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Beijing Fenglian international business hall

Address:15 / F, block B, Fenglian Plaza, No. 18, Chaoyang Menwai street, Chaoyang District
Area:3000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Chaoyang District


The club hall has a pure European style conference venue, including two conference halls, two VIP halls, coffee halls, a 400 square meter grand banquet hall and a multi-functional hall, KTV and small cinema specially designed for various occasions to meet different needs. The hall is divided into three floors, namely, the reception hall on the first floor, the middle-level meeting and activity hall, and the VIP VIP area on the top floor. European style high-end luxury decoration, simple and modern atmosphere, the whole hall exudes a strong sense of European aristocracy. Since its establishment, the guild hall has received more than 1000 large-scale and high-end activities at home and abroad, winning high praise from customers.

Conference Room

Elegant and quiet style. Each meeting room can accommodate 50 people. The conference room is equipped with high-end conference facilities, complete communication, video, multimedia demonstration and other auxiliary equipment. The layout of the site changes as needed, and all resources are in your hands.

Banquet Hall

The 400 square meter banquet hall is a combination of European retro and modern simplicity. It's unique in the natural cave stone paving of the whole venue. It's noble, elegant and reserved, just like you, a real business elite. The matrix arrangement of 18 JBL professional loudspeakers makes you feel like you are coming to the rostrum in person and brings you the sound of nature.

Multifunction Room

Large area of glass and steel structure, transparent and visible, Jingyi, modern, sunshine, inspire your business wisdom. The unique 6m high top floor makes the exhibition facilities in place easily. Large area ventilation and lighting, natural breath and sunshine follow.

VIP room

The venue is private and luxurious. Whether it's the AV system or the furniture, it gives you the respect and comfort of VIP. It is the first choice of your company's board of directors and small-scale business briefing.

VIP room

Privacy and seclusion are like a private reception hall, relaxing your thoughts and savoring your experience. There is no confrontation of business competition, no noise in the cafe, only the collision of heart and soul, blending in the warmth of home.

Special wedding banquet

Having a perfect and amazing romantic wedding is everyone's constant pursuit. To realize this dream, you need to find a reliable wedding company to take charge of you. A good wedding company can not only deal with all kinds of trivia in your wedding, but also add to your wedding.

On the edge of the East 2nd Ring Road, the traffic is extremely convenient, and there are many direct lines of subway bus. The guild hall has strong privacy. Usually, only the new couple will use it on the wedding day. It is not as noisy as the hotel. It shows your noble identity and lets relatives and friends witness your happy moment! The hall is divided into three floors: reception and check-in on the first floor; ceremony area and dining area on the second floor; luxury bridal room and VIP lounge are prepared for you on the third floor. The ceremony area and dining area on the second floor can be decorated into two styles of Chinese and Western styles respectively, which can be selected according to the preferences of new people.

Fenglian International Club is like a tour of European palaces, meeting pure romance, carving eternal love and witnessing the first love. International wedding planning, professional team service and star wedding facilities, performing a perfect film and television wedding.




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