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2012 South Africa International Water Treatment Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2019/03/26 - 03/27 (Tues To Wed Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa · South Africa Johannesburg Convention and Exhibition Center AfricaSouth Africa Cnr Nasrec & Rand Show, Johannesburg, 2000
Sponsor:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd


South Africa has a huge market potential. According to statistics, there are 319 million people in sub Saharan Africa with drinking water safety problems. South African law stipulates that everyone has the right to obtain personal water, production water and economic benefits from water. Water resources need sustainable development. Therefore, the government has taken a series of measures, including strengthening the awareness of water conservation, installing water meters, improving and repairing water pipelines, and increasing the supervision of water use by local governments. At the same time, the South African government is working hard to solve the problem of safe and sanitary water use and stepping up the implementation of the "water quality classification standard", so there is a huge opportunity for the local water industry. According to the research report published in October 2014 by frost Sullivan, a famous growth consulting company in the United States, the overall sales revenue of South Africa's industrial water and sewage treatment chemicals market in 2013 is US $149 million, and it is estimated that by 2018, the sales revenue will reach US $176.4 million, with a compound annual growth rate of about 3.5%. In South Africa, coagulant and flocculant have the largest market share, followed by preservative and scale inhibitor markets. South Africa is a middle-income developing country with a per capita national income of more than 4000 US dollars, and its GDP accounts for two-thirds of Africa. It is the "locomotive" that drives the economic development of African countries and the economic power of South Africa. South Africa, with huge potential, will be the best place for Chinese enterprises to seek business opportunities and seize development opportunities, while South Africa water show is the best window to open up African and international markets.
Scope of exhibits:
Water pump, valve and pipeline; reclaimed water equipment and technology; water supply system and accessories; control system and instruments;
Keywords desalination equipment and technology; water saving products and technology; membrane and membrane components; pure water production equipment and technology;
Keywords water source development technology; water treatment equipment and technology; water engineering technology and equipment; consulting and related software;
Keywords sewage treatment equipment and technology; chemical water treatment chemicals and technology; rainwater collection system; reclaimed water recycling equipment and technology;
Domestic / commercial water purifiers and components; other water technology and services; wastewater treatment equipment and technology;

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Today, participation in international exhibitions has proved to be the most important and effective way to expand the world market. Select a good target market, select excellent exhibition projects, and participate continuously
Plus the important exhibitions in these markets, these are considered to be the most successful experiences in entering the world market.


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