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2022 the 17th China (Chongqing) elderly Industry Expo

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2022/11/04 - 11/06 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Chongqing · Nan'an District Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaChongqingNan'an District No. 2 Jiangnan Avenue, Nan'an District, Chongqing


Chongqing elderly care service association, Chongqing Youchuang Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd


Chongqing Youchuang Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Founded in 2005, China (Chongqing) elderly Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) has been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions and has been rated as "China's top ten brand exhibition". The exhibition is based in the southwest, radiates across the country and faces the world. The previous exhibitions attracted more than 6000 units from 17 countries, 34 provinces and cities to Chongqing. The total area of the exhibition exceeded 350000 square meters and attracted watermark of the United States, Yikang of Singapore, Youhu of Singapore, Meirui health of Canada, Keith architecture of the Netherlands, Meidi of Japan, riaI Co., Ltd., Nippon Medical, staft of Germany, Shengtuo medical of Germany, Tiankang of Germany, Legrand of France, weimeiheng of Belgium, China Life Insurance, Taikang China Railway Renzhi, COSCO Group, Everbright bailing Gang, jiurucheng, Chongqing Medical Qinggang elderly care center, Hezhan elderly care, Qianjing rehabilitation, Lepu medical, engu technology and other well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition. The Expo has developed into an industrial, professional and international event integrating Products Show, high-end forum, academic exchange, policy interpretation, investment attraction, trade negotiation, experience Interaction and skill competition, which is of great significance to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the elderly care service industry.

Effective for China's population aging, related to the overall situation of national development, the well-being of hundreds of millions of people, social harmony and stability, and is of great significance to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country. In order to implement the national strategy of actively responding to population aging, integrate the concept of positive aging and healthy aging into the whole process of economic and social development, cultivate new forms of elderly care, build an elderly care service system coordinated by home-based community institutions and combined with medical care and health care, and improve the sense of acquisition, happiness and security of the majority of the elderly. Through more than 30 activities such as exhibitions, theme forums and cultural performances, this "old age Expo" will focus on the docking of pension resources at home and abroad, create an industry event for all elderly people and a carnival for the elderly, give full play to the advantages of cross-border integration and cohesion of all social parties, and promote the high-quality development of China's aging cause. We sincerely welcome brands, dealers, purchasers and relevant enterprises in the industry to participate in the exhibition in Chongqing to share business opportunities, seek common development and create the future.

Highlights of the exhibition
(1) Build a Chengdu Chongqing pension theme exhibition, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between pension practitioners in Chengdu and Chongqing, realize the complementary advantages of the pension industry in Chengdu and Chongqing, and jointly seek the development of the pension industry in Chengdu and Chongqing.
(2) At the same time, carry out activities such as project promotion, new product release, investment promotion, visit and investigation, gather the first high-quality products, stimulate innovation inspiration, build a cooperation platform and promote common development.
(3) Provide online and offline trade matching services, build a fast bridge for the efficient docking of supply and demand information for both sides, promote a new model of online matching and offline negotiation, so that participants are not limited by geographical time and maximize the benefits of participating in the exhibition.
(4) Hold industry forums to explore the development path of China's aging industry and promote the innovation and high-quality development of elderly care services.
(5) Set up talent colleges and universities, display high skilled professional talents in Colleges and universities around the two cores of vocational education and elderly care, provide a platform for elderly care enterprises to obtain high-quality elderly care personnel, and provide a fundamental guarantee for the high-quality development of elderly care service industry.


(1) International Exhibition Area: delegation of foreign embassies and consulates and business associations, international consulting service institutions, international research and teaching institutions of pension products, pension service brand institutions, architectural design institutions, investment and financing institutions, R & D and production institutions of equipment and supplies, etc.
(2) Exhibition areas of domestic provinces and cities: provincial (municipal) groups, domestic elderly care real estate, elderly care service products, ecological health care bases, migrant bird elderly care, rehabilitation centers, social welfare organizations, elderly communities (apartments), elderly care institutions, community day care centers and elderly service institutions, etc.
(3) District and county exhibition areas: display the construction achievements of the aging cause and elderly care service industry in all districts and counties of the city, introduce the experience and policy measures of developing the aging cause and elderly care service industry in all regions, and display the investment attraction of projects in all districts and counties.
(four) intelligent pension information exhibition area: display Internet plus health service terminal, pension institution management software, wearable health equipment, intelligent health management system, intelligent pension information service platform, intelligent products, etc.
(5) "Full coverage of elderly care services" demonstration exhibition hall: focus on the display of "full coverage of elderly care services" municipal demonstration elderly care service centers, disseminate innovative elderly care concepts, and promote the construction and operation market model of municipal demonstration centers.
(6) Geriatric products exhibition area: display functional geriatric clothing, intelligent daily auxiliary products, elderly care products, aging environment improvement products, geriatric daily necessities and geriatric disease prevention, therapeutic drugs, health products, traditional Chinese medicine health care, etc.
(7) Rehabilitation medical and nursing service exhibition area: display stroke cognitive impairment rehabilitation and evaluation equipment, household medical equipment, first-aid supplies, life AIDS, rehabilitation nursing equipment, treatment and rehabilitation training aids, action AIDS, barrier free facilities, prosthetics and orthosis, etc.
(8) Living and elderly care service exhibition area: display living and elderly care projects, hot spring elderly care projects, various tourism projects and products related to the elderly, cultural commodities and cultural performance brand projects for the elderly, universities for the elderly, sports and entertainment social organizations for the elderly, volunteer institutions serving the elderly and achievement display, etc.
(9) Exhibition area of livable buildings for the elderly: display green and intelligent elderly care buildings, furniture and appliances suitable for the elderly, design and planning of buildings suitable for the elderly, etc.
(10) Elderly education, finance and insurance exhibition area: banks, securities companies, insurance companies, trust and investment companies, fund management companies and other financial institutions involved in educational administration services for the elderly and financial services for the elderly;
(11) Talent recruitment exhibition area for elderly care services: vigorously promote the elderly care service industry to absorb employment, and coordinate the training plan and career planning of industry personnel.
(12) "Sunset style" cultural elderly care exhibition hall: elderly calligraphy and painting works exhibition and elderly image exhibition, which fully shows the different style of elderly groups who love life and have something to do.
(13) Interactive amusement area for the elderly: carry out chess exchange meeting for the elderly, parent-child baking day in good time, flower arranging salon day in good time and Calligraphy Appreciation Day in good time, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly and enhance the exchange of entertainment activities for the elderly.

Costs & Precautions


Specification ㎡

Charging standard

Booth configuration

Standard booth


Domestic enterprises 6800 yuan / piece

RMB 1000 extra for double opening

Foreign enterprises $1500 / piece

Three display boards, one lintel, one table, two chairs, 220V / 5A single-phase power socket and two spotlights.

Open space booth


Domestic enterprises 700element/㎡

Foreign enterprises USD 150 / ㎡

Excluding any construction facilities, it is built by the builder, starting from 36 m2.


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