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Adelaide event and Exhibition Centre, Adelaide, Australia

Address:5000 north of Adelaide
Area:20000 M²


Adelaide event and Exhibition Centre is located in Adelaide, Australia. By 2017, when the New Oriental building will be completed, the Adelaide Conference Center will include 32 conference rooms, 9 halls and 20000 square meters of space opposite the plenary hall. The center is designed with representatives and customers in mind, providing spatial flexibility.

Adelaide event and Convention Center is the first exhibition center in Australia. Adelaide railway station has been built near the Convention and Exhibition Center, together with Haite Shenzhen Dihao Hotel (now Intercontinental Hotel). The exhibition hall was built in the 1980s. The transformation project of Adelaide station and its surrounding areas has been reconstructed and expanded several times and started construction in 1987. An expansion plan was established in 1999 and launched at the end of 2001. It's a famous architect built by Larry altmans. The project won the Royal Australian Institute of architects 2002 Award for excellence and the BHP corourbond steel Award for its industry in interior and new buildings. The expansion plan of the exhibition center and the decoration plan of the conference center in Adelaide connect the history of the city. The seaside is nearby. New equipment and old and new outlets include the parliament of South Australia, the Art Festival Center of Adelaide exhibition hall, and Adelaide Railway Station casino. SOM project, completed Adelaide architect woods Bagot, and conforms to the Adelaide riverbank plan. Adelaide event and Convention Center has a "reasonable cooking system": any conference center in the world can be equipped with 4000 dinners in 20 minutes. The main conference hall of the center can accommodate up to 3500 people.


Bus Line

From Adelaide railway station, Australia
Adelaide Convention Centre-North Terrace,North Terrace,Adelaide sa 500004

3 minutes (550m)
途经Station Rd和Festival Dr
3 minutes (if the road is clear)
Adelaide Railway Station

Drive east from North terrace to station Rd
69 meters

Turn left at junction 1 and enter station Rd
Through a roundabout
170 meters

Turn left a little to enter the festival Dr

From Adelaide Airport, South Australia, James Schofield drive, Adelaide Airport, 5950
Adelaide Convention Centre-North Terrace,North Terrace,Adelaide sa 500004

19 minutes (7.6km)
Sir Donald Bradman
14 minutes (if the road is clear)
Adelaide Airport, South Australia, James Schofield drive
Post code: 5950
Sir Richard Williams and Sir Donald Bradman
2 minutes (500m)
Sir Donald Bradman
8 minutes (4.6km)
Continue with waymouth St. Take Montefiore RD and drive into Festival Dr


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