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2022 the 40th China (Fuzhou) International Auto Expo and Digital Auto Expo

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2022/10/01 - 10/04 (Sat To Tues Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Fuzhou · Fujian Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaFujianFuzhou Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province


Fuzhou Tianbiao Advertising Co., Ltd


Fuzhou Tianbiao Advertising Co., Ltd



As a national class B auto exhibition, Fuzhou International Auto Show is an exhibition brand with extensive influence. With a scale of 100000 square meters, the exhibition has become a "wind vane of Fujian automobile industry" after 20 years of efforts.
In the process of digitization, this auto show takes "digital automobile · technology leads the future" as the slogan. Under the environment of automobile digitization, major automobile brands will show the latest application of digitization in the automobile industry at this Fuzhou International Auto Show.
This year's Fuzhou International Auto Show is wonderful. Hundreds of manufacturers and dealers will appear with all kinds of first edition, limited edition and collection edition models; Wonderful activities such as new car release, theme show, photography competition, watching auto show and drawing awards run through the whole process, and continue to build the largest and highest standard annual automobile feast in Fujian.
Look at the car, buy a car and change the car to Fuzhou International Auto Show.


Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, auto parts, RV, modified cars, motorcycles, yacht manufacturers, merchants and auto related product design institutions, auto decoration products, consumer goods, auto maintenance equipment, auto financial service institutions, used car service providers, auto related product trading companies, auto industry organizations, private collectors, modified car lovers, auto industry related media Exhibition supporting service merchants (banking, catering, living services, etc.)

Costs & Precautions

Indoor light floor: 1500 yuan / square meter, starting from 300 square meters

Outdoor bare land: 1200 yuan / m2, starting from 500 m2

Standard booth: 10000 yuan / piece (double opening plus 10%), specification: 9 square meters (3m) ✖️ 3m)

Remarks: 1. The indoor and outdoor bare ground does not bring any facilities. The exhibitors use the exhibition equipment of the manufacturer or entrust the only builder designated by the organizing committee to design and construct. The minimum applied bare land area shall not be less than 300 square meters.

2. The minimum area of the application standard booth shall not be less than 9 square meters. The standard booth adopts international standard booth frame, aluminum alloy frame, three exhibition walls, Chinese and English lintel words. The booth is covered with carpet, two spotlights, a table, a paper basket and a 200V / 5A power socket.

the measure of area: 100000 square meters


  • Telephone:0591-87892037
  • Truename:Mr.Chen
  • Address:1105, shenfa building, Taijiang District, Fuzhou


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