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2022 the 32nd Shenzhen International Hotel and catering Expo

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2022/12/14 - 12/16 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong · Shenzhen Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceShenzhenBaoan District No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen


Organizer: Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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The 32nd Shenzhen International Hotel and catering Expo will bloom in Shenzhen in 2022!
As a benchmark brand exhibition in the hotel and catering industry chain, Hotelex will enter a new stage of development in 2022. In line with the brand strategy of basing itself on greater Shanghai and going deep into the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Hotelex mother exhibition will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen twice a year. With the blessing of this brand strategy, the 32nd Shenzhen International Hotel and catering Expo will open in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 14 to 16, 2022!

Hotelex Shenzhen exhibition is expected to cover an exhibition area of 160000 square meters and gather 1000 + high-quality exhibitors in the upstream and downstream industry chain of hotel catering. In addition to deepening the original strong categories such as coffee and tea, catering equipment, cooking ingredients, baking and ice cream, the eight display sections of Huanxin plan will further extend the industrial chain and carry out multi-dimensional expansion in the fields of catering design and catering furniture.

In addition, the Bohua Shenzhen joint exhibition built by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held at the same time to empower Hotelex Shenzhen exhibition, comprehensively extend the upstream and downstream of the industry, gather advantageous resource allocation for the industry, and bring a more concentrated and professional one-stop procurement event in South China.

Audience growth
In 2021, the number of visitors to Hotelex Shanghai exceeded 200000 for the first time
Reached 211962, an increase of 33% over the previous exhibition.

Scale jump
The 32nd Shenzhen International Exhibition Hall, the new exhibition hall, the new category of activities and the more splendid exhibition hall will be upgraded, and the Shenzhen international catering industry will bloom!
We look forward to your joint participation!
300000 square meters exhibition area
300000 professional visitors
3000 high-quality exhibitors

Why participate in the exhibition
1. Shenzhen has entered the golden development period driven by the "double zones" of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district and Shenzhen's first demonstration zone, with an average annual growth of 7.1% in five years. Hotelex promotes a group of industry pioneers to base themselves on Shenzhen, radiate Dawan District, layout greater South China and enjoy the dividends of regional market take-off.
2. Hotelex hotel catering series exhibition, as a wind vane of the industry, has been deeply engaged in the industry for 30 years and accumulated more than 800000 buyer resources. Since Guangzhou sub exhibition took root in the South China market seven years ago, it has accumulated 3000 exhibitors and more than 200000 visitors, stimulating abundant market potential.
3. Shanghai Bohua is committed to working with industry associations to build a supply and demand platform for the industry. In particular, it has received strong support and assistance from national and local industry associations such as China Tourism Hotel Industry Association, provincial and municipal tourism industry associations, Guangdong Hotel Industry Association, Shenzhen Cuisine Association, Shenzhen Import and export Food Association, Shenzhen rice bag vegetable basket Federation and so on.
4. The Bohua Shenzhen joint exhibition, built by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a leading exhibition organizer in China, comprehensively extends the upstream and downstream of the industry, gathers advantageous resources for the industry, empowers and adds wings, with a total scale of 300000 square meters.

Buyer region
Hotelex's loyal buyers come from active hotels and catering channels in South China, East China and central China. In addition, purchasing representatives from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America visit and negotiate on site.

Industry distribution
More than 81% of the visitors came from hotels and catering terminal channels, among which the proportion of visitors from supermarket retail, e-commerce and chain catering increased compared with the previous session.

Held simultaneously
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Shenzhen high end food and Beverage Exhibition
Shenzhen International Tea and coffee culture festival
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2020 China (Shenzhen) prefabricated food exhibition I Bohua Shenzhen joint exhibition


Comprehensive of coffee, tea and food
Comprehensive beverage and catering ingredients
Comprehensive alcohol and tabletop supplies
Kitchen equipment and supplies, ice cream and baking
Catering design and supporting facilities, chain franchise and catering investment

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