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The 49th Arab International Medical Equipment Expo ARAB HEALTH

Biology / Medicine / Health


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2024/01/29 - 02/01 (Mon To Thur Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Dubai · United Arab Emirates Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates UAEDubai Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE - United Arab Emirates




Beijing Rongzhi Xieli International Exhibition Co., Ltd



第 49 届阿拉伯国际医疗设备博览会 ARAB HEALTH-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

Exhibition Introduction: 

The Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition is the largest international professional medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East region, with a comprehensive range of exhibits and good exhibition effects. Since its first held in 1975, the scale of the exhibition, exhibitors, and audience have been expanding year by year, and it has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and medical device agents in Arab countries in the Middle East. The 2020 Dubai International Medical Device Exhibition covered an area of 86000 square meters and attracted 2653 exhibitors from 58 countries. The exhibition attracted doctors, hospital managers, and medical device distributors from various countries in the Middle East to visit and negotiate trade. The audience reached 61274 people. The China Exhibition Group is participating in a group exhibition for the 13th year, with an exhibition area of 2500 square meters and 300 participating companies. Its scale is second only to Germany and it has become the second largest national exhibition group. As the largest and most effective medical device exhibition in the Middle East region, Arab Health has received high attention from the UAE government. King Mohammed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, together with officials from the UAE Ministry of Health, Dubai Ministry of Health, and Abu Dhabi Health Bureau, have attended the exhibition several times.

Market Introduction: 

The United Arab Emirates is a wealthy oil exporting country in the Middle East, with a per capita gross domestic product of $20000. But the domestic economy has a single structure and relies heavily on imported goods, especially medical devices, almost entirely through imports. In addition, it also adheres to a free trade policy, which means that the government does not intervene, restrict or protect import and export trade activities, and allows free import and export of goods; There are no restrictions on the country's foreign exchange receipts and payments, and it can be freely exchanged and circulated; The tax rate for transshipment trade is 1%, and goods that are transshipped to other regions within 6 months can be tax-free. Dubai is the largest trading center and distribution center for transit goods in the Middle East, with a superior geographical location and a wide market coverage. Therefore, it is known as the "world's largest free zone" and "Hong Kong in the Middle East.". 1. In recent years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates has seen a rapid development of the medical market in the Middle East due to population growth, an increase in elderly and young children, and a continuous increase in the number of outsiders. Coupled with factors such as the hot climate, the demand for medical and health equipment products has continued to increase, leading to increased investment in medical infrastructure by the government, resulting in a surge in demand for medical equipment in the country; 2. The national income of Middle East countries is high, and people's living standards have generally improved in the past 10 years, which has led to an increasing incidence of "three high" symptoms such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia in this region, leading to a sharp increase in the number of patients in hospitals. Therefore, there is a strong demand for hospitals in Middle East countries to update or add medical equipment and diagnostic equipment; 3. The United Arab Emirates is the fastest developing country in the Middle East and also the country with the highest per capita medical expenditure. The demand for high-tech advanced medical products continues to rise, and the latest government medical insurance policy further stimulates the local demand for medical products and services; 4. In theory, there is still huge room for export growth of medical device products in the Middle East market in China; 5. Some small medical equipment products in our country, including ventilators, anesthesia machines, self destructive syringes, blood collection needles, sputum suction machines, various specifications of medical catheters, surgical equipment products, first aid kits, and laboratory diagnostic equipment, are highly welcomed by local purchasers; A new trend in the Middle East medical device market is the sharp increase in the number of imported kidney dialysis device products in recent years; 7. The United Arab Emirates is an important channel for driving industry development and has become a window to other Middle Eastern countries; With the development of the tourism and medical industry, as a tourist city with strong attraction, medical tourism has become a trend. The Middle East medical device market is a very important market for China, and the domestic medical device industry should further improve the quality and grade of its products. Only in this way can it truly have the strength to compete with Western manufacturers on the same stage in the Middle East medical device market.

Our business is mature

Business scope: Organizing projects

1、 Organizing Chinese enterprises to participate in internationally renowned professional exhibitions abroad: providing visa support services, overseas itinerary arrangements, hotel and housing reservations, flight booking, booth decoration and design, overseas insurance, exhibition services, exhibition multimedia promotion, overseas short distance communication services, and overseas professional translation and contact services; And exhibitors can be arranged to visit (exhibition period) post exhibition tourism and other activities.

2、 Organize Chinese enterprises, organizations, and administrative institutions to conduct relevant business and government inspections abroad, as well as professional academic conferences and seminars;

3、 Consulting services

1. Provide information on world exhibitions and international market trends;

2. Provide consulting services on handling procedures and precautions for international exhibitions.

第 49 届阿拉伯国际医疗设备博览会 ARAB HEALTH-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com


Exhibition scope: 

Medical equipment and instruments: medical electronic instruments, medical ultrasound instruments, medical X-ray equipment, medical optical instruments, ophthalmic comprehensive equipment, clinical testing and analysis instruments, dental equipment and materials, operating room, emergency room, diagnosis and treatment room equipment and appliances, disposable medical supplies, medical dressings and hygiene materials, various surgical instruments, medical health equipment and supplies, traditional Chinese medicine medical instruments and rehabilitation equipment, Hemodialysis equipment, anesthesia respiratory equipment, etc. Household health products and small health equipment: Household health products, household small diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment equipment, rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment and supplies, electronic medical instruments, dental equipment, hospital office supplies, sports medical supplies. API, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations, medicine and health care: treatment, rehabilitation, health care drugs and supplies with the characteristics of Oriental medicine.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.


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