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Tianjin Binhai International Exhibition Center

Address:In TEDA Fashion Square, No. 29, East vogue Road, Binhai New Area, Tianjin (Donghai intersection, TEDA Street)
Area:120000 M²
Location:China-Tianjin City-Binhai New Area


Tianjin Binhai International Exhibition Center is located in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. This is the core of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the gateway of two big cities of Beijing and Tianjin, and the center of Bohai economic circle. It connects the three north areas and radiates Southeast Asia. It is 120 kilometers away from Beijing, the capital of China, 55 kilometers away from Tianjin urban area, and faces Dalian and Yantai across the sea.

As a key construction project in Tianjin, it has been put into use successfully after nearly two years of construction. It is designed by Lee Harris Pomeroy of the United States, with the modeling meaning of brocade fan, a traditional Chinese handicraft. With a land area of 169000m2, a building area of 61000 m2, a front square of 9440 m2, a rear freight yard of 11360 m2, a parking lot of 13000 m2, the first floor of the exhibition hall is composed of six functional areas A-F, the height of the large exhibition hall is 15m-26m, 868 exhibition stands are provided, the area is 18100 m2, the height of the rear complex building is 8m, 256 exhibition stands are provided, the area is 5600 m2, the exhibition hall features can be divided and combined, can be large and small The space combination is very flexible, which can adapt to a variety of exhibitions of different scales and natures, and can meet the multi-functional needs of special exhibitions, conferences, businesses and banquets.

The mezzanine service space is composed of Western food preparation room, some office areas and equipment rooms for main equipment; the second floor is 4m high and consists of 1 special exhibition hall (area: 1800 m2, number of exhibition: 80), 14 meeting rooms, 2 banquet halls, 1 press release room, 2 cafeterias and 4 bars. The whole building adopts many advanced curtain wall forms and complex large-span space truss forms in the world.

At the same time, the high-tech computer network system, trading system, exhibitor registration system, advertising system, air conditioning system, fire control system, weak current and other systems of the building are designed with a number of domestic and international latest technical achievements, and the language, data, water supply and drainage, power and electricity are reserved for each booth according to the standards of the first-class international exhibition center The exhibition hall with the largest area, the most complete functions, the highest level of modernization and specialization in Tianjin will become the flagship of Binhai New Area's economic development.

Exhibition hall scale
The construction area of the exhibition center is 120000 square meters, and the exhibition area can provide 40000 square meters of indoor exhibition area. There are nearly 2000 international standard booths, including 20000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area. The total area of the conference area is 7500 square meters, which can meet the requirements of different specifications. The exhibition center is also equipped with an underground parking lot of 700 parking spaces and a kitchen of 1300 square meters, which greatly meets the needs of various exhibition activities.

Pavilion parameters

Binhai International Convention and exhibition center can provide about 40490 square meters of indoor exhibition area, the total area of the front hall is 31240 square meters, and the total area of the back hall is 9250 square meters.




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