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2020 China (Shaanxi) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2020/05/13 - 05/14 (Wed To Thur Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Xi'an · Shaanxi ChinaShaanxiXi'an Xi'an Home World Expo Center
Sponsor:HUAHAN International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:HUAHAN International Exhibition Co., Ltd


With the call of building a new countryside, a lot of relevant policies have been issued to encourage the development of rural economy. At present, China is also aware of the huge difference between the unit output of agricultural products and the European and American countries. As a traditional agricultural country, we are also trying to make up for the current huge gap. The development history of agriculture is very similar to the development history of industry, from the traditional manual, semi-automatic, automation, artificial intelligence... Before, when the rural labor force was surplus in the past, the labor cost was not high, farmers would provide a large number of labor positions, the problem of labor shortage is not a problem, in recent years, with the labor cost is also rising again and again. At the same time, many friends who are committed to the development of agricultural machinery go to the field for field investigation. Small machinery is more suitable for the vast rural areas, and the demand is also increasing dramatically. The aging population is not only the city, but also the rural areas are facing this problem. Replacing artificial labor with machinery will be the trend of history.

Last review
In order to speed up the promotion of agricultural development, the last China International Agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition was successfully held in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hefei and Shijiazhuang, with an exhibition area of 25000 square meters, more than 800 booths and about 23000 visitors. The exhibition was strongly supported by relevant government departments. The important window for Chinese agricultural machinery brand to expand the western market, the booster for brand promotion and channel expansion of agricultural machinery enterprises, and the important channel for spreading the new agricultural machinery market.

Contemporaneous activities
During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition will assist domestic and foreign exhibitors to hold technical exchange lectures in the conference room of the exhibition hall, the content of which is determined by the enterprise, each audience is 60-80 people, invited by the enterprise itself, organized by the organizing committee with the assistance of the Organizing Committee, and submit the topics, main contents and speakers of the lectures to the organizing committee before April 1, 2020. The number of technical exchange lectures is limited, until the report is full, each lecture lasts for 30 minutes, and the cost is 9800 yuan / session.


Power machinery: tractor, internal combustion engine, internal combustion generator set;
Harvesting machinery: grain harvesting machinery, corn harvesting machinery, feed crop harvester, straw collection and processing machinery, etc;
Planting and fertilization machinery: sowing machinery, seedling raising equipment, etc;
Field management machinery: medium tillage, micro tillage machinery, drainage and irrigation machinery, tillage and land preparation machinery (protective tillage machinery, etc.);
Plant protection machinery: agricultural aircraft, sprayer, duster, soil processor and so on;
Post harvest processing machinery: grain dryer, grain color sorter, fruit and vegetable dryer, agricultural and sideline product dryer;
Grain and oil and agricultural and sideline food processing machinery, fruit and vegetable deep processing machinery, fresh-keeping and transportation storage equipment (facilities);

Costs & Precautions

project Price / area Basic equipment / specifications
Standard booth

Standard booth: 6800 yuan / piece

Foreign enterprises: $1800 / unit

◆ three side coaming
◆ company name fascia
◆ one consultation table
Two chairs
Two fluorescent lamps
◆ one power socket
◆ for special electricity use, please explain in advance and charge separately)
Empty yard

Domestic enterprises: 600 yuan / MTwo 

Foreign enterprises: 180 USD / MTwo

There is no exhibition stand and facilities in the empty space. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration work or entrust the construction company recommended by the organization unit
Meeting expenses 2500 yuan / person Including fine souvenirs, thank you dinner, lunch and drinks.
Meeting arrangement The organizer shall send the Exhibitor Manual (related to schedule, exhibits transportation, hotel reception, journal editing, booth construction, etc.) to all exhibitors 40 days before the meeting.
Advertisement On The Journal ■ cover: RMB 10000
■ cover 2: ¥ 8000 yuan
■ cover three: ¥ 5000 yuan
■ back cover: ¥ 8000
■ black and white inner page: ¥ 1000 yuan
■ color inner page: ¥ 3000
Journal size: 140mm (W) × 210mm (H)
Other advertisements Visit ticket: 8000 yuan / 10000 full page ads on the back
Handbag: 8000 yuan / 1000 full page ads on the back
Badge: 8000 yuan / face
Invitation card: RMB 10000 / 1000
Lift off ball: RMB 6000 / arch door: RMB 6000 / arch door
Technique lecture RMB 9800 / session


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