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2022 the 19th China International Laboratory Medicine and blood transfusion instrument and reagent Expo
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2022/03/27 - 03/29 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Nanchang · Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center ChinaJiangxiNanchang 1315 huaiyushan Avenue, Jiulonghu new town, Honggutan new area, Nanchang
Sponsor:Zhiaoruihe (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Zhiaoruihe (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Under the normal situation of Xinguan epidemic prevention and control, a banner practical medicine • in vitro diagnosis event with the theme of "bright brand · glorifying the future", which integrates specialty, scale, influence, brand promotion and publicity, production, learning, research, use, transformation, capital, production, circulation and the whole industry chain of medical and health institutions, so as to capture the future development direction, the latest cutting-edge information and witness the industry The 19th China International Laboratory Medicine and blood transfusion instrument and reagent Expo (caclp) and the second China International IVD upstream raw material manufacturing and circulation supply chain Expo (cisce) Click to view the highlights of the last session, scheduled for March 27-29, 2022 It was held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center.

At that time, the theme co sponsored by Shanghai Institute of experimental medicine, Wiley's view journal and the experimental medicine branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association will be: leading the opportunity · the future after the "epidemic". Click on the "voice of creation" 7th China Experimental Medicine Conference (cemc) to view the highlights of the previous session and several special academic discussions on pathology, blood transfusion, testing, supervision and molecular diagnosis The theme of tanhe, CO sponsored by the Industrial Development Institute of Shanghai Academy of experimental medicine, the view Journal of Wiley and the medical laboratory industry branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, is: capturing the wind direction and insight into the future. "The 9th China in vitro diagnosis Industry Development Conference (ciidc)" click to view the highlights of the previous session, "bright · test - the 5th young entrepreneur theory of in vitro diagnosis" Altar "," the fourth China IVD Circulation Enterprise Forum "," the second China in vitro diagnosis key raw materials and parts forum "and hundreds of enterprise forums and new product launches will also be held simultaneously.

Experimental medicine • in vitro diagnosis feast: it brings together industry giants, industry experts, famous experts and scholars, and constructs an academic exchange of China's in vitro diagnosis industry for the industry around new technologies, new methods, new materials, new industrial development trends, new business models, enterprise management, capital operation, cutting-edge scientific research results, innovation and transformation, international integration and other forward-looking contents Large platform, I believe that the majority of in vitro diagnosis enterprises will be full of harvest!

As a banner Expo event in the field of in vitro diagnostics, caclp has been committed to serving the in vitro diagnostics industry for 30 years. The exhibition exhibits cover various fields in the upstream, middle and downstream of in vitro diagnostics, setting up a broad stage for enterprises to show their wisdom and achievements and helping enterprises move forward all the way. The professional platform, wonderful and rich content and links of all industry elements provide all-round one-stop services for brand publicity, new product display, academic exchange, supply and demand cooperation, investment and financing, and capture of cutting-edge information!

King Teng's High Pavilion is near Jiangzhu, and the hero's city is diagnosed! We sincerely invite you to share this feast of experimental medicine and in vitro diagnosis and talk about the bright future of in vitro diagnosis!


Blood analysis system: blood group analyzer, blood group card, automatic cell analyzer, automatic card applicator
Blood rheometer , semi-automatic blood cell analyzer , semi-automatic thrombus , hemagglutination analyzer
Automatic blood bank system, hemoglobin analyzer, platelet aggregation analyzer, blood glucose analyzer
Blood viscometer , thromboelastometer , erythrocyte deformameter , hemorheological parameter tester
Flow cytometry analyzer, automatic thrombus hemostasis analysis system, Automatic Coagulation and fibrinolysis analyzer
Biochemical analysis system: automatic biochemical analyzer , automatic fast (dry) biochemical analyzer , semi-automatic biochemical analyzer , automatic multiple electrolysis
Mass analyzer # semi automatic single / multiple electrolyte analyzer
Immunoassay system: automatic immunoanalyzer , semi-automatic enzyme labeling instrument , fluorescence microscopic detection system , specific protein analyzer , chemiluminescence analyzer
Fluorescence immunoanalyzer, flow dot matrix analyzer, enzyme immunoanalyzer
Bacterial analysis system: Mycobacterium tuberculosis analyzer, drug sensitivity analyzer, bacterial determination system, rapid bacterial culture instrument, Helicobacter pylori determination instrument
Urine analysis system: automatic urine analyzer and test paper
Biological separation system: automatic electrophoresis instrument, capillary electrophoresis instrument, isoelectric focusing electrophoresis instrument, nucleic acid purification analyzer, low and medium high pressure electrophoresis instrument
Cell electrophoresis apparatus
Biological separation system: automatic blood gas analyzer, tissue oxygen content tester, percutaneous blood oxygen partial pressure monitor, blood gas blood collector, blood oxygen saturation measurement
Calibrator , co, infrared analyzer , blood gas acid-base analyzer , electrochemical oxygen meter
Gene and life science instruments: automatic medical PCR analysis system, Sperm Analyzer, PCR amplification instrument, biochip reader
Auxiliary equipment for clinical medical examination: ultra clean device, blood cell counting plate, automatic sample adding system, automatic sample injection system, blood group instrument, plate washer
Experimental instruments: consumables, medical refrigerator, blood transfusion instruments, microscopic equipment, electronic balance, test bench
Test reagent: diagnostic reagent, general reagent, reference reagent, analytical reagent, instrumental analytical reagent, clinical chemical reagent, blood transfusion reagent, enzyme immunoassay
Analysis, immune reagent, gene detection, microbiological test, etc
Raw and attached materials, testing instruments, blood transfusion instruments, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.


  • Telephone:021-52558224
  • E-mail:office@caclp.org
  • Address:Rooms 2201-2203 and 2205, longzhimeng building, 1118 Yan'an west road, Changning District, Shanghai
  • Zipcode:200231


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