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2024 Jiangxi Catering Ingredients and Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Expo

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2024/05/31 - 06/02 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center ChinaJiangxi ProvinceNanchang City 1315 Huaiyushan Avenue, Honggutan New District, Nanchang City


Jiangxi Gancai Industry Development Promotion Association


Jiangxi Hexu Cultural Media Co., Ltd

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2024江西餐饮食材暨预制菜产业博览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

The 2024 China (Jiangxi) Catering Ingredients Expo is hosted by the Jiangxi Gancai Industry Development Promotion Association; A comprehensive exhibition of catering specialties co organized by various catering and culinary restaurant industry associations in various cities of Jiangxi Province and hosted by Nanchang Hexu Cultural Media Co., Ltd. With the mission of "ingredient display, new dishes and products, procurement bidding, and business matching", we will invite catering brands, ingredients, prefabricated food industry, kitchen equipment, supporting services and other enterprises to participate in the exhibition. We will focus on the future development trends of the catering industry, link the catering market, showcase new technologies in the industry, capture market development trends, and strive to create mutual communication among practitioners, expand trade channels, and build networks, An innovative, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive docking platform that showcases corporate strength and promotes brand image.

This exhibition will be grandly held from May 31 to June 2, 2024 at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. The planned exhibition area for this conference is 30000 square meters, with over 1000 pre-set booths that can accommodate about 400 companies to participate. It will attract more than 30000 professional buyers and showcase nearly 20000 new catering dishes and services at the same time. This exhibition is a comprehensive industry procurement fair with the nature of large-scale catering industry promotion, investment attraction, cooperation, trade, brand building, and business opportunity insight. The on-site setting is planned to include 10 exhibition areas, including prefabricated dishes, meat and poultry products, aquatic seafood, fruit and vegetable products, (alcohol, beverages, coffee) products, food additives and ingredients, rural revitalization cooperation products, mechanical equipment, catering facilities and services, and other food products, integrating national characteristic catering brands and products. The booth investment promotion work has started, and high-quality booths are now being orderly reserved. Enterprises with the intention of expanding the market, expanding sales, and finding franchisees should lock in booths as soon as possible to ensure the investment and publicity benefits during the implementation period.

Here, we sincerely invite exhibitors, professional purchasers, and visitors from all walks of life from across the country to participate and participate in the unlimited Central China market, win-win cooperation, and common development! Win the future together!

We are committed to fighting ?JiangxiregionCateringindustryPractitionersBest one-stop procurement docking conference


1.PrefabricationfoodproductPre made meat dishes, pre made seafood dishes, pre made vegetables and fruits, pre made seasoning dishes, pre made soup dishes, etc;

2. Meat and poultry productsFrozen, chilled fresh meat, ready to eat split meat, poultry meat, poultry conditioning food, etc;

3. Aquatic and Seafood:Frozen, frozen aquatic products, aquatic conditioning foods, dried products, live products, deep processed foods, etc;

4. Fruit and vegetable products:Quick frozen vegetables, conditioning dishes, Pickled vegetables, pickles, vegetable products and various edible fungi;

5.Alcohol, beverages, coffeeBaijiu, wine, beer, fruit and vegetable juice, dairy products, functional drinks, tea and milk tea drinks, vegetable protein drinks, coffee, etc;

6. Other foods:Baked foods, canned foods, local videos, rice, noodles, grains and products, edible oils, dairy products, soups, etc

7. Food additives and ingredients:Various food additives, food ingredients, plant extracts, functional food ingredients, food processing aids

8.Rural revitalization cooperation productsHigh quality agricultural and sideline products from industrial assistance bases and key areas for national rural revitalization;

9. Mechanical equipmentStandardized supply of kitchen, group meal processing, clean food supply chain, central kitchen equipment manufacturing and overall solution technology and solutions, as well as kitchen environmental supplies and equipment, food packaging equipment, food testing equipment, cold chain logistics distribution equipment, systems and services, fresh agricultural products, integrated logistics solutions for catering procurement and distribution, etc;

10.Catering facilities and servicesPackaging design, takeaway delivery system, food inspection, catering store design, brand planning, catering management software, catering distribution, centralized procurement platform, and information technology supply chain services.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024江西餐饮食材暨预制菜产业博览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com


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