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Indiana Convention Center

Address:100 South Capitol Ave, Indianapolis United States
Area:120000 M²


Indiana Convention Center is located in Indiana, the center of Indianapolis. It was built in 1972. It has more than 120000 square meters of conference hall, over 50000 square meters of open exhibition space and nearly 13000 square meters of small conference space.

Indiana Convention Center is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its total area is more than 1300000 square feet (120000 square meters), including more than 566000 square feet (50000 square meters) of exhibition space and nearly 140000 square feet (13000 square meters) of group conference space. After it was completed in 1972, it initially consisted of two parts, Maryland street and southwest Capitol Avenue. Now it's six yuan. In general, it has 71 meeting rooms and many delicious food. It connects the Lucas Oil Stadium with an additional 183000 square feet (20000 square meters) of meeting space and 12 meeting rooms. Indiana International Convention Center has three main exhibition halls, which are located in the west end. The eastern part of the structure consists of 500 banquet halls as well as various conference rooms and other auxiliary facilities. The Indiana Convention Center was expanded in 1983 to incorporate the Indian dome (later named the dome court) at a combined cost of approximately $82 million, with half of its funding being private and the other half public (taxpayers). The exhibition hall, D and E (later renamed and reconfigured) were added with other new and refurbished facilities.


Bus Line

Indianapolis railway station → Indiana Convention Center

从Indianapolis Station, 350 South Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225美国到Indiana Convention Center, 100 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225美国
9 minutes (0.4 miles)
via S Illinois St和W Maryland St

Indianapolis International Airport → Indiana Convention Center

From Indianapolis International Airport USA, Indianapolis, Col. h. weir cook Memorial Drive, 46241 to Indiana Convention Center, 100 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, in 46225 USA
20 minutes (14.4 miles)
Via I-70 E
19 minutes (if the road is clear)


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