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Dahao Headline: China Suichang Guyun Ceramic Society specializes in the development, research and creation of black pottery, charcoal pottery, red pottery (wood grain pottery) and other pottery black...

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Suichang Guyun Ceramic Society specializes in research and development, creation of black pottery, charcoal pottery, red pottery (wood-grain pottery) and other works of Suichang Guyun Ceramic Socie...


Suichang Guyun Ceramic Society

Qiu Yongxiang, the head of Guyun Ceramic Society, was born in February 1970 in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province. He is a master of Suichang black pottery. The beginning of his career and his enthusiasm for the industry can be traced back to his pottery family.

Suichang Guyun Ceramic Society at Yiwusen Expo on November 2, 2019Qiu YongxiangCouples receive the introduction of works by Liu Zhenli, the moderator of COTV Business Information

Chinese and foreign businessmen come to the booth to order samples and negotiate cooperation in an endless stream

Teacher Qiu Yongxiang's ceramic works are characterized by matte surface, bright surface, mirror and good texture effect.

Jointly Create Fine Ceramics

Jointly Create Fine Ceramics

      Qiu's ancestors have been living in brick and tile industry for generations. In the 21st year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1895), great-grandfather and others moved from Shunoujiang Waterway in Qingtian to Wengshan in the southern suburb of Suichang County, where they began to build Liaojian Kiln, where they were engaged in fired bricks, tiles and pottery. By the time Suichang County was liberated in 1949, the government needed a lot of bricks and tiles for the construction of the county town. In response to the government's call, Grandfather Qiu Tuzhu and Grandmother Mao Chunzhu had invested in building new tiles kilns and workshops in Wengshan, Nanmen, specializing in fired bricks and tiles for the sale of the government's urban construction needs.

Teacher Qiu Yongxianggreat grandmother

Teacher Qiu YongxiangWith Great Grandma

In the late 1950s, Suichang County set up a pottery club, following grandfather Chen Mingyue as the first person in charge of the establishment of the club, following grandfather Chen Mingyue, grandmother Mao Chunzhu, father Qiu Genlin and so on, were the first batch of pottery craftsmen, making pottery products such as pots, pots, stoves and other ordinary household goods, a group of handicraftsmen gradually inherited the local pottery crafts and culture. Qiu Yongxiang participated in Suichang County Pottery Factory in 1989. He mainly studied the production of large-scale pottery with clay bars and the firing of dragon kilns: water tanks, wine tanks and other daily pottery. In the late 1990s, Suichang Pottery Factory went bankrupt due to merger with Child Car Factory. With the dissolution of the pottery factory, the original enthusiasm of several young pottery artists in pursuit of ceramic art has not dissipated, and they have begun to learn art everywhere and improve their craft. Qiu Yongxiang entered Tiangong Craft Co., Ltd. and began to learn the black pottery crafts of drawing, sculpture and grinding. In 1996, Qiu Ji Taoyuan Fang was founded with his brothers from scratch.

Guyun Ceramic SocietyRepresentative Works

The representative works of Guyun Ceramic Society

The representative works of Guyun Ceramic Society

        At the beginning of its establishment, Qiu Ji Taoyuan Square focused on the development and research of black pottery, charcoal pottery, red pottery (wood-grain pottery) and other pottery, mainly engaged in design, production, firing and other processes. Innovative research was made on the manufacturing and firing techniques of Suichang earthenware and blast furnaces. During this period, a large number of excellent ceramics products were designed and manufactured, which were widely praised by the market and became a high-end gift.
After 2010, Guyun Ceramic Society was established and many attempts were made in the pottery industry. In order to improve the production level of black pottery, the experiment of embossing and pasting on black pottery vase was carried out, which solved the technical problem of making black pottery from planar pattern to relief design. In the same year, because of the rise of traditional culture, the improved refined pottery stoves used in tea ceremony and tea art began to be favored by the wealthy class. A generation of young pottery artists represented by Qiu Yongxiang waited for began to innovate after passing on their skills from their ancestors, and gradually formed the local pottery industry culture characterized by the stoves.

The representative works of Guyun Ceramic Society 

    From 2013 to 2015, due to the good pottery technology, they were invited to train the children in Shuge Painting Club, Mengxiang Kindergarten and Dandelion Art Center. The pottery stove began to take root and blossom in Suichang Fukuo, and added luster to the local food culture. In 2016, Suichang Heitao Master and the inheritor of China's intangible cultural heritage passed the certification of talent level with local characteristics. In September 2018, I participated in industry training. I learned from Master Xu Ling of Longquan Museum Master Garden and others the concept and technology of modern ceramics products and the integration of different arts and ceramics arts. Then the market was inspected, focusing on learning the firing technology of Jianshui purple pottery. Jianshui pottery has fine clay and no sand. Through grinding process, different texture effects such as matte, bright and mirror light on the surface of the pottery can be obtained. The market prospects are good.

The representative works of Guyun Ceramic Society

Mr. Qiu Yongxiang, head of Guyun Ceramic Society, folk pottery writer, Suichang black pottery master and inheritor of China's intangible cultural heritage, sincerely welcomes you! -Address: Miaogao, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, ChinaDamaotou VillageWengshan 19, contact cell phone: 086-15988007513.

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