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2021 21st Beijing International Oil and Gas Pipeline and Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2021/03/30 - 04/01 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Beijing Shunyi District China International Exhibition Center - New Pavilion ChinaBeijingShunyi District Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Organizer:Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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Beijing International Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline and Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPE) was held at the same time as the annual World Petroleum Equipment Conference (cippe). CIPE is a regular industry meeting in the field of petroleum and petrochemical industry. It attracts 1800 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, 46 of the world's top 500, 120,000 professional spectators, with an exhibition area of 90,000 square meters. It is held in Beijing every spring and has successfully held two exhibitions. Ten sessions.
CIPE2020 has 18 delegations from the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, Italy and Russia. International well-known enterprises include ExxonMobil, Russian Oil, Russian Gas, Russian Pipeline Transportation, Caterpillar, National Oil Well, Schlumberger, Beckhughes GE, Cameron, Honeywell, Philips, Schneider, Dow Chemistry, Rockwell, Cummins, Emerson, Akzo Nobel, API, 3M, E+H, MTU, ARIEL, KSB, Tyco, Atlas Copco, Forum, Hauswima, Hill. Tevek, Jacques, Haihong Old Man, Dufford, Eton, Austria, Alison, Conditioner, etc.
Domestic well-known enterprises mainly include PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Baoji Steel Tube, Pearl River Steel Tube, Shanxi Taigang, Zhongyuan Special Steel, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Zheda Special Steel, Hubei Xinye Steel, Emerging Cast Pipe, Jiuli Special Materials, Southern Pump Industry, Shenyang Blower, Zhejiang Furun, CNPC Pipeline, etc.
CIPE2020 has visiting delegations from PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC headquarters, PetroChina Material Company, PetroChina Exploration and Development Overseas Project Department, PetroChina Pipeline Administration, PetroChina Engineering Material and Equipment Department, CNOOC Service Acquisition Center, Sino-foreign Long Shipping Group, COSCO Shipping, National Energy Liquefied Natural Gas Technology Research and Development Center, Hailong Oil Service, Huisheng Project, Yila. Delegation of the Ministry of Petroleum, Mongolian Mineral and Oil Administration, Saudi Arabia, Amy, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, Abu Dhabi National Oil Construction Company, Estonian National Energy Company, Russian Gas, Russian Oil, Russian Pipeline, Malaysian National Oil, Kazakhstan National Natural Gas Transport Company, Azerbaijani National Oil Company and Japan Drilling Company Hundreds of domestic and foreign professional purchasing delegations, including Shell, Dodar, ConocoPhillips, Fulu Engineering, Modern Heavy Industries, Deshenib FMC and Petroleum Engineering Company of Britain, visited and discussed on-site. At the same time, the exhibition held the International Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Summit Forum, which was praised by industry organizations and relevant government agencies.
Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, China Daily, PetroChina Daily, Sinopec Daily, Petroleum Pipeline Daily, Upstream, Worldoils, Oil and Gas Australia, JuneWarren-Nickle's Enery, Tradequip, China Securities News, Shanghai Securities News, Wall Street Journal and Xinhua, Sina, Sohu, People's Network and other national and foreign media reports.
The 21st Beijing International Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline and Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPE2021) will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) from March 30 to April 1, 221. Welcome to the exhibition at that time!

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Pipe, fittings, pressure vessels, pipeline steel and storage tank steel
Pipeline construction equipment and large machines such as FRP, rubber and PEPVCCPVE pipe fittings.
Pipeline inspection and leak detection instruments and equipment, cleaning equipment and materials.Pipeline welding equipment, cutting equipment and welding materials
Marine Pipeline Station Equipment and Other Receiving Devices
Pipeline anticorrosive, thermal insulation, fire-proof materials and latest technologies and products.Power equipment such as optical fibers, optical cables, cables, UPS switchgear, etc.
Pipeline Patrol UAV Special Area
Pipeline Maintenance and Repair Equipment, Pipeline Repair and Repair Equipment and Materials
Industrial Safety and Labor Insurance Supplies for Explosion-proof Instruments, Fire-fighting and Alarm Equipment

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth cost: International exhibition area: 30,000 yuan/(9m2/);
Domestic exhibition area: 19,000 yuan/(9m2/), (E1 E2 E3 Pavilion); 16,000 yuan/(9m2/), (W3, E4 Pavilion)
Standard booths include carpets, three-sided fencing, company name lintel, one consultation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, and one power outlet (special electricity, please specify in advance and charge separately).
Open space cost: International exhibition area: 3200 yuan / m2 (36 M2 rental); Domestic exhibition area: 1600 yuan / m2 (36 M2 rental)
In order to guarantee the construction quality of CIPE+cippe oil exhibition 2021, exhibitors are invited to choose the organizer to designate the builder to build your company's exhibition stand. No construction company is allowed to enter the exhibition hall except the designated builder.
2. Conference service fee: 1200 yuan per person (including exhibition information, lunch, water, thank-you dinner, gifts, etc.)
3. Advertising in the conference: It will help you strengthen brand influence in the industry! In addition to being widely distributed during the exhibition, journals are also sent to professionals who fail to visit the exhibition through various relevant channels. The price of the Journal is:
Cover ¥30,000 ¥ Seal ¥ 2,000 ¥ Title ¥ Page ¥ 20,000 ¥
◇ Seal ¥25,000 at the bottom ¥ Seal ¥ 3 ¥ 18,000 ¥ Color inner page ¥ 10,000 yuan


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