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Aksu International Expo Center

Address:Intersection of wuka road and Yingbin Road, Aksu City
Area:25699 M²
Location:China-Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region-Aksu Region-Akesu City


Aksu International Expo Center is located in the South Xinjiang economic belt. It is the exhibition and conference site of the middle road of the Silk Road and the landmark building of Aksu region. It can provide venues for different types of exhibitions, large-scale meetings, political and commercial meetings, and reception meetings.

Aksu International Expo Center integrates exhibition, conference, business, entertainment and other functions. It was invested and built by Aksu regional office and officially put into use in 2014. Since its opening in 2014, there are about 18 exhibitions and more than 40 conferences held in Aksu International Expo Center, with an annual exhibition area of more than 2.8 million square meters.

Aksu International Expo Center is located in Dongcheng District, covering an area of 25699 square meters, with a total construction area of 49822 square meters, a width of 108 meters from east to west, a length of 249.8 meters from north to south, a building elevation of 23.95, three floors above the ground and one floor below the ground, and a combination of steel structure, arch dome and marble exterior wall.

The exhibition, conference and service functions are arranged in layers, with three exhibition halls on the first floor arranged in sequence. The indoor exhibition area is 23670 square meters, which can accommodate 870 standard booths. The conference center is located on the third floor of the exhibition hall, with three independent conference rooms.




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