The company's full-line introduction of professional equipment, advanced digital management, design technology, and manufacturing capabilities are among the top in the industry. The company selects domestic and Southeast Asian high-quality raw materials, in accordance with ISO9001 international quality standards, ISO14001 international environmental management system and green environmental protection "CID" standards, and produces more than 300 high-quality "Kafanlei" and "Rodans" brands. Furniture products, many products have obtained national patents. Welcome all kinds of customers from all over the world to come to discuss cooperation! Address: Lianchi Industrial Park, Xiaojiang Town, Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China, Ordering phone: 018676122789, Company Deputy General Manager Zou Jijun welcomes everyone!

Zou Jijun, deputy general manager of the company, welcomes you all!

Order and delivery can be made by two-dimensional QR code plus Wechat.

Guangdong Lianchi Furniture

Product Culture

"Cavalet" brand series furniture is a high-end furniture product designed by Italy and produced by the essence of Chinese culture, with independent knowledge rights.

In terms of product artistic style, "Cavalet" is European furniture, and "Cavalet" is the free translation of "Italian Art". It is a brilliant interpretation of the "Cavalet" product, which is refined by the combination of traditional Chinese cultural elements and Italian classical art. It is a model work of perfect integration of modern Chinese and Western furniture styles.

"Kafanlei" 888 series furniture, each arch column has a pair of left and right opposite "smiling duck" carving, not only unique flavor, three-dimensional sense, highlighting delicate and charm, but also full of deep blessing. For thousands of years, mandarin ducks have been a symbol of harmony and love, and also a persistent incarnation of love in Oriental culture.

On the top of the front of "Cafanlei" furniture, there is a beautiful carved flower ornament, the oval "lotus heart", lying quietly in the blooming lotus flower. The slender flower core is clearly visible. It symbolizes the lotus pool, implies fraternity, purity of the soul, and is also the highest spiritual pursuit of people.

On the cabinets, wine cabinets, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, beds, seats and sofas of "Cavalet", there are exquisite and huge "sea pearls" carved, which shine between the surging waves on the cluster of blue waves. It is a sea pearl symbolizing wealth and wealth, calm in the sea, is the treasure of Zhenhai; in the family, it is the treasure of the town house, the lucky stars shining, descendants from generation to generation.

At the junction of the frame and the upper part of the "Kafanlei" furniture, there are round and plump gemstone carvings, like a delicate and beautiful Pearl necklace. They not only embellish the details of the furniture in a generous manner, but also express the common aspiration of people to pursue wealth and create a better life, and express the infinite wishes of "great wealth, nobility and eternity" that Cafanlei brings to people. Fortune, at the same time, symbolizes the continuous flow of wealth.

On the facade of "Cavalet" furniture, whether it is wine cabinet, bookcase or bedridden desk, there are beautiful vase-shaped flowers in full blossom. "Flower heart with dew and clear wave intoxicated, the future is like a fragrant blossom." Flowers represent harmony, fullness and novelty, while flowers imply pleasure, sweetness, health, happiness and longevity. Flowers and vases together show good wishes for a bright future.

"Cavalet" furniture not only contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture, but also publicizes the exquisite Western classical art. Cavalet furniture absorbs European classicism of the seventeenth century, incorporates its solemn, elegant and symmetrical aesthetic taste into it, combines the neoclassical aestheticism of the eighteenth century, and presents its elegance and refinement on every part of the "Cavalet" furniture, so that people can enjoy not only comfortable functions, but also comfortable functions after purchasing Cavalet furniture. Enjoy the rich cultural taste and artistic beauty brought by "Cavalet" furniture.

The structure of "Cavalet" 998 furniture is solid wood frame type double-wrapped inlaid furniture. In modelling, full and round, solemn and elegant, calm atmosphere, symmetrical and stretching contours, smooth and natural lines, flexible and moving components, clear functions, no redundant artificial actions, let people enjoy the fine elegance of Eastern culture and the romantic charm of European art.

In the production process of "Kafanlei", advanced cutting and pressing technology is combined with traditional manual carving and mosaic, and modern stretching and tenon technology is deployed to make furniture more durable and durable. Every part, every carving is meticulous, and after strict screening and inspection, a complete product, from material selection and raw materials to finished product packaging, must be refined through 38 processes.

"Kafanlei" furniture in the selection of raw materials is strict and demanding, the main materials are high-grade wood imported from North America and Russia, the material is hard and tough, delicate and smooth, whether in cold North America, or in hot and humid sub-tropical areas will never crack and deformation. The camphor wood imported from Malaysia and the world's top-grade Baishuan pomegranate and fork pomegranate characteristic bark have clear and natural texture, elegant and luxurious. Density board is the most advanced high density special board in China. It has high hardness, high density, firm and durable. It can not warp or expand. Hardware fittings are durable and durable. Furniture paint belongs to piano (matte) light curing paint. It not only has pure color, full and smooth paint film, but also is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. It enables you to enjoy the elegance of taste and the health and warmth of your home after purchasing "Cavalet" furniture.

"Kafanlei" 668 series of solid wood furniture, 100% pure wood production, drawers and backboards for camphor wood, furniture structure is exquisite, simple and honest, highlighting the real material and value of furniture and is favored by users.

"Kafanlei" furniture is designed by Lianchi Furniture Designer. Lianchi Furniture has a first-class design team. They visit well-known European manufacturing enterprises all over the world and combine the essence of European classical art with the aesthetic taste of Chinese traditional culture in order to design perfect furniture that integrates Chinese and Western culture. Since the product was put into the market, it has been favored by customers in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. More than 160 kinds of products have won the patent certificate of appearance design issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China and the gold medal of the Asia-Pacific Classical Furniture Design Competition.

There are 888 dark series, 888 white series 998 European series and 668 solid wood series in the variety of "Kafanlei" furniture, which are divided into four categories: living room, dining room, bedroom and study. The living room is mainly composed of sofas and decorative wine cabinets, with tables, TV cabinets, porches, flower racks and so on. The dining room is dominated by tables, wine cabinets and sideboard cabinets, with soft-bag seats and dining cars. Bedroom to bed, bedside cabinet, dressing table and wardrobe, with bedside stools, hangers, dressing glasses, etc. The study is mainly composed of desks and bookcases, with computer desks and chairs. Among the four types of furniture, the main products of sofa, bed, dining table and bookcase are distinguished by three different shapes and specifications, which fully meet the different aesthetic requirements and customers'purchase needs of different living areas, and show the richness and diversity of "Cavalet" products.

The Beautiful Zen Buddhism of Lianchi

Once upon a time, there was a young and handsome prince named Angel of Peace, who lived a noble and noble life in the palace. But all day long, facing the complicated state affairs such as dealing with social unrest, open and secret struggles between officials and officials, and the continuous grievances of the people, I always feel incomparable worries and sorrows.

One day, he rode out of the palace, wandering aimlessly, wanting to eliminate his worries, walking, entering a manor. He casually looked up, ah, did he dream of fairyland? The colorful trees in the garden are tall, luxuriant and scattered. The trees are accompanied by exotic flowers and plants that are blooming in the open. They give out fresh fragrance. From time to time, the sound of spring water and the singing of birds are heard. Near the flower and fruit trees stands a magnificent and elegant white-style pavilion. All this is closely around the garden center of the Qingquan lotus pond, the pool is full of lotus flowers incomparably bright, beautiful, pure, fish in the lotus Bush jumping happily. In the middle of the lotus pond, there is a delicate and elegant bow-shaped wooden bridge connecting the two sides of the pond. On the bridge stands a beautiful girl who is extraordinary and refined. Her whole body is permeated with the incomparable fragrance, purity, beauty, kindness and peace. The girl holds the lotus flowers in her hands and salutes the prince with a smile, which is so solemn and elegant, so kind and considerate. The prince was intoxicated with such a wonderful realm and could not help walking towards the girl. Knowing his intention, the girl calmly and gently said to him, "All the troubles of people in the world arise from greed, such as wars between countries, ministers and ministers, and competition between people and people, all because of greed for money, fame, lust, greed for living, and greed for food." You are the monarch of a country. To govern a country, you must start with governing the mind. Governing the mind must start with education. If the people of all countries love each other, their greed will decrease, the world will be peaceful, the society will be stable, the country will be prosperous, the enterprises will flourish and the people will be happy. You will put aside your worries and worries and set an example for the people and the country." At the end of the sentence, the girl sent the lotus flower in her hand, "May you be like a lotus flower, out of sludge and not stained, and truly be an angel of peace in this muddy world of people's hearts." The Prince listened to Dabian Dawu and said, "May I have the name of the girl, please?" "My name is Lianchi," the girl said with great gravity. "May all the people in the world be pure and pure." ...

Certification Business

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