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The 15th Shandong (Jinan) fishing gear and outdoor products fair in 2020
Industry: Television / Entertainment / Sports
Time: 2020/02/28 - 03/01 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jinan · Shandong ChinaShandongJi'nan Zijinshan children's City
Sponsor:Shandong leisure fishing association
Organizer:Shandong leisure fishing association, Jinan spark Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Review: Shandong fishing gear Fair has been successfully held for seven years. In accordance with the principle of specialization and marketization, it is jointly organized by association, media and company. It focuses on channels and directly attacks terminals. Based on Shandong and facing the whole country, it deeply cultivates the market of East China and North China, and widely invites 6000 fishing gear stores, more than 100000 fishing friends and fishing gear enterprises to participate.

Publicity: invite fishing gear production dealers, fishing enthusiasts, media, associations, etc. one-on-one through telephone, SMS, fax, email and invitation to participate in the event; widely publicize in newspapers, magazines, websites and other media.

Positioning: we are committed to building a bridge for economic and trade negotiation, exchange and trade, exhibition and publicity, learning and research for the supplier and the supplier, and striving to build a high-end exhibition and trade platform for China's fishing gear outdoor products market, so as to promote the healthy and rapid development of China's leisure fishing industry and fishing gear market.

Market: Shandong Province is a major province of marine fishery and economic and cultural population in China, with developed water system, more than 6000 recreational fishery demonstration sites, more than 5 million fishing enthusiasts, more than 10000 fishing gear production dealers, developed fishing culture and a huge fishing gear market. Jinan, the capital of the province, is the political, economic, cultural, financial and educational center of the province, the national transportation hub, with strong economic radiation. Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center is the best exhibition hall in Jinan. Its hardware and software facilities and services meet international standards, and its transportation, accommodation and logistics are extremely convenient.


1. The organization is professional and dedicated, focusing on channels and terminals, and deeply cultivating the most potential market in eastern China;

2. Accurate positioning, dedicated to professional channel fishing gear shop investment and order, all in order to deal with manufacturers docking;

3. The audience is huge, and more than 5000 dealers, fishing gear stores, fishing grounds and 100000 fishermen are invited with special funds;

4. Publicity in place, rich activities, extensive publicity in the public and professional media, the same period of activities, popular;

5. Jinan Zijinshan children's city is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, many buses and convenient parking.

[supporting activities]

1. Indoor fishing friendship challenge;

2. Jinan Diaoyou Association; lucky free draw, sign in and receive gifts;

3. Investment promotion meeting for new and famous products.


1. Fishing gear and related products: fishing rod, hook, buoy, fishing line, fishing boat, bait, additive small medicine, fishing group accessories, fishing box and chair, fishing suit, fishing net, rod bag, fishing lamp, electronic products, etc;

2. Outdoor products: raincoats, submachine jackets, quick drying clothes, antiskid shoes, leisure chairs, sun umbrellas, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, glasses, night fishing lights and other products; fishing boats, yachts, hovercraft, life jackets and other products.

3. Exhibition and promotion area of famous and excellent new products: hold exhibition and promotion activities of famous and excellent new products, and focus on the exhibition and promotion of famous and excellent new products

Costs & Precautions

1. Standard booth (3m × 3M, company name: door board character, one table, two chairs and one power supply): 1600 yuan / piece;

2. Open space special decoration (image exhibition area, from 36m2, excluding equipment, self-designed and built): 200 yuan / m2.


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