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The 16th Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo in 2024 will be held in Chengdu and Chongqing cities

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2024/03/30 - 03/31 (Sat To Sun Total 2 Days)    Error Correction


Sichuan Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaSichuan ProvinceChengdu CityWuhou District 198 Century City Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province


Organizing Committee of the Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo


Chongqing Ganghua Exhibition Co., Ltd

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The 16th Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo in 2024 will be held in Chengdu and Chongqing cities - www.globalomp.com

The 16th Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo in 2024 will be held in Chengdu and Chongqing cities - www.globalomp.com

The 16th Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo in 2024 will be held in Chengdu and Chongqing cities

Time: March 30-31, 2024 Location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Time: June 22-23, 2024 Location: Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center

Organizer: Organizing Committee of the Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo

Organizer: Chongqing Ganghua Exhibition Co., Ltd

Expo theme: Education promotes national development, sports strengthens the body, and everyone's health

Exhibition background:

The Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo showcases the construction of smart hospitals, high-quality management and operation, green and low-carbon, and excellent medical personnel, promoting active health among citizens. At the same time, bridging the boundaries of product research and development, clinical application, and health services, comprehensively showcasing the new technologies and achievements of upstream and downstream enterprises in the health industry chain in areas such as education, sports, medical integration, medical care, sports, education, medical equipment, nutrition, finance, health care, and technology.

The integration of education, sports and medicine is a livelihood project that benefits the present and the future. Exploring new paths for the development of the integration of education, sports and medicine, empowering and cultivating new industrial formats, promoting the sharing of achievements in the development of education, sports and medicine among the public, and empowering all industries together. The Education, Sports and Medicine Integration Expo is rooted in the western region and serves as a leading demonstration. Let's work together to build a good development environment, vigorously promote innovative development of education, sports and medicine integration, meet people's expectations for a better life, and contribute to promoting public health and supporting the construction of a healthy western region and a healthy China.

The Expo brings together resources from various fields such as education, cultural and sports, and health, showcasing innovative achievements in the integration of education, sports, and medicine from all angles and angles. It truly enables health to enter schools, communities, and families, and supports the construction of a healthy western region. The organizing committee extensively promotes and mobilizes more units and citizens to participate, making the Expo a warm and meaningful national event.

Health is the foundation of social civilization progress and the common pursuit of the general public. I hope that all sectors can take this Expo as an opportunity to aggregate high-quality industrial elements and resources, promote deep integration of upstream and downstream industries, cultivate new healthy industries, new formats, and new models, promote high-quality and sustainable development of related industries, and enable people to share the fruits of health.

The Western China Education, Sports, and Medical Integration Expo has achieved high coverage of popular topics in education, medical care, sports, elderly care, and public health. Bring the medical and health care industry to the doorstep of the people. The integration of education, sports, and medicine is an innovative measure in the western region, with active participation from all sectors of society to promote the development of education, medical care, culture, and sports in the western region, effectively enhancing people's sense of happiness, satisfaction, and achievement, and creating a benchmark city for people's well-being.

This expo focuses on the integration of education, sports, and medicine, targeting schools, students, teachers, citizens, and other objects. From the perspective of people's livelihood and education, sports, medicine, and health, it revolves around cultural and sports activities, physical exercise, school medical cooperation, sports education integration, health science popularization, and other aspects, allowing health experts to step out of the hospital wall and communicate face-to-face with citizens. Exhibiting the characteristics and charm of clinical research, discipline construction, system construction, smart hospitals, and innovative achievements, showcasing medical services covering the entire life cycle of the entire population.

Sichuan and Chongqing are major provinces in education, sports, medical care, and modernization of education, sports, medical resources, and teaching, leading the country towards the goal of becoming a strong province in education, sports, national fitness, sports, medical care, and education modernization. In recent years, focusing on the goal of strengthening the province through education and sports, we have deeply promoted the reform and development of education, sports, and healthcare, and achieved a series of remarkable achievements. The products and application cases showcased at this exhibition cover the fields of basic education, higher education, vocational education, continuing education and training, as well as the sports industry. The medical industry is a large professional platform that showcases new products, technologies, and information development concepts of educational equipment and sports equipment, medical and health equipment. It will not only promote the development of the education, sports, and medical equipment industry, but also promote the upgrading and replacement of education, sports, and medical equipment, giving birth to many enterprises engaged in the production of education, sports equipment, and medical equipment. At the same time, a COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 swept across the globe. After people around the world experienced the catastrophe of an epidemic, strengthening their health has become a lifestyle that people around the world urgently need to pay attention to.

This year's China Chengdu and Chongqing Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo will be based on innovative exhibition models, enrich exhibition content, improve exhibition effectiveness, and build a five in one supply and demand platform for sports competition performances, sports fitness and entertainment, sports training, sports intermediaries, sports goods, sports culture, etc., which includes image display, industry exchange, brand building, transaction procurement, and cooperation negotiation, We advocate the creation of a "one-stop exhibition and procurement brand exhibition for China's international education and sports technology equipment", to jointly promote the sustainable development of China's education, sports, and medical equipment informatization and modernization construction. Accelerate the informatization of education and sports, as well as the construction of a strong country in education, sports, and medical care. Effectively promote the widespread, in-depth, and effective application of information technology in education, continuously improve the ability of education e-government, digital campus level, and talent information literacy, comprehensively strengthen the ability of information technology to support education reform and development, transform traditional education and teaching with advanced educational technology, promote education modernization with informatization, and improve the education and training system, The development of new models such as deepening the integration of industry and education, and school enterprise cooperation

The market size of China's education informatization industry will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2023, and will reach 400 billion yuan by 2024. Internet plus+education, science and technology+education, tourism+education, sports+education, promoting the construction of educational informatization 2.0, deepening the application of information technology, realizing the balanced distribution and high-quality sharing of teaching resources through information technology, promoting the innovation of education and teaching, and enabling more people to enjoy high-quality education are the common aspirations of all educators and the whole society.

The convening of this year's Chengdu and Chongqing Education and Sports Medical Integration Expo has injected new vitality into the development of the education, sports, and medical industries. The exhibition content of this year's Education, Sports, and Medical Integration Expo includes the display of new technological products in the education, sports, and medical equipment industries, forums and exchange discussions on education hotspots, and the application cooperation of teaching equipment enterprises, promoting the deep integration of education and sports, medical and technology, and culture, To contribute to the "Chongqing Xinjiang Europe and the the Belt and Road Education Action Plan".

During the exhibition, it is planned to hold online smart education and innovation education summit forums, vocational education and school enterprise docking summit forums, on-site explanation meetings for study abroad and immigration exhibitions, policy lectures for primary and secondary school entrance exams, consultation meetings for college entrance examination volunteer filling, successful negotiation meetings for college student innovation and entrepreneurship, early childhood education forums, research travel and study tour education forums, private education forums, and education training brand growth forums The National Sports Fitness and Health Forum, the Education Sports Medicine Integration Summit Forum, the Water Sports Experience Show, the Sports Goods Promotion Conference, the Education Logistics Forum, the School Furniture Promotion Conference, the School Uniform and Garden Uniform Innovation Design Forum, the Principal Forum, the Youth Mental Health and Comprehensive Development Forum, the Hospital Dean Forum, and the forum will attract principals, elites in the education and sports industry, enterprises, and parents to participate in sharing and exchange.

Exhibition schedule

Chengdu (Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center)

Time: March 30-31, 2024 Location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition setup time: March 29, 2024 8:30-24:30

Exhibition time: March 30-31, 2024, 9:00-17:30

Dismantling time: March 31, 2024 at 17:30 pm

Second Chongqing (Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center)

Time: June 22-23, 2024 Location: Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center

Exhibition setup time: June 21, 2024 8:30-24:30

Exhibition time: June 22-23, 2024, 9:00-17:30

Dismantling time: June 23, 2024 at 17:30 pm


Exhibition content

Smart Campus Construction and IT Infrastructure: Smart Campus Informatization and Solutions, Smart Classroom Layout Design, Campus Security Solutions, Smart Classrooms

Artificial intelligence and maker education: facial recognition systems, speech recognition systems, text recognition systems, 3D printers, 3D printing pens, 3D printing laboratory construction, 3D printing courses, 3D printing education solutions, robot education courses, 3D scanners, maker education curriculum system, interactive programmable maker application software (hardware), educational robots, VR/AR teaching and virtual reality technology VR mode innovative teaching equipment application and solutions, 3D interactive teaching, etc;

Teaching instruments and equipment, laboratory and functional classroom equipment, reagents and consumables, vocational education training, geography park, ecological park, digital campus construction, electronic education equipment, classroom education resources, maker education, robotics, VR technology, campus network system construction, information center construction, digital campus application service platform construction, e-books, preschool education equipment, puzzle toys, outdoor facilities, indoor toys, entertainment toys Homemade toys, teaching music, art, books and sports facilities, logistics facilities and equipment, school office, school buses, school uniforms, campus lighting and lighting facilities, safety and fire equipment, kitchen equipment, daily necessities, student supplies, environmental and water-saving equipment, office equipment, office furniture, etc.

Online smart education and remote education: online education, online classrooms, cloud classrooms, cloud live classrooms, online education platform operators, online education technology support platforms, education live platforms, online interactive platforms, online training systems, online examination systems, online education communities, streaming management systems, video conferencing, provider of overall solutions for online education, E-Learning teaching systems, cloud recording and broadcasting equipment Video live streaming equipment, digital libraries, learning solutions, professional education software, speech recognition systems, intelligent voice technology, MOOC, micro courses, digital publishing, maker education, 3D printing and consumables, VR education products, etc;

Campus construction: campus culture construction, logistics management equipment, safe campus construction, etc

Campus fresh air display area: air purifiers and supporting products, fresh air systems and auxiliary materials, central purification systems and supporting products, mobile air purification products

Ecological energy-saving into campus theme exhibition area: energy-saving heating, energy-saving air conditioning, energy-saving drinking water equipment, energy-saving electricity systems and equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, etc;

Special education: campus medical system and rehabilitation technology equipment, hearing and visual education, language education, intellectual education, psychological counseling rooms, etc; Medical rehabilitation equipment; Rehabilitation aids, mobility aids, electronic computer voice communication devices, computer use aids, communication aids, personalized training aids for leisure and entertainment, etc;

Early childhood education industry and equipment: early childhood education institutions, early education electronic products, early education toys and early education amusement facilities, early education books, etc

General equipment for private education and higher vocational education of basic education: campus recording and video communication, Internet distance education system, wireless induction technology equipment, campus book providers, school uniforms, school seats, school buses, etc; Digital classroom equipment: electronic whiteboard, LCD whiteboard, e-book bag, nano blackboard, large screen, touch all-in-one machine, projection device, virtual simulation system, multimedia courseware, flipped classroom, multimedia podium, video exhibition booth, high camera, audio recorder, integrated switching station, recording system, audio equipment, campus broadcasting system, one card, cloud service exploration system software, interactive teaching software

School uniforms and park uniforms: male and female school uniforms for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools (including vocational high schools), universities, etc. The spring and autumn clothing, summer clothing, winter clothing (styles include uniforms, casual clothing, sportswear, ethnic clothing, etc.) for park uniforms; Sprint jackets, student shoes and socks, school bags, neckties and other campus clothing; Logistics items such as bedding and blankets; New safety and environmental protection school uniform fabrics, school emblem accessories, customized clothing, etc.

Education and logistics equipment: hygiene control, campus informatization, campus safety, ecological campus construction in primary and secondary schools, smart catering, school furniture, commercial self-service, campus logistics management, and safe campus construction, etc

Foot basket equipment, table tennis equipment, badminton equipment, and other ball equipment.

Backpack, navigation, optical equipment, outdoor clothing, outdoor accessories, children's outdoor products, sports watches, camping equipment, sleeping bags, RVs, tents and accessories, mountain rescue equipment, fishing gear, various sports clothing, protective gear, roller skating equipment

Comprehensive mountain outdoor, water, aviation, ice and snow, motorcycle, racing, sports tourism boutique events, scenic spots, camping equipment, outdoor sports equipment, routes, etc.

Fitness equipment, fitness equipment accessories, small equipment, sports protective equipment, rehabilitation equipment, massage chairs and massage equipment, foot baths and health equipment, massage rehabilitation equipment accessories.

Competition lighting system, sports venue stands and seats, mobile swimming pool, various amusement facilities, etc.

Various sports training institutions and clubs

Physical fitness testing instruments, systems, smart healthcare, sports drinks, and sports nutrition products.

Internet sports services, sports application software development and operation, sports brokerage and advertising services, sports activities planning services, sports cultural activities promotion, sports venues leasing and other related intermediary services. Virtual reality devices, intelligent devices, VR/AR game console devices, home entertainment intelligent experience devices, in-game advertising technology research and development tools, hardware and peripherals, single player games, arcade games, and other digital entertainment and anime and its derivatives, etc

Artificial turf: artificial turf fibers, artificial turf, artificial turf, artificial turf carpets, simulated plastic artificial grass artificial grass football fields, artificial tennis courts, artificial grass basketball courts, and artificial grass volleyball courts.

Sports machinery: artificial lawn sand filling machine, lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, roof sprinkler and irrigation paver, spraying machine, sand filling machine, marking machine, marking paint, lawn paving machine, lawn tool, and sand brushing machine.

Sports flooring: sports flooring, professional elastic flooring system, outdoor PSP flooring, PSP flooring, table tennis flooring, badminton flooring, basketball volleyball flooring, gym specific flooring, EPDM rubber flooring, PVC sports plastic flooring, suspended assembly flooring, anti slip flooring, and sports wood flooring.

Plastic runway facilities: plastic runway, rubber runway plastic ground, rubber ground, plastic carpet, epoxy floor mat, mixed particle plastic runway, breathable particle plastic runway, PU fully plastic court surface layer, PU composite court surface layer, EPDM court surface layer, runway surface paint, plastic runway matching paint, environmentally friendly plastic runway material, EPDM particles, environmentally friendly glue and polyurethane PU silicone PU court acrylic court.

Venue materials: acrylic materials, elastic acrylic materials, silicone PU court materials, environmentally friendly silicone PU court materials, PU court materials, self textured track materials, polyurethane sports field materials, epoxy flooring materials, and environmentally friendly acrylic materials.

Gymnasium, badminton hall, swimming pool, golf practice range, ski resort, tennis court, football field facilities: sports venue lighting, venue sound, electronic display screen, scorer, stand seats, membrane structure, railing and fence net, basketball rack, various types of net columns, etc

Supporting facilities: safety mats, fence, center net, single and parallel bars, basketball racks, venue lighting and drainage facilities, stand seats, membrane structures, railings and guardrails, various sports equipment and other supporting facilities.

Sports venue facilities area: venue ceiling, venue fence, venue railing, venue lighting and sound, seat stands, electronic display equipment (timing display, large screen display) and supporting facilities, access control system, storage cabinets, swimming pool facilities, bathing system, venue operation software, visual guidance system, functional indication system, amusement park facilities, venue investment/operation institutions.

Sports venue construction area: sports venue construction, venue design and construction, digital venue construction, intelligent venue construction, steel structure venues and supporting facilities, sports venue construction planning, gym, club design and construction institutions, runways, basketball courts, football fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, gyms, swimming pools and other types of sports venues construction.

Sports venue material area: Runway base material, fabric, topcoat, topcoat adhesive, environmentally friendly silicone PU, acrylic acid, polyurethane, rubber rolls, PVC elastic flooring, EPDM adhesive particles, black adhesive particles, colored ceramic particles, self textured anti slip flower paste, color path series, suspended assembled flooring, anti slip flooring, wooden flooring, artificial turf, flooring, wall coatings, waterproof adhesives, catalysts, etc.

Innovation Sports Zone: Sports Town, Sports+Tourism, Shared Sports, Digital Sports, Broadcasting Technology, Intelligent Venue Construction, Training and Rehabilitation, Venue Data System, Intelligent Sports Equipment, etc.

Site construction equipment area: mixed runway paver, steel structure construction technology and equipment, multifunctional plastic spraying machine, silicon PU surface layer spraying machine, plastic mixed mixer, plastic ironing machine, plastic polishing machine, automatic marking machine, artificial lawn, sand filling machine, sand brushing machine, lawn paving machine, etc.

Infrastructure construction of smart hospitals: communication intelligence (CA), comprehensive pipeline network system, comprehensive cabling system, computer network and security system, digital program control exchange system, computer room engineering (decoration, distribution, lightning protection grounding, dynamic environment monitoring, modular computer room, UPS, gas fire protection, etc.), wireless intercom system, etc;

Smart hospital medical artificial intelligence: medical artificial intelligence, 5G+healthcare, hospital Internet of Things applications, medical robots, cloud platforms, big data, intelligent wearable devices, etc;

Smart hospital medical information system: hospital comprehensive operation management system, hospital information system, medical image storage and communication system, laboratory information system, radiology information system, pathology information system, ultrasound information system, physical examination information system, cost accounting system, wireless medical information system, remote electrocardiogram monitoring system, surgical anesthesia management system, intensive care information management system Data storage and disaster recovery backup system, server hardware support system;

Smart Hospital Smart Patients: self-service terminals, self-service machine settlement systems, mobile medical care, remote visits, remote consultation systems, in hospital navigation systems, hospital apps, bedside settlement systems, outpatient call systems, bedside call systems, hospital ordering systems, hospital follow-up systems, and intelligent accompanying beds;

Smart Hospital Smart Clinical: EMR electronic medical record system, HIS system, MDT multidisciplinary consultation system, emergency management solution, inpatient clinical management system solution, emergency management solution, LIS clinical laboratory system, surgical anesthesia management system, clinical pathway management system, blood transfusion management system, intensive care system, electrocardiogram management system, smart physical examination solution, construction of clinical data center Clinical decision support, PASS rational drug use monitoring system, laboratory information management system;

Smart hospital intelligent management: surgical instrument management, digital operating room, medical waste management, medical intelligent logistics system, hospital ERP system, HIS system, intelligent drug consumables management cabinet, smart pharmacy;

Smart hospital intelligent medical technology: PACS, RIS, LIS, pathology information management system solution, digital blood dialysis information management system, intelligent improvement system for clinical application of laboratory examination;

Smart Hospital Logistics Construction: Hospital logistics related products, facilities, equipment, system software, hospital building design, hospital property management, hospital soft furnishings and medical furniture, hospital logistics intelligent operation and maintenance, hospital Internet of Things technology equipment, hospital information security equipment, hospital parking lot management, hospital smart catering, hospital energy control system, power safety equipment management, hospital pressure vessel management, video monitoring equipment Hospital medical waste tracing management, hospital sewage treatment, medical gas engineering design, etc;

Smart ward, smart sitting and sleeping facilities, and smart furniture: smart accompanying systems, smart environmental control systems, smart wheelchairs, beds, toilets, and medical smart furniture;

Smart Hospital Smart Nursing: infusion solutions, baby safety solutions, medical nursing handheld terminal PDAs, and accompanying examination information systems;

Smart Hospital Smart Teaching and Research: Medical Surgery Teaching System, Smart Medical Research Center;

Smart Hospital Regional Interconnection: Hospital Information Level Protection Solution, Comprehensive Health Information Platform Interface Software Solution, Interconnected Smart Level Diagnosis and Treatment Platform, Remote Diagnosis and Treatment System;

Application of IoT technology in smart hospitals: temperature dynamic monitoring system, personnel and asset positioning management system, patient wristbands and infant anti-theft system, infusion monitoring system, medical waste management system, intelligent bed monitoring system, disinfection supply center quality traceability system, clean operating room equipment management system, wireless ward rounds system, etc;

Smart hospital specialization and intelligence: digital guidance system, outpatient call and medication queuing system, medical dispute voice and video monitoring system, medical teaching and remote consultation system, medical nursing intercom system, ICU visitation system, etc;

Smart hospital security intelligence: video surveillance system, perimeter and anti-theft alarm system, emergency call system, wireless electronic patrol management system, one card management system (entrance and exit control system, elevator control, attendance, etc.), parking lot management system;

Smart hospital building intelligence: Building equipment automation system (including water supply and drainage equipment, air conditioning equipment, air supply and exhaust systems, power supply systems, elevators and other building equipment control), energy metering system, intelligent lighting control system IBMS intelligent integrated management system;

Smart hospital medical logistics transmission system and supporting equipment: fully automated equipment for outpatient pharmacies, medium-sized logistics systems such as box and rail cars, hospital pneumatic rail logistics systems, AGV and medical logistics robot systems, automated logistics systems for pharmaceutical equipment departments, and garbage collection systems;

Smart Hospital Digital Low Carbon Hospital Construction: The construction of various subsystems including smart diagnosis and treatment space environmental control, energy metering, smart computer room dynamic environment, smart ward and indoor GIS inspection, smart power distribution, smart cold and heat sources, smart photovoltaic energy storage, smart lighting, smart fire protection, smart elevator monitoring, smart water supply and drainage monitoring, smart parking and charging, etc.

Smart hospital office intelligence: LED large screen display system, audio and video conference system, information management software;

Smart hospital fire intelligence: intelligent fire protection system, background music and emergency broadcasting system, automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system;

Smart Elderly Care Service Exhibition Area: Health and wellness tourism, elderly care institutions, elderly care financial services, medical and elderly care integration structure, health and wellness characteristic towns, ecological health and wellness towns, smart elderly care, elderly care information services, government cluster health industry parks/areas, and rural revitalization health and wellness promotion projects.

Health management exhibition area: family medical equipment, chronic disease management, four high lowering products, healthy sleep products, health management all-in-one machine, tumor early screening, gene detection and treatment, high-end private health management institutions, physical examination institutions, sports health, Internet health management platform, anti-aging products and technologies, etc.

Nutrition and Health Exhibition Area: Dietary therapy and health foods, nutrient fortified foods, probiotics, health food ingredients, beauty and slimming products, therapeutic health products, enzymes, nourishing health wine, health function tea, anti-aging, special medical foods, etc.

Healthcare exhibition area: Rehabilitation medicine, wearable devices, healthy sleep, electronic blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, home oxygen concentrators, home therapy equipment, intelligent blood pressure detection, intelligent heart rate detection, health detection equipment, health bracelets, massage and therapy products, health cabins, intelligent wearable chips, etc.

Biopharmaceutical Technology Exhibition Area: Biolife Technology, Genetic Testing, Medical Testing Systems, Tumor Early Screening, Precision Medicine, Biopharmaceuticals, etc

Chinese medicine health care exhibition area: authentic medicinal materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, wormwood products, Chinese medicine health care products, Chinese medicine tonic, Chinese medicine hospital/museum, Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, Chinese medicine talent training school, health care physiotherapy service and technology franchise chain, Chinese medicine hospital characteristic diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, etc;

Elderly entertainment and health products: Elderly entertainment equipment, elderly shoes and clothing/shoe and clothing wearing and taking off accessories/eating accessories and products/body protection accessories/fall prevention products/hair, oral, and skin care products.

Featured hydrogen health exhibition area: hydrogen respirators, hydrogen rich water, hydrogen rich water cups, hydrogen medical products, hydrogen generation and storage equipment, hydrogen equipment related accessories, hydrogen health technology, etc

Exhibition area for healthy food, healthy drinking water, and agricultural specialty products - meat products, baked goods, sun dried foods, new resource foods, hydrogen rich drinking water, functional drinking water and edible fungi, rice and miscellaneous grains, edible oil spices and seasonings, etc;

Nutrition and health products and tonic exhibition area - functional food, nutrition, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, health tonic, nutritional supplements, enzymes, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng antler, cordyceps sinensis, bird's nest, maple tree, ass hide glue, medlar, Chinese herbal pieces, health tea, health wine, etc;

Smart Home and Health Products Exhibition Area - Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Functional Water Equipment, Massagers, Massage Chairs, Health Equipment; Breast enhancement, beauty, acne elimination, facial mask, beauty makeup, Chinese medicine beauty equipment and other home and personal care products;

Medical health care and moxibustion products exhibition area - acupuncture and moxibustion physiotherapy, shoulder and neck physiotherapy, fumigation instrument, infrared physiotherapy, meridian physiotherapy; Moxibustion auxiliary equipment such as moxa velvet, moxa sticks, electronic moxibustion therapy equipment, and far-infrared divine moxibustion equipment;

Exhibition area for high-end medical and health management institutions - health management and physical examination centers, medical tourism services, comprehensive hospitals, medical beauty and anti-aging, medical and elderly care integrated products, and elderly care institutions; Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Health Center, Moxibustion Center, Traditional Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Center, Medicine Bath Health Center, Rehabilitation Therapy Center, etc;

Exhibition area for public health and epidemic prevention materials - masks, gloves, protective clothing, goggles, infrared thermometers, disinfectants, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials and important raw and auxiliary materials;

Elderly Care Services and Rehabilitation Exhibition Area - Elderly Care Institutions and Management Consulting Companies, Rehabilitation Medical Institutions, Health Management Products, Life Care Products, Rehabilitation Aids, Elderly Living Building Home Products and Technologies, etc;

Third party service exhibition area - health finance services, health environment services, health culture services, insurance finance, testing consulting, business associations, etc.

Hospital architectural design and supporting products: architectural design, specialized system engineering (operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), venous configuration center, medical gas engineering, hospital water system, outpatient, diagnosis and treatment hall, corridor, diagnosis and treatment room, ward, etc.) overall planning and design, indoor environmental decoration and decoration design, hospital doors, windows, elevators, (emergency, operating room) lighting, and hardware systems, hospital walls, roofs, etc Building materials such as flooring, hospital soft furnishings and furniture, air conditioning and HVAC systems, ventilation/purification systems, hospital advertising signage, etc;

Logistics management and support services: supply chain management, medical logistics systems, AGV and medical robot systems, safety monitoring systems, intelligent pharmacy management, purification and disinfection equipment; Hospital electricity, hospital water supply, kitchen equipment, medical safety, medical waste and waste disposal, property and supporting facility management, elevator maintenance, security cleaning, oxygen production/supply system, oxygen negative pressure station management, IoT hardware and systems, etc;

Medical special engineering and equipment: cleanroom, special ward engineering and supporting equipment, medical purification system and supporting equipment, medical gas engineering and supporting equipment, logistics transmission system and supporting equipment, radiation protection engineering and supporting equipment, medical pure water system and supporting equipment, integrated sewage treatment engineering, laboratory process system and supporting equipment, operating room engineering and supporting equipment, Hospital beds (operating table beds, hospital beds, transfer beds, etc.), medical refrigerators, and other medical equipment;

Smart hospitals, hospital informatization construction: diagnosis and treatment information platform, Internet hospital platform, medical robots, mobile and telemedicine, wearable devices, 3D printing, VR&AR, hospital registration management, clinical management, infusion management, electronic medical record management, intelligent ward round, financial management, intelligent navigation and other digital overall solutions, as well as hospital information (HIS) system, storage and transmission management (PACS) system Clinical Decision Support (CDSS) system, Disease Diagnosis Related Classification (DRGs) management platform, Smart Outpatient System, Smart Medical Technology, Smart Ward, Smart Logistics, etc;

Medical and health services and products: health service industry projects, information technology products, wearable devices, traditional Chinese medicine for health, health insurance products, health and elderly care services and products, health food, health products, etc.

Hospital building supporting products and equipment technology:

Medical doors and windows, medical doors, operating room doors, medical elevators, hospital signage, LED display systems, emergency lighting and fire protection systems, medical call systems; Hospital safety protection equipment and safety monitoring system;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

The 16th Western China Education, Sports and Medical Integration Expo in 2024 will be held in Chengdu and Chongqing cities - www.globalomp.com


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