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Congratulations on the grand opening of Shanghai international clean technology and Equipment Expo 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center!

Publish Time: 2019-04-27   Hits: 370132 Editor: zixun1
Congratulations on the grand opening of Shanghai international clean technology and Equipment Expo 2019 in Shanghai New


Congratulations on the grand opening of Shanghai international clean technology and Equipment Expo 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 25 to 27, 2019! Enterprises from all over the world, such as clean equipment manufacturers, clean product manufacturers and clean supporting service providers, participated in the exhibition, attracting purchasers and a large number of visitors from all over the world to visit and discuss the experience. Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition network for your live release!

Exhibition cleaning machinery and equipment:Cleaning equipment: Industrial and commercial high-pressure cold (hot) water cleaner, pipeline cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, central dust collection system, industrial dust remover, automatic floor washer, aerial work platform, sweeper, single Wipe / polishing machine, water absorption machine, blow dryer, stone grinder, commercial vacuum cleaner, central vacuum cleaner system,Special cleaning technology and equipment: ultrasonic cleaning equipment, laser cleaning equipment, dry ice cleaning equipment, high pressure saturated steam cleaning equipment, intelligent and robot cleaning equipment, ultra-high pressure cleaningMachine and so on.Cleaning agent,All kinds of special cleaners, disinfectants, antibacterial agents, wax water, crystal powder, curing agent, hand sanitizer; special cleaning agents for ships, special cleaning agents for food machinery, special cleaning agents for engineering,Indoor environment purification technology and suppliesPollution prevention and control: air purification agent, formaldehyde, benzene elimination agent, formaldehyde removal furniture floor wax, furniture odor removal agent.Indoor air purification: air filter and purifier, purified air conditioner, activated carbon; oxygen bar, freshener, germicide and deodorant; air fragrance machine, anion generator, oxygen generator, ozone generator; clean air conditioner, cleaner; fume purifier; air change and humidification equipment.

Indoor anti bacteria and disinfection: nano anti bacteria materials, functional materials, new anti bacteria technology achievements; anti bacteria household appliances, anti bacteria disinfection and washing products, etc.; air freshener, water purification agent, etc.; disinfection cabinet series, water purification treatment equipment, UV lamp, etc.; sterilization and disinfection indicating equipment, etc.Photocatalyst materials and products: photocatalyst materials, photocatalyst disinfectant, nano scale oxidation photocatalyst, photocatalyst filter (net), photocatalyst silk flower, indoor air purification (cleaning) equipment of photocatalyst, photocatalyst deodorization net, fruit and vegetable photocatalyst degradation agent, photocatalyst lamp tube.Indoor environment detection: formaldehyde ammonia radon detector, total bacteria detection box, noise meter, electroacoustic meter, airborne microorganism floating bacteria sampler, radon detector, electromagnetic radiation detection, air quality detector, dust sampler, laser dust meter, carbon monoxide alarm.Clean water equipment,Water dispenser, water purifier, water filter, activated carbon, central water purifier, water purifier, water softener, electrolytic water machine, ion water machine, direct water dispenser, energy cup, mineralizing pot, etc.Environmental sanitation and solid waste treatment technology and equipment,Waste treatment equipment: biochemical treatment equipment, incineration equipment, water treatment system equipment, large garbage crusher, air separator, magnetic separator, packer and other waste treatment equipment.Special equipment for city appearance and environmental sanitation: all kinds of domestic garbage collection vehicles, garbage transfer vehicles, kitchen garbage collection vehicles, garbage sorting collection vehicles, large garbage collection vehicles, road washing vehicles, various underground pipeline dredging, green maintenance, road maintenance equipment and services, manure suction vehicles, road sweepers, river cleaning ships, river cleaning ships, garbage collection and compression equipment, mobile toilets Materials consumed by the Institute, garbage bin, etc. and their special equipment.

Operation and treatment technology of city appearance and environmental sanitation: collection, transportation, treatment and recycling technology of urban domestic waste, large garbage treatment technology, toxic and hazardous waste treatment technology, landfill technology, incineration technology, biochemical treatment technology, composting technology, waste transfer and transportation system technology, etc.Washing, dry cleaning and ironing equipment,Washing equipment: all kinds of dry cleaning machines, water washing machines, dehydrators, dryers, ironing machines, folding machines, portrait machines, clip ironing machines, three-dimensional ironing machines, steam generators, suction and blast ironing tables, disinfection cabinets, clothing packaging machines, universal processing tables, automatic dryers, etc.Raw materials of washing products:All kinds of dry cleaning agents, dry cleaning oil, activated carbon particles / powder, dry cleaning mildew inhibitor, clay, etc.; all kinds of washing powder, color bleaching powder, oil remover, stain remover, emulsifier, softener, neutralizer, refurbishing agent, pre washing agent, whitening powder, bleaching powder, pulp powder, dioxygen water, bleaching water, etc.; rust remover, ink remover, blood remover, color remover for all kinds of special stain treatment , fixing agent, silk brightener, enzyme, synthetic leather softener, universal soap, discharge agent, dirt separator, spray powder, enzyme enhancer, special agent for spray gun, etc.; cleaning agent, maintenance oil, gloss coating, advanced softener, advanced resin, fixing agent, back cover oil, brightener, suede reducing agent, suede dye, etc. for all kinds of leather washing and protection.

Laundry design and leasing services for buildings, equipment, fabrics and accessories, etc,Disinfection and antibacterial productsAntiseptic:Organic antibacterial agents, inorganic antibacterial agents, natural antibacterial agents, antibacterial home appliances, antibacterial building materials, antibacterial textile products, antibacterial washing products, antibacterial medical products, etc.Disinfection category:Bactericide, disinfectant, disinfectant, detergent, aerosol, disinfection cabinet, central air conditioning disinfection equipment, fruit and vegetable disinfection machine, air purifier, sterilizer, ultraviolet lamp, sterilization and disinfection indicating equipment, disinfection testing equipment and technologyOzone:Ozone generator, ozone disinfection series products, ozone disinfection and detoxification machine, multi-functional ozone detoxification device, ozone generator, ozone tube, ozone lamp, ozone high-pressure bag, negative ion ozone, ozone health appliances, ozone ceramic chip special power supply and other related new technologies and products.


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