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2021 the 11th Beijing International Automobile Test Technology and Test Equipment Expo
Industry: Car / Vehicle
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/06/09 - 06/11 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 6 North Third Ring Road East, Beijing
Sponsor:China Automotive Technology Research Center
Organizer:Beijing Asia Pacific Ruishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Relevant reports on the automobile industry point out that the 13th Five Year Plan period will be the best period for the development environment of China's automobile industry, the period for the fastest growth of innovation ability and significant technological progress, and the period for the further development of national brands. At present, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the global automobile industry chain is actively transferred to China and the rise of Chinese middle class, China has become an important automobile manufacturer and the largest automobile consumer in the world.
BJ test, which started in 2007, aims at the rapid growth of new car sales in Chinese market and consumers' demand for higher quality and safer cars. It shows you innovative technology and sustainable development of automobile testing and quality monitoring solutions, and guarantees the high quality, reliability, durability and safety of automobiles.
Bj-test2021 will be held in China International Exhibition Center from June 9 to 11, bringing together more than 300 exhibitors and 17000 professional visitors from nearly 20 countries and regions including Asia, Europe and America. This exhibition will explore more business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors, and it is a platform for buyers, sellers and products to really gather together, creating a unique business environment in which various marketing strategies can be implemented individually or simultaneously.

Exhibition advantages:
1. Excellent market highland and business platform: Beijing, as the center of automobile industry cluster in North China, leads the development of China's automobile industry with its advantages of industrial cluster and global strategic alliance.
2. High quality purchasers: through the perfect database resources, guided by the needs of buyers, one-to-one invitation is realized.
3. Exhibition value-added services and professional audience invitation: timely report the latest product and technical information; professional invitation for participants of technical exchange meeting and forum; audience invitation letter and Exhibition report.
4. Diversified promotion methods: Exhibition Official website, domestic and foreign industry media, industry website, magazine, news and public platform, twitter, Facebook, inkedin, wechat, etc.


Test and vehicle simulation
Software testing and development
NVH test
Electronic / microelectronic testing
Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical interference test
Environmental test
Acoustic test / mechanical test
Hydraulic test
Vibration and impact test
● aerodynamic and wind tunnel tests
Data acquisition and signal analysis
Sensors and converters
Stress / strain test
On board diagnosis system
Remote sensing survey system
Vehicle performance test
● structural / fatigue / fracture tests
Torque test and component test
● pedestrian / passenger safety test
Lane simulation and laboratory test
Kinematics and flexibility of suspension system
Impact force / impact / Collision / safety test
Non destructive testing
Vehicle dynamics test
● reliability / life cycle testing
Automatic test equipment (ATE)
Chassis system test
Engine test
Vehicle axle test
Wheel hub and tire inspection
Power test & amp; transmission test
Battery test
Vehicle inspection / testing equipment and technology
● dynamometer
Component inspection
Material testing and composition testing
Exhaust analysis and detection
Pressure and pneumatic system test
Intelligent driving technology test
Fuel and integrated system testing
New energy vehicle test and charging pile test
Quality inspection, inspection and management plan
Test facilities and design
Automatic inspection and calibration
● shaking table / impact table / impact test bench

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth 9 square meters (3m * 3M) configuration: exhibition space, three panels (2.5m high), a Chinese and English lintel, a negotiation table, two chairs, carpet, 220 V power supply, two spotlights. 10% additional exhibition fee will be charged for double opening position. Unit: RMB

Name / type

Standard booth: (3m)*3m=9㎡)

Bare land(36Flat rise

enterprise with domestic funding

Hardcover area: 19800



foreign enterprise



Note: this exhibition provides a variety of sponsorship schemes to provide more opportunities for operators and suppliers to participate in, so as to maximize the effective publicity. If you want to choose sponsorship, please ask the Organizing Committee for details of participation. Conference fee: RMB 1000 per participant.

Advertising expenses

In order to cooperate with the publicity during the exhibition, let customers know and communicate with them after the exhibition, the organizing committee will carefully compile and print the Conference Journal, with the specification of 145mmx210mm. Note: the advertising expenses must be paid in full in one lump sum and arranged in the order of payment. Unit: RMB

Seal the surface

Bottom sealing

Cover 2 / qianfei

Cover three / Houfei

Inner color page

Cross color page

Black and white inside page









Chest card: 60000

Sling: 60000

Handbag: 60000

Other advertising on request

the measure of area: 30000 square meters


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