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Geneva auto show is about to kick off, with a new version of China's brand car market

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 53599 Editor: zixun2
According to public information, Chinese car companies will continue to fight at the Geneva auto show, which will open i


As we all know, the global automobile industry has been in a period of subversion and innovation after more than 100 years of development. The era of integrated development of comprehensive new energy and intelligent networking is accelerating. Therefore, in various auto exhibitions, the new brands, new products and new strategies issued by Chinese auto enterprises for the world all point to the field of new energy, and their intention to consolidate the industry leading position and compete for the international market of new energy vehicles is very clear.

According to public information, Chinese car companies will continue to fight at the Geneva auto show, which will open in March. It is understood that arcfox, which is positioned as a high-end intelligent new energy vehicle brand, will take "born to break the boundary" as the brand proposition, officially release to the world for the first time, and will bring its new arcfox GT super car and the first family concept car integrating the track gene and boundless design aesthetics. In addition, another Chinese brand, Aichi, as one of the new forces of car building, will also release its first pure electric SUV U5 to enter the European market.

Geneva auto show, with a history of 100 years, mainly displays the ultimate process design and high-performance technology of luxury cars, which has a unique wind vane significance in the industry exhibition. The Chinese brand will undoubtedly make the auto show at the beginning of the year more exciting.

Although the car market is cold, China's new energy vehicles are up against the trend and inject enthusiasm and power into the whole industry. We are looking forward to China's new energy vehicles opening up new territory in the world's automobile industry.


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