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Linyi Mall Convention Center

Address:Intersection of Mengshan Avenue and Top Ten Street, Lanshan District, Linyi City
Area:69822 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Linyi City-Lanshan District


Linyi Mall International Conference and Exhibition Center is located at the intersection of Mengshan Avenue and Yucai Road in Lanshan District, Linyi City, near the Grand Mall, University Town, and Long-distance Passenger Terminal in the west; Beicheng New District in the north; Luohe Scenic Area in the south; Yiyi River Scenic Promenade in the east Excellent location. It is the core of the central business district of Linyi Mall. It has an excellent geographical location. The center covers an area of 85 acres, with a total construction area of 69822m² (one underground parking lot and two above-ground floors). There are five exhibition halls. The indoor exhibition area is 34911m². There are 1600 booths, an outdoor plaza exhibition area of 20,000m², an underground parking lot that can accommodate more than 400 vehicles, a lecture hall that can accommodate 1500 people, 2 VIP reception rooms for 20 people, and 4 conference rooms for 30 people, reaching the size of the International Conference and Exhibition Center. The internal function configuration of sound, light, electricity, automatic spraying, air conditioning, and firefighting linkages has improved the building quality of the convention and exhibition center, which not only provides supporting services for the Linyi Shopping Mall market cluster, but also adds a line for "Dalinyi, Xinlinyi" Beautiful landscape.

        In order to improve the supporting service functions of the Convention and Exhibition Center, we will make every effort to build the Convention and Exhibition Central Business District. 156,000 square meters of supporting services projects for conventions and exhibitions have been completed. After the completion of the supporting construction of the conventions and exhibitions, an exhibition center, conference center, shopping center, performing arts center, business office, MICE business residences, MICE business hotel apartments, MICE business hotels, MICE merchandise procurement and distribution, warehousing and logistics, e-commerce transactions, financial services, leisure, entertainment and other functions of the MICE Central Business District.

Pavilion size

        Use area: 200000 square meters

Technical Parameters:

        3 * 3 meters more than 1000 booths

Meeting room conditions:

        Large conference room for 1500 people, small and medium meeting rooms for 300, 100, 60, 30 people, 16 meeting rooms, 16 receptions

Venue Address:

        North section of Mengshan Avenue (Linxi 5th Road), Linyi, Shandong, China




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