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2022 the 42nd Jinan International Beauty Salon Cosmetics Industry Expo (Jinan Beauty Expo)
Industry: Jewellery / Jewelry / Beauty
Cycle: Twice a year
Time: 2021/11/03 - 11/05 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jinan · Shandong Shandong International Exhibition Center ChinaShandongJinan Intersection of 2nd Ring West Road and Rizhao Road
Sponsor:Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Organizer:Jinan Meibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd
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Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Meibo International) is a professional brand builder and comprehensive service platform in the beauty, hairdressing and cosmetics industry, which carries out offline exhibitions and online services in China every year. Services include: Exhibition (seven cities have successfully held more than 180 sessions), Meiye supply and demand platform, Meibo international online mall, special issue of supply and demand, Meibo online live broadcast (Meiye Baitai), regional investment promotion fair, Meibo big data, talent incubation base, etc., realizing multi-directional online and offline seamless docking of the industry.
Qingdao International Fair and Jinan International Fair have passed the certification of International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). Shandong Meibo International Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and Jinan Meibo Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. have also passed the voting of UFI evaluation committee and officially become members of International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). At the same time, Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was listed as a key contact enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce; Qingdao International Meibo and Jinan International Meibo were successively rated as one of the key cultivation exhibitions in Qingdao and Jinan.
Meibo International: serve the industry, enlarge the value, focus on the beauty industry, and promote the development of China's beauty industry with excellent services.
Jinan International Beauty fair was founded in 2000, has gone through 20 years, has accumulated a high popularity. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 30000 square meters and plan 1300 standard booths. The exhibition will upgrade in all aspects, including exhibition, Industry Summit Forum, "one-to-one" supply and demand service docking, international business negotiation, audience participation experience, etc., so as to jointly create a Chinese beauty and Fashion Festival. The exhibition aims to provide a win-win information exchange for exhibitors and buyers Platform.


Professional line
Professional beauty, hair care, nail and eyelash, embroidery, hand and foot care, beauty training and education institutions
Daily chemical line
Skin care, personal care, make-up, perfume, beauty tools, wash care, facial mask, pregnancy and baby care, oral care, washing, retail chain, o2o, micro e-commerce, etc
Great medical beauty:
Medical beauty and anti-aging, skin management, scalp management, light medical beauty, stem cells, beauty instruments, anti-aging, medical devices
Big health:
Moxibustion health products and instruments, sub-health management, weight loss and slimming, postpartum repair, TCM health care, TCM beauty, beauty drinks, aromatherapy and aromatic products, rehabilitation physiotherapy products, etc
Daily chemical international products, professional international products, big medical international products, big health international products
Overseas medical
Cross border medical services: overseas health examination, confinement center, regenerative medicine, remote consultation, precise physical examination, cross-border medical insurance, international medical institutions and general hospitals, international referral
Supply chain
Cosmetics raw materials, daily chemicals, professional OEM / ODM, cosmetics packaging

Costs & Precautions


Standard exhibition:RMB 6800element/9m2

flagship:RMB 8800element/9m2

Brand:RMB 12800element/9m2

Open space:RMB 600element/m2

Luxury booth:RMB 10800element/9m2





Including three boards and a negotiation tableTwo chairs, one power socket(220V/5A)Company name in Chinese and English

Lay carpets and high-end products on the basis of ordinary standard boothsFront door, color enterprise publicity lintelOne table and two chairscarpet

containSet up brand image exhibition stand, enterprise light guide plate picture2A door lintel in Chinese and English, an information desk (including picture production), a set of negotiation table and chair, power socket, carpet, spotlight, garbage basket and green plant

Special booths are not equipped with tables, chairs and power supply. If necessary, please rent them by yourself and pay the site construction fee to the exhibition hall(See exhibitor's Manual for details)

luxuryBoothcontain2A spotlight, a round table3There are three chairs, one information desk, carpet laying, special decoration management fee and lighting electricity fee.

matters needing attention
Exhibition requirements:
Business License with the qualification of enterprise legal person; commodity inspection certificate and hygiene license are required for the operation of imported cosmetics; the manufacturer has production license and hygiene license; it is not allowed to operate fake and inferior products and unrelated beauty products, otherwise, the consequences will be borne by itself.
the measure of area: 50000 square meters


  • Truename:Wang Zhenzhen
  • Mobile:13673385590
  • QQ:1597310366
  • Address:2nd floor, Huajia building, Qingdao


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