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Kentucky Exposition Center, Kentucky Exhibition Center, Las Vegas

Address:937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209-1398, Louisville United States
Area:1618742 M²


The Kentucky Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas, located in Louisville, USA, covers an area of 400 acres and provides more than one million square feet of indoor space, including the free hall, an indoor space with more than 19000 seats.

The Kentucky Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas is a large multi-purpose facility managed by the Kentucky National Bureau of exhibitions. It is one of the ten largest facilities in the United States. It has more than 1200000 square feet (110000 square meters) of indoor space. Its main stadium, live Baseball / football, is a seat with a capacity of up to 37925. It belongs to the home court of Louisville University and Louisville red bird minor league baseball team. Its free hall is a live stage, which can provide 18875 seats. It is the home court of Louisville university men's and women's basketball. Later, they all belong to KFC yum Owned by catering group! To sponsor the season after 2010. Broadbent arena is located in complex and has the largest 6600 people as well. They have 1000 permanent stables and 720 temporary stalls.

The free Hall of Kentucky Exhibition Center is mainly for exhibition activities
Among them are Kentucky exposition, North America international animal husbandry exposition and national agricultural machinery exhibition. The free Hall of the Kentucky Exhibition Center is located adjacent to the result - 65 and Henry Watterson motorways, as well as near Louisville International Airport. In the past, sports events were held every year, including the top four NCAA competitions and the annual college football competition.


Bus Line

McCarran International Airport → Kentucky Convention and Exhibition Center, Las Vegas

From McCarran International Airport, Nevada, Las Vegas, Wayne Newton Boulevard, USA 89119 to Kentucky Exposition Center, 937 Phillips lane, Louisville

Las Vegas railway station → Las Vegas Kentucky Convention Center

从Las Vegas Station, 500 Railroad Avenue at Lincoln, Las Vegas, NM 87701美国到Kentucky Exposition Center, 937 Phillips Lane, Louisvil


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