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2019 Egypt Building Materials Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/09/02 - 09/04 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Egypt · Africa AfricaEgypt Egypt International Exhibition Center
Sponsor:Dubai Mie Group Wuhan Branch - Wuhan Huizhan Technology Co., Ltd


With a history of 36 years, five industry exhibitions have established its leading position in the field of international architecture. At present, there are more than 40 agents all over the world, forming a huge favorable market and database and obtaining the support of the same industry personnel and the government. Egypt's five industry exhibitions offer tens of thousands of architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and real estate developers an opportunity to seek new and innovative construction projects.
Egypt's top five industry shows are definitely a great opportunity to put your company in the center of a new booming economy and take advantage of tens of billions of dollars in the construction market.
Market Overview
Capital project: 45 billion
Affordable housing: 40 billion
Three new housing projects: 11.2 billion
Tourism 2.16 billion
Infrastructure: 3.5 billion
Scope of recruitment
Bathroom, kitchen, sanitary ware, construction equipment, concrete and related products, construction tools, transportation system, decoration products, power system, facility management services, coatings, ceramic tiles, fire prevention measures, glass products, high voltage alternating current, landscaping products and services, marble, ceramics, alloy, steel, aluminum, lead industry and water technology, mechanical vehicle equipment, Security equipment, solar energy, special buildings, swimming pools, fountains, heating, humidity protection and isolation, doors, windows, coating materials, wood, plastic and composite materials
Reasons for exhibiting
1. The organizers of Egypt's five industry exhibitions have held the world's most successful and influential building materials exhibitions, such as Saudi Arabia's five industry exhibitions, Kuwait's five industry exhibitions, India's five industry exhibitions and Indonesia's five industry exhibitions.
2. Egypt's five major industry exhibitions are one of the exhibitions sponsored by Egypt exhibition and Convention Center (only two exhibitions)
3. Have the opportunity to cooperate with Dujia Platinum Club with a budget of up to US $100 million
4. Direct introduction of products to architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, real estate developers
5. Through this free market, you can reach 350000 potential buyers
6. The most effective network system in the industry and a series of auxiliary systems will make your participation more valuable
Professional buyers reflect the whole construction industry
Architects, interior designers, contractors, subcontractors, architectural consultants, engineering managers, real estate developers, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers, equipment managers, government purchasers, distributors, agents
Audience evaluation
1. We find products from several suppliers that will be very helpful to my future projects.
2. We have participated in five major industry exhibitions in Dubai and Kuwait many times. This year's exhibition is great. We have contacted suppliers from all over the world. I attended the exhibition mainly to find out whether there are new technologies and new companies.
3. This year's exhibition is great. We will attend it every year. Glad to see more suppliers and seminars this year.
Exhibitors' comments
1. We have participated in the exhibition for 6 years. Participating in the exhibition can not only effectively maintain our existing customers but also establish more cooperative relationships.
2. Indonesia's five major industry exhibitions let us add many new customers. Next year, we will consider expanding the booth area and displaying more products.
Highlights of exhibition
1. Commercial matching for manufacturers and distributors
This kind of informal communication network can provide manufacturers with an unprecedented opportunity to talk with local dealers and find partners around the world.
2. How to conduct the workshop in Egypt
Egypt has behind the scenes business transaction practice meetings. At the meeting, experts will summarize how to operate local laws and regulations, how to quickly follow up the trade process, and how to distribute your products in Egypt.
3. Exclusive Platinum Club
Platinum Club only invites influential construction industry elites, who are directly responsible for the procurement of more than 50 billion project products and services.
4. Qualified workshop
During the exhibition, there will be meetings about workshops and training courses, during which experts will discuss many topics properly. This meeting is very important for the audience. It can not only improve their industry awareness, but also promote their professional development.
5. On site product demonstration
The exhibitor has the opportunity to demonstrate the exhibits in person. This gives viewers the opportunity to discover the latest products that are useful to them.

In 2019, the overseas exhibitions of Middle East and Africa began to be popular, including various large-scale exhibitions in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, etc., cooperation of domestic governments, strong subsidies, support from overseas local governments & media, involving building materials, plastic packaging, energy and environmental protection, petroleum and petrochemical, etc.  


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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