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2022 Japan international pet products and pet medicine Exhibition

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Once a year


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Tokyo Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center JapanTokyo 3-21-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan


Japan international pet products and pet medicine Exhibition


Japan international pet products and pet medicine Exhibition


Japan international pet products and pet medicine Exhibition



2022Tokyo International Pet Exhibition InterpetsJapan 2022Date: March 31 - April 3, 2022
Interpets is jointly sponsored by the Japan pet food association and the Japan branch of Frankfurt International Exhibition Company. The exhibition is held once a year to promote global pet aquarium products, services and creativity to the Japanese market and improve the quality of life of pets. The exhibition is considered to be an effective way for overseas manufacturers to enter the Japanese pet market. Japan is regarded as the second largest pet market in the world after the United States. China is a rising pet consumer country. The development of the pet industry in the two countries represents the development height and future of the pet industry in Asia.
From the industry trend directly connected to the business, it will be delivered to the program that can be enjoyed by the general visitor in the theme which is replaced every day. A series of
Exhibitor products Categories   of exhibits -Pet food and treats -Fashion and accessory products -Living and interior products -Toiletry products -Gifts and novelty goods -Outdoor & leisure products and   services -Pet training products and services -Healthcare & grooming products   and services -Veterinary and nursing care products   and services -Wedding, funeral and other ceremonial   services, memorial services and products -Insurance and related package for   pets -Products and services for cats -Products and services for birds and   small animals -Aquarium products and services -Professional schools for pet   trainers, publishing and IT related services -Products covering more than one   categories and services -Associations / organisations
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