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2019 Morocco Building Materials Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/12/16 - 12/18 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa Morocco Casablanca International Convention and Exhibition Center AfricaMorocco Tiznit street, facing Hassan II Mosque
Sponsor:Dubai Mie Group Wuhan Branch - Wuhan Huizhan Technology Co., Ltd


The second Morocco China Trade Week was successfully held in Casablanca International Exhibition Center, Morocco on December 6-8, 2018. Nearly 120 enterprises from Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang, Ningxia and other provinces and cities participated in the exhibition. The exhibition was held by Beijing Council for the promotion of international trade, Ningxia Council for the promotion of international trade, Zhejiang Council for the promotion of international trade, Hubei Department of Commerce, Qingdao Support from Department of Commerce, Sichuan Machinery Research Institute and Fujian delegation. The exhibition covers an area of 3000 square meters, with more than 5200 visitors. The exhibits cover construction materials, construction machinery, food and agriculture, household appliances, household appliances, auto parts and other industries. The repeat participation rate of exhibitors is 45%.
During the opening ceremony, Mr. abdelhamkamri, mayor of beireihid City, Mr. Mohamed bachri, director general of Moroccan investment and development agency, Ms. Zhu Kewei, counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Morocco, Ambassador of Ivory Coast Embassy in Morocco and Lin bin, deputy director of Beijing Council for the promotion of international trade, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. After that, we will visit the exhibition hall to have a deep understanding of Chinese enterprises' Chinese products and made in China.

Highlights of 2018
1. The mayor of bayashid invited a delegation from the Chinese government to visit the city's business and industrial park.
2. B2B area: the exhibition will provide 20 + B2B events for enterprises in three days to help enterprises find professional purchasers;
3. Seminar: Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will tell you about "Etihad for business" on the spot, and there will be a lottery, providing a free ticket for the audience and exhibitors.
5. Diversified purchasers: invite professional buyers from all countries and cities in Morocco. Build China Trade Week brand exhibition in Africa.
6. Fujian and Sichuan characteristic industry promotion conference will be held at the same time on the exhibition site.
During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee held a number of supporting activities to help exhibitors and buyers get detailed and accurate information and establish contact. International Exhibition operation procedures and methods, a group of experienced exhibition experts, government relations and media resources will serve you together. Mie will provide exhibitors with the marketing mode of annual service, help enterprises improve the exhibition effect, and find broad market and more business opportunities.

State introduction
European back garden Morocco
★ the kingdom of Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa, adjacent to Algeria, Western Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, facing Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar in the north, and the gateway of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of 446500 square kilometers, with a total population of 33.22 million and a per capita GDP of US $2832. With superior geographical location, convenient transportation, developed shipping and rich natural resources, it is known as the gateway of West Africa.  
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Morocco, relations have been friendly and stable. Since the implementation of the "one belt and one way" policy, China has gradually become a strategic support point. In 2016, Morocco granted a visa free policy to Chinese citizens, which is more conducive to China Morocco cooperation and trade exchanges. With the liberalization of Morocco's market and the gradual opening of its policies, Morocco's key industries have huge market potential and broad space for cooperation.
★ Morocco is close to Europe. It has signed free trade area agreements with the European Union, the United States and some Arab and African countries, covering a billion consumer market, which deserves the attention of investors from all countries. The obvious location advantage makes Morocco a hub connecting the three major markets of the European Union, the Arab world and Africa.

Why Morocco?
Strong and stable macroeconomic environment
Maintaining macroeconomic stability is the main concern of the Moroccan government. To this end, the Moroccan government has implemented several measures and structural reforms to push the country towards a path of strong and sustainable growth. Despite the challenging international and regional environment, in 2008-2013, Morocco's economy still showed resilience to the crisis with an annual GDP growth rate of 4.4%.  
Free trade benefits millions of customers
Morocco is the first country on the south coast of the Mediterranean to benefit from an agreement with the European Union. The free trade agreement signed by Morocco and the United States (Morocco's sixth largest trading partner) is part of Morocco's overall economic strategy. Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia signed the Agadir free trade agreement in February 2004, which entered into force in April 2007, immediately removed non-tariff barriers and gradually established a free trade area. The free trade agreement signed by Morocco and Turkey supports the growing trade between the two countries. In 2009, the total annual trade reached 900 million US dollars, far more than the 260 million US dollars in 2003. The upcoming trade and investment agreement between Morocco and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) will lay the foundation for sustained regional cooperation and turn the kingdom of Morocco into a gateway to markets in West Africa. The signing of a number of free trade agreements has enabled Morocco to give investors tax-free access to a market of 55 countries, representing more than 1 billion consumers and 60% of the world's GDP.
High quality workers
Morocco has a total population of 32 million, with 64% of the population under 34 years old. The active population is 12 million, more than 20 million Moroccans speak French, and more than 5 million Moroccans speak English. The popularity of English among young people and management staff is high.
Outstanding cost advantage
Morocco, only 14 km from southern Europe, is a highly competitive export platform: low labor costs, an average wage of $327 / month, almost ten times lower than the average wage in Spain. The export cost is very competitive, 595 US dollars per box, and the tax rate is relatively low.

Morocco market analysis

Real estate market:
Morocco, as the connection between the United States, Europe and Africa and the Middle East, has a superior geographical location and one billion consumers. Morocco signed a bilateral free trade agreement with Turkey in 2004, which is of great help to its economic development. With the economic development, a large number of office buildings are also under construction, and the demand for home decoration is also expanding. In 2015, Morocco construction company and Atlantic Bank jointly invested 3.2 billion dirhams (about 400 million US dollars) to build 8 hospitals and 800 houses. In Congo Brazzaville, Moroccan construction company will participate in the construction of Sports Center, medical center, office building and hotel, and plan to invest 2.2 billion dirhams (about 267 million US dollars), so the overall furniture market in North Africa is very optimistic.
The Moroccan government is also very supportive of foreign companies to invest locally. Privatization provides a very good condition for the stability of the furniture industry. In the past few years, the import of furniture industry has shown a growth trend. Due to geopolitical influence, Morocco's economic growth slowed down in 2014 compared with 2013, while its per capita GDP reached US $3007 in 2017, an increase of 4% year on year.
New project:
On July 20, 2017, China Railway Construction International Co., Ltd. and project consortium partner motgcc Co., Ltd. jointly signed the general contract for design and construction of "Rabat tower" project with the owner MOTC. The contract amount is 3.732 billion dirhams, about 380 million US dollars. The total construction period is 45 months, the main project is 36 months and the decoration project is 9 months. The project is located in the river valley of bourgreg, Rabat City, the capital of Morocco, covering an area of 30000 square meters, with a total construction area of 85000 square meters, 52 floors of the main tower, and a design height of 250 meters, including three major functions of hotels, offices and high-end apartments. It is expected to become a modern landmark building in Monaco.
On May 17, bmce announced to the public through the media that crcci-tgcc, a joint venture led by crcci and tgcc, a construction contractor in Morocco, won the bid for Rabat tower (also known as "otavo" building) project in Morocco and will be responsible for the design and construction of all engineering contents of the project.

Large demand for building materials market
In recent years, Morocco's construction industry has been mainly driven by investment in infrastructure, energy and new residential projects. Morocco's population growth (4% per year) and the growth of the urbanization process are driving demand for housing, and the local government is expanding its social housing projects. The lack of housing is a primary problem, although the number of completed houses is relatively large, it is still relatively low compared with the number of houses needed. According to the Minister of urban policy, in 2014, there was a shortage of 642000 housing units in China. In order to maintain the balance between supply and demand, about 170000 new houses must be built every year.
The Moroccan government has also launched a new town project aimed at building 15 new cities by 2020, which can provide a large number of tax preferential land with competitive prices. Morocco is also building "green centers" near major cities to create a diverse supply of homes while protecting the environment (for example, bouskoura green golf City, 10 km from Casablanca). At the same time, in order to encourage the construction of private schools, the government has set up fopep (fonds de promotion de l'enseignementpriv é) to jointly fund these projects.
Vigorously develop infrastructure
Morocco is a country with stable development. In recent years, it has been vigorously developing infrastructure, among which road network, airport modernization, light rail route and the construction of Tangier Mediterranean new port have greatly promoted the active development of building materials market. The vigorous development of its construction market is also reflected in the urban construction projects of 15 new towns and development of tourist attractions, the transformation and modernization of existing cities, and the planning of new community housing, industrial zone, school and other infrastructure construction.
According to the road planning in 2035, Morocco will build 3400 kilometers of expressways and 2100 kilometers of expressways, with a total investment of about 96 billion dirhams. In addition, about 85 billion dirhams will be invested in the renovation of the existing 7000 kilometers of roads and the construction of 30000 kilometers of new roads in rural areas. The extension project of Rabat sele tram line 2 in Morocco is expected to start by the end of this year, with a cost of about 1.6 billion dirhams. Morocco's economist reported on August 11 that in order to ensure the safety of drinking water, power generation and irrigation, Morocco will build two new dams with a total investment of 1.7 billion dirhams.
In recent years, Morocco's real estate industry has developed rapidly, and the investment in cement, ceramic tile and other related industries has increased correspondingly. However, the development of the stone industry has stagnated, the lack of relevant laws and regulations on the stone market, the backward infrastructure of the mining area, and the high transportation cost are the main reasons that hinder the development of the stone industry. In addition, Morocco's relevant departments did not invest enough in technical research and development, vocational training and senior professional personnel training, resulting in the general backward technical level of stone practitioners, low production capacity, unable to meet the market demand, Morocco's building materials market has huge potential.
Strong support from Chinese Enterprises
On March 20, 2017, Haite group of China and Morocco signed a memorandum of understanding for the development and construction of the "tangir Muhammad VI science and technology city". According to the preliminary plan, the science and technology city will focus on absorbing aviation, automobile, e-commerce, telecommunications, new energy, transportation industry, home appliances, materials, medical equipment, food and other industries, and carry out supporting construction of logistics, commerce, entertainment, residence and other areas, so as to build a new industrial and ecological city. Haite group will first start the research and planning of the project.
In addition, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. and China International Trust and Investment Corporation obtained part of the contract to extend 756 miles (1217 kilometers) from the Moroccan border to the Tunisian border, connecting many port cities in Algeria with expressways.
Planning for new town construction
Sustainable City
Estimated project value: $2.5 billion
Project type: megacity development
Expected completion time: the fourth quarter of 2024
The project involves the construction of a multi-functional sustainable city. It will include 400 villas, a hospital, a medical university with a capacity of 2000 students, a research center and a golf course.

2. Mahdiyya renewable energy city
Estimated project value: $2.5 billion
Project type: megacity development
Expected completion time: the fourth quarter of 2023
The project will build a renewable energy city that will use solar, wind, and Hydropower to meet its energy needs, with an estimated scale of 72339 square kilometers and 8 kilometers along the coastline. It will include state-of-the-art teaching hospitals, golf courses, shopping malls, tourist facilities and 3200m coastal shopping malls with shops and restaurants. The capacity will reach 2000 people.
Estimated project value: US $200 million
Project type: Hotel
Expected completion time: the first quarter of 2020
The project is expected to build a famous five-star hotel, JW Marriott, near Marina Smir in the northern Moroccan city of tuen'an. The project covers an area of 22500 square meters with 194 guest rooms, including VIP suites, spa center and three international standard restaurants.
Located in Marina Smir, a strategic location just 16.1km from the Strait of Gibraltar, the hotel is Morocco's first yacht port and will soon become the first choice for Tourism along the central and southern waters of the land.
Estimated project value: US $200 million
Project type: Resort
Expected completion time: the first quarter of 2020
The project includes the construction of a resort on Tan Tan beach. The scale of the project is about 5000 square meters. It is expected to encourage City attractiveness and promote local tourism.
The goal of the project is to establish a strong environmental connection between the use of renewable energy such as solar energy and photovoltaic, and to make appropriate and wise plans to reduce energy consumption.

Previous exhibitors: Shanghai building materials (Group) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jinzhong chemical fiber materials Co., Ltd., Xiamen jinyuanxin import and Export Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Yichi building materials Co., Ltd., and Jinheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Yizhou International Trade Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Hengxin): old customer of trade week. Since the first day, the traffic has been very high. I have been interviewed by the local media, and I have been on local TV. The interview clips have been viewed 200000 times on YouTube. Many purchasers saw the TV special trip to the booth, and the staff accompanied more than 20 customers, many of whom wanted to become local distributors.
Chengdu beibote Technology Co., Ltd.: as a trading company of new type wall tiles, it has received more than 60 customers in total, and all the samples of wall tiles taken have been robbed. I am very satisfied with the exhibition.

Jiaxing Zhenhua wire and cable Co., Ltd
During the exhibition period, there was a continuous flow of people and a large number of interested customers. Four precise customers are expected to place orders. Continue to register for Kenya 2018

Qingdao gemeisen Steel Structure Co., Ltd
Main products: customized steel structure house
Hebei weizhengheng Integrated Housing Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: container house, steel structure shelter
I first set foot in the Moroccan market, mainly to investigate the market in depth and understand the local situation. As this kind of product is a new product in the local area, several booths making relevant products on site are very popular. Not only have they obtained more inquiries, but also many people hope to become their distributors. Their confidence in developing the North African market is growing, and key customers will focus on following up when they return home.

Exhibition hall introduction - Casablanca International Exhibition Center
Casablanca: Morocco's largest port city, the national economic and transportation center, and its developed financial and industrial institutions have absorbed 48% of Morocco's investment, thus becoming Africa's second largest financial market.
Casablanca International Exhibition Center: the leading exhibition venue in Morocco, where many world-famous exhibitions are held. The geographical location of the exhibition hall is superior, with world-class complete equipment and international professional working team, which gradually becomes the first choice for various international exhibitions and conference venues.

Scope of recruitment
◆ building materials: building metal materials, wood, ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, decoration materials, building chemical additives, coatings, paints, building cementing products, adhesives, floor and carpet, wallpaper and wall panel inlay, door and window materials, wall materials, indoor decoration materials, floor, brick and tile, project shed and roof materials, hollow glass, etc;
Construction hardware and tools: DIY products and decoration machines and tools; all kinds of electrical accessories; hardware forging equipment, stamping equipment, casting equipment and other hardware and mechanical equipment; hardware mold; hardware accessories; all kinds of locks, safes, anti-theft alarm devices and other security products; generators, air compressors, welding machines, sawing machines, carving machines, polishing machines, hot stamping machines, heat transfer machines, grinding machines Textile machinery, cotton and linen printing and dyeing machinery, profile cutting machine, grinding wheel machine, bench drill, woodworking machinery, logistics and handling tools; all kinds of tools (electric, manual, pneumatic tools, etc.); manual tools: traditional hand tools, combination tools, automobile protection tools, garden tools, mechanical tools, toolbox bags, measuring tools, cutting tools, saw blades; electric tools: traditional electric tools, pneumatic tools , pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools, abrasives and abrasives; faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, door and window hardware accessories, standard parts, wire mesh, etc.; hardware products: ropes, rigging, casters, hoists, jacks, standard parts, hardware castings, screws, wire mesh, fasteners, springs, iron and metal products; construction hardware, decoration hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom Mechanical and electrical products: generator, gasoline engine, air compressor, motor, motor, water pump, valve, bearing;
◆ wires and cables: power cable, aluminum alloy power cable, special cable, high voltage / ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable, new energy cable, solar energy / wind energy cable, marine engineering cable, submarine cable, communication cable, flame-retardant wire and cable, flame-retardant and fire-resistant flexible cable, railway signal cable, nuclear energy cable, radio-frequency wire and cable, coaxial wire and cable, ship vehicle wire and cable , mining cable, shielded cable, overhead cable, general rubber sleeve cable, control cable, data signal cable, bare wire, etc
Lighting fixtures: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, wires and cables, etc;
Kitchen and bathroom: faucet, table top, tableware, toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room, integrated bathtub, etc;
Home decoration: interior decoration materials, home decorations, interior furniture, etc;
Construction machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction appliances, site protective equipment, construction site facilities, etc.; forklift, aerial work platform, lifting equipment, woodworking machinery, garden machinery, cleaning machinery, packaging machinery, metal processing machinery, spraying equipment, cleaning machinery, high-pressure cleaning equipment, machine tools and various accessories, various measuring instruments and testing equipment; welding Connecting equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding, gas cutting equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding materials, accessories.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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