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Mexico guadalajara convention & exhibition center

Address:Edificio MapfrePaseo de la Reforma 243Piso 15Del.
Area:50000 M²
Tel:+52(55) 88526195


Mexico guadalajara convention & exhibition center Guadalajara, the largest exhibition center in Latin America. The exhibition can accommodate more than 50 visitors, and more than 1,300 booths can be set up at professional exhibition booths.


Bus Line

Guadalajara International Airport Mexico → Guadalajara Convention and Exhibition Center

31 minutes (22.8 km) via Chapala-Guadalajara / México 23 and Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas / Guadalajara-Morelia Road / Guadalajara-Zapotlanejo / México 23

28 minutes (if the road is clear)


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