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2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen)

Clothing / Leather / Textile


Once a year


2024/08/12 - 08/14 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceShenzhen CityFutian District Intersection of Fuhua 3rd Road and Jintian Road in Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province


All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Clothing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Lingshuo Exhibition Group Co., Ltd


Shanghai Aozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Aozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

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2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

In 2023, LINK FASHION set off with a new market pattern of one year, three cities, and ten exhibitions, with the goal of building a professional platform for smooth supply and demand connection and stimulating market vitality. It has held exhibitions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. With the successful conclusion of the LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition in Chengdu from November 3-5, LINK FASHION has attracted over 230000 visitors with an annual exhibition scale of 230000 square meters, focusing on 2607 exhibitors and showcasing thousands of exhibits, marking a successful end to 2023.

As a large-scale professional supply and demand docking exhibition in the textile and apparel industry, LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition shoulders a heavy responsibility, fully empowering the industry and injecting vitality!

Shenzhen, as a shining pearl of China's clothing industry, relies on the improvement of the clothing industry chain in the Greater Bay Area. From raw materials such as kapok spinning, silk, printing and dyeing, wool spinning, to complete supporting industries such as clothing design, production, and sales, Shenzhen plays an important role in the clothing manufacturing field and occupies a core position in the entire clothing industry chain. This city, known as the "City of Fashion" and "City of Technology", has become the core hub of clothing supply chain collaboration in southern China, attracting the convergence of numerous clothing brands. According to statistics, over 90% of Shenzhen's existing clothing brand enterprises are independent brands, with a market share of over 60% in first tier shopping malls in large and medium-sized cities across the country. The annual total sales amount is nearly 270 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of the country.

This exhibition will be organized by the All Union Textile and Clothing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Lingshuo Exhibition Group, and hosted by Shanghai Aozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. The exhibition covers an area of 40000 square meters and is expected to gather over 50000 visitors. Together with over 600 high-quality exhibitors, we will create a comprehensive industry event that integrates exhibition display, commercial cooperation, and forum competitions.

The exhibition is in line with recent market trends, expanding from multiple dimensions in the industry, setting up eight exhibition areas to comprehensively showcase new concepts and hot topics, guiding the industry towards quality improvement and upgrading to smart services. It aims to create a textile and clothing event that covers sub categories such as clothing customization, group clothing, school uniforms, children's clothing, sports fashion, clothing supply chain and e-commerce, and intelligent clothing manufacturing.

The exhibition has carefully planned over 20 concurrent events, innovating in regional radiation, industrial linkage, and market operation, further enriching and refining textile and clothing resources, realizing the transformation of the clothing industry from single marketing to comprehensive marketing, thereby strengthening the brand's driving force and influence, and achieving deep integration of various sectors. Presenting a clothing industry event with rich industry categories, exciting highlights, and diverse experiential scenarios for the audience.

At a critical period of consumer demand recovery, the 2024 LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition · Shenzhen will establish a commercial exchange platform through the exhibition form, which will inevitably gradually expand the value of the domestic textile and clothing industry. It will play an important role in promoting the market layout of exhibitors throughout the year in product, marketing, channel, brand, and other aspects, carrying the hopes and expectations of more industry people!


2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

1. TCE Clothing Customization Exhibition
Large scale clothing customization factories, men's and women's suits and formal dress customization brands, national style customization brands, fashion designer customization brands, high-end ready to wear customization brands, private personalized customization brands, high-end customized surface accessories suppliers, luggage, shoes and footwear accessories, customized industry supply chain platforms, etc
2. OUE Professional Clothing · Group Clothing Exhibition
Administrative professional attire, industry uniforms, business casual attire, professional work attire, clothing accessories, and professional clothing surface accessories
3. ISUE International School Uniform · Garden Clothing Exhibition
Campus clothing, surface accessories, kindergarten uniforms, campus accessories, logistics items, etc
4. GOFE Sports Fashion Fashion Fashion Exhibition
Full category sports apparel supply chain factory, sports and functional fabrics, accessories and sports accessories, sports fashion brands
5. CWE Children's Expo
Children's clothing brand enterprises, children's clothing manufacturers, children's clothing accessories, baby and child home textiles, children's clothing surface accessories
6. EFB Clothing Supply Chain Exhibition
Noodle accessories and source materials, high-quality manufacturing of ready to wear clothing, fashion creation, accessories and bags, clothing supply chain services
7. CFE Clothing E-commerce Exhibition
Full range clothing including men's and women's clothing, high-quality manufacturing factories for e-commerce quick response, e-commerce platforms, service providers, MCN institutions, internet celebrity textile and clothing industry clusters, e-commerce live streaming bases, etc
8. AME Clothing Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition
Smart fashion, smart manufacturing equipment, smart factory, printing and embroidery

Costs & Precautions

1. Standard booth (3m * 3m), 15000 yuan/piece

Specifications and Configuration: One reception desk, one negotiation table, one trash can, two folding chairs, two spotlights, two metal halide lamps, lintel, 5A/220V power socket.

2. Special booth transfer (bare space), 1380 yuan/square meter

Specification and configuration: Starting from 36 square meters for rent, self arranged booth decoration and construction, venue management fees, electricity fees, excluding carpets.

【 T-stage Display Show 】 60000 yuan/30 minutes, bear all the facility costs of the T-stage show, and arrange models on your own.

[Advertising in the Journal]
Back cover: 26500 yuan/edition
Cover and inner page, first page: 15900 yuan/edition
Color page inner page: 10600 yuan/edition
Double page inside: 14900 yuan

2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com

2024LINK FASHION Clothing Exhibition (Shenzhen) - www.globalomp.com


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