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The 6th China (Guangdong) International "Internet +" Expo 2021
Industry: IT Equipment / Digital / Software
Time: 2021/07/14 - 07/17 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Foshan · Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongFoshan 1 gongzhan Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Guangdong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Organizer:Foshan Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade, management committee of Foshan Sino German industrial service zone, Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Since its establishment in 2015, China (Guangdong) International "Internet +" Expo has been successfully held for five times. More than 500 guests from more than 10 countries and regions have participated in the forum activities. There are more than 1200 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of more than 250000 square meters and 350000 professional visitors, including Huawei, Jingdong Logistics, Midea, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Kingdee software A series of leading enterprises in the industry, such as Jinhui TONGHANG, Huashu, etc., have participated in the exhibition year after year, and have become China's well-known Internet + Intelligent Manufacturing Expo.

In 2021, the 6th China (Guangdong) International "Internet +" Expo will be open to both domestic and overseas, focusing on promoting the cross-border integration and innovation of traditional manufacturing industry and Internet, promoting the application of advanced manufacturing models such as made in China 2025, German industry 4.0 and American industrial Internet, providing a platform for the exhibition and promotion of innovative solutions for national Internet enterprises, and also connecting traditional industries The Internet and the realization of transformation and development provide a platform for exchange and cooperation


Internet frontier technology exhibition area
Intelligent service robot, intelligent education, intelligent government, intelligent medical, intelligent finance
Smart home, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, virtual reality, augmented reality
Adas auxiliary system, intelligent network driving car, automatic driving car, driverless car, intelligent car electronic

Big data and cloud computing exhibition area
Big data information platform, commercial password products, smart city, intelligent transportation, big data finance, Internet investment and financing, big data healthcare, big data health, big data marketing;
Big data agriculture, industrial big data, artificial intelligence, mobile e-commerce, mobile Internet, Internet of vehicles, Internet of land, etc;
Network security services and products, 5g communication, information encryption, big data, blockchain, network security, operating system, etc;

Industrial Internet Exhibition Area
Based on the key equipment and technology of intelligent manufacturing, including CNC machine tools, robots, automation, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment, intelligent manufacturing solutions, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


  • Telephone:022-66224066、89899051
  • Address:The Sixth Street of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • Zipcode:300457


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