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2021 China (Shanghai) international emergency and fire safety Expo
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/12/08 - 12/10 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Sponsor:Beijing langtaihua Technology Development Center China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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2021 China (Shanghai) international emergency and fire safety Expo · Hannover international fire safety exhibition series
Exhibition time: December 8-10, 2021
Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall (No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)
Organizer: Beijing langtaihua technology development center, China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd., Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Co organizer: China Safety Industry Association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Machinery Industry Federation
China Chemical Safety Association, safety and emergency industry working committee of China Metallurgical and mining enterprises association, national safety label Center for mining products
National Center for quality supervision and inspection of explosion proof products (Tianjin), Shaanxi Association of emergency management and work safety, Zhejiang society of work safety science and technology
Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association, Jiangsu textile distribution industry association, labor protection products professional committee, Shanghai emergency fire engineering Co., Ltd

CNOOC Tianjin Research and Design Institute of chemical industry
Academic guidance unit: Institute of public safety, Chinese Academy of work safety; Standardization Committee of China Society for emergency management
Institute of public safety, Tsinghua University
Institute of disaster reduction and emergency management, Beijing Normal University; School of rescue command, people's Police University of China

Exhibition introduction
2021 China and Germany join hands to build an international security (emergency) industrial platform
International security and emergency Exposition (ISEE & amp; CeFe (powered by interschutz) is jointly built by Beijing langtaihua science and technology development center, China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., integrating Isee's academic and technical strength in the field of safety production and emergency rescue, exerting China Machinery's influence in large state-owned enterprises and machinery fields, and introducing global resources of interschutz exhibition.
Taking advantage of Shanghai's regional and international advantages in radiating the Yangtze River Delta, the Expo is supported by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., Xinxing Jihua Group Co., Ltd., China Aviation Equipment Group Co., Ltd., China Ordnance Industry Group Co., Ltd., China aneng Construction Group Co., Ltd. and other departments and leading enterprises With the theme of "integrating international science and technology resources to serve the innovation and application of China's security (emergency) industry", focusing on the three sections of safety production, disaster prevention and relief, and emergency rescue, focusing on the four fields of applicable equipment, key technologies, management concepts, and professional services, the platform for the exchange, promotion and application of emergency management science and technology equipment and professional services is built.
At the same time, the Expo will give full play to the international influence of interschutz, introduce innovative technologies from all over the world in the fields of fire protection, disaster relief, occupational safety and health, communication and control center, and personal protection, and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.
2021 is the first year of China's 14th five year plan, and it is also the key year of China's "three year action plan for special rectification of national work safety". Aiming at serving China's emergency management, the Expo will connect with the "innovation driven development strategy", make use of market mechanism, give full play to the effect of international exhibition platform, promote the development of safety (emergency) industry, and cultivate emergency talents Culture.

CeFe 2019 big data: 30000 square meters of total exhibition area; more than 200 exhibitors; 20000 professional visitors; enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions participating in the exhibition; six exhibition areas in the field of emergency safety and fire protection; more than 200 media competing to report.

Audience organization
The organizing committee will mainly invite visitors from Southeast Asia and other relevant countries and regions to visit the exhibition through the channels of embassies and consulates, commercial offices, trade associations and large groups. At the same time, the organizing committee conducts precise cooperation in the form of multiple procurement matching meetings to break through the upstream and downstream barriers of the emergency industry chain and provide a win-win development exchange platform for exhibitors and buyers.

Publicity and promotion

The organizing committee cooperates with a number of industry media, and the publicity channels cover all media platforms such as print media, network media, radio and television, and new media. There are nearly 100 cooperative media, including CCTV, Shanghai Satellite TV life channel, Oriental satellite TV, huicong.com, phoenix.com, fire world, Xinmin Evening News, labor protection magazine, etc. At the same time, the organizing committee will promote the exhibition and exhibitors through outdoor advertising, online advertising, wechat circle of friends advertising, subway advertising, conference magazine advertising, ticket advertising, soft text push and other forms, and will also build a live broadcast room for the exhibition


Fire fighting equipment, fire-fighting materials and equipment, rescue and disposal products, monitoring and early warning products, personal protective equipment, safety / security, civil protection
1. Rescue disposal products:
On site support products (emergency information quick access products, emergency communication products, emergency command products, emergency power supply, emergency logistics support products), life rescue products (life search and rescue, medical emergency treatment, health emergency support,), emergency rescue products (fire products, building (structure) ruins rescue, mine rescue, hazardous chemical accident response) Emergency, engineering rescue, marine oil spill and toxic and harmful substances leakage emergency, road emergency, aviation emergency rescue, water emergency rescue, nuclear accident disposal, special equipment accident rescue, emergency disposal of environmental emergencies, epidemic disease quarantine disposal, anti-terrorism and anti riot disposal, flood control and drought emergency disposal)

2. Monitoring and early warning products:
Natural disaster monitoring and early warning products (earthquake disaster monitoring and early warning system, geological disaster monitoring and early warning system, marine disaster monitoring and early warning system, flood and drought disaster monitoring and early warning system, meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning system, agricultural and forestry disaster monitoring and early warning system, forest and grassland fire monitoring and early warning system), accident disaster monitoring and early warning products (mine safety monitoring and early warning products, hazard management system) Product safety monitoring and early warning products, special equipment safety monitoring and early warning products, traffic safety monitoring and early warning products, environmental emergency monitoring and early warning products, toxic and harmful gas leakage monitoring and early warning products, fire monitoring and early warning products, fire product quality rapid detection equipment, major hazard safety monitoring and early warning system, other monitoring and early warning products), public health event monitoring and early warning products Monitoring and early warning products (agricultural products quality and safety monitoring products, food and drug safety testing products, production and domestic water safety, epidemic monitoring, diagnostic reagents and equipment, animal epidemic monitoring and early warning system, rapid screening equipment for abnormal temperature personnel in public places), social security event monitoring and early warning products (urban public security monitoring and early warning system, network and information system security) Monitoring and early warning products,), other monitoring and early warning products (emergency early warning release system, emergency broadcasting system and equipment, drugs and other contraband, detection products, nuclear, biochemical and terrorist source detection products, inflammable, explosive, strong corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous goods rapid detection products)

3. Preventive protection products:
Personal protection products (emergency rescue personnel protection products, mine and dangerous chemicals safety products, special type of work protection products, household emergency protection products), equipment and facilities protection products (social and public safety protection products, important infrastructure safety protection products, important ecological environment safety protection products), fire protection products (fireproof coating, fireproof sealing products) Materials, fire and explosion suppression devices), other protective products (insulated low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables, heat-resistant wires and cables, semi prepreg resin and fiber bulletproof materials, fire-resistant cables and optical cables, etc.)

4. Emergency services:
Pre prevention services (risk assessment services, hidden danger investigation services, fire safety services, security engineering services, other pre prevention services), social rescue services (emergency medical rescue services, traffic rescue services, emergency logistics services, engineering rescue services, safety production services, aviation rescue services, network and information security services), other emergency services (disaster protection services) Insurance, Beidou navigation emergency service, surveying and mapping support service)

5. Fire fighting equipment:
Fire engines (tanks), fire robots, fire UAVs; firemen's equipment; fire guns, guns; fire pumps, valves, pipelines; fire detection, alert, rescue, demolition, plugging, transmission, decontamination and other instruments and equipment; fire lighting, smoke exhaust, explosion disposal equipment; water fire equipment; forest fire equipment; fire communication command system; fire inspection, fire investigation Equipment; fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguisher and fire fighting filling and maintenance equipment; fire hose and hose cleaning, drying, binding and repairing equipment; fire reel, fire hydrant, water pump adapter and other fire water supply equipment;

6. Fireproof materials and equipment:
Fire detection, alarm, linkage equipment and fire power supply; urban fire alarm monitoring network system; fire water supply, automatic sprinkler, water spray, water mist, foam, dry powder, gas, aerosol and fixed gun and other fire extinguishing systems; fire door, fire shutter and other fire-proof components and accessories; fire-proof coating, sealing materials, separation materials, smoke control and exhaust equipment and other fire-proof products; fire-proof equipment Flame retardant products such as flame retardant, flame retardant materials, flame retardant wires and cables, slot boxes, etc.; fire emergency lighting, evacuation instructions, escape and refuge products; others (fire detection and certification, fire inspection and electrical inspection, fire engineering design and construction, standards and specifications, fire application software, publications and media, etc.)

Costs & Precautions

Indoor bare land (from 36 square meters) 1600 yuan / square meters, outdoor bare land (from 100 square meters) 800 yuan / square meters
Standard booth 12800 yuan / 9 square meters
Note 1: the above quoted price is 6% VAT note 2: the above quoted price does not include management fee of special equipment, rental fee of exhibition equipment and additional electricity rental and installation fee
Note 3: the standard booth is 3mx3m, equipped with white panel, one table, two chairs, two lights, Chinese and English lintel, booth covered with carpet and one socket
Note 4: the net space in the museum is designed, decorated and equipped by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted by them

Advertising expenses

the measure of area: 30000 square meters


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