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2022 the 4th Guangzhou dual use technology and equipment achievement Fair

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2022/12/06 - 12/08 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong · Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong


Organizer: Guangzhou ruizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd


Guangzhou ruizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou dual-use technology and equipment achievement Fair (hereinafter referred to as "the two fair") takes the market as the leading and the demand of the army as the traction, promotes the development and application of dual-use technology, and constructs a market-oriented and demand driven dual-use technology trading service platform.

The two fairs have been held for three consecutive sessions. Under the guidance of relevant departments and the strong support of military leaders and organs, they have achieved good political and social effects. Gradually build a "six in one" activity framework integrating exhibition, forum, policy publicity, demand release, enterprise roadshow and docking and exchange, so as to provide an innovative test platform for military equipment and material procurement. Over the past three years, the Organizing Committee of the two Fair has adhered to the principle of "serving the military and enterprises". Through visits, research, discussion and other means, it has established a good cooperative relationship with the army, fully tap the needs of the army, connect with enterprises in time, and strive to provide daily services for enterprises to ensure smooth communication channels between the army and enterprises. Through the fair, the exchange and cooperation between industries and the development of dual-use technology industry have been further promoted, the understanding between troops and enterprises has been promoted, and a better docking transaction service platform has been built between troops and enterprises.

Facing the future, with the goal of "promoting the development and two-way transformation of dual-use technologies and building a precise docking trading platform for both supply and demand sides", we will comprehensively improve the professional, market-oriented, accurate and market-oriented development of the two fair, and promote the development and application of dual-use technologies. The fourth Guangzhou dual-use technology and equipment achievement Fair will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair in December 2022. The organizing committee will continue to improve its own ability, do practical things, build a platform and strive to create a new service model.


1. Military electronics exhibition area
Communication equipment, command system, simulation system, information system integration and software, intelligent manufacturing equipment, information network security, electronic special equipment and electronic products, electronic components, etc.

2. Marine engineering exhibition area
Ship supporting and equipment, ship design and performance, ship power plant and auxiliary machinery, ship electrical equipment, intelligent equipment and automatic control technology, marine network and information technology, digital shipbuilding, ship construction and repair technology, marine development equipment and technology, shipbuilding management, intelligent coastal defense system technology and equipment, etc.

3. Big data technology exhibition area
Big data information platform, smart barracks, big data information security, data processing and preparation, big data related services, cloud computing platform construction technology, cloud computing service solutions, data center construction and operation, etc.

4. Joint logistics support exhibition area
General logistics equipment, special logistics equipment, special vehicles, special daily necessities and individual equipment, office automation and its supplies, engineering equipment, barracks equipment, new building materials, special materials, intelligent flexible materials, food processing, medical and health supplies, basic chemistry and related products, logistics support service technology, etc.

5. Unmanned system exhibition area
Overall / structure / design / materials, control and navigation, mission load, energy / power, communication / data link technology, artificial intelligence, training services, etc.

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