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Changzhou West Taihu International Expo Center

Address:Changzhou West Taihu Avenue and Changhong West Road
Area:150000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Changzhou City-Wujin District
Tel:0519-81096669 / 81096866


Changzhou West Taihu Lake International Expo Center is invested and constructed by Changzhou International Medical Equipment City Co., Ltd. and is a key project of Jiangsu Province and Changzhou City from 2012 to 2014. It is located in the West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and is a landmark project and leading project of the park. The center combines international and professional exhibition culture industry, which is an innovative model of combining modern service industry and exhibition culture industry in China.
The core functional area of Changzhou West Taihu International Expo Center covers an area of 3100 mu, with a total investment plan of about 10 billion yuan. The first phase of the project covers an area of 680 mu, with a preliminary design building area of about 1.2 million square meters. With an exhibition area of 150000 square meters, it can accommodate 7000 international standard booths.
The completed phase I has a total construction area of 224700 square meters, including 62000 square meters of exhibition area, 42000 square meters of indoor area and 20000 square meters of outdoor square. Hall 1 is 300 meters long, 150 meters wide and 19 meters high, with a single building area of 90000 square meters. The exhibition area of the first floor can reach 35000 square meters. The exhibition area of the middle hall of the first floor is 219 meters long, 72 meters wide and 18 meters high. The exhibition area of the large space exhibition hall without columns is 16000 square meters, ranking first in China.

Conference Room
It has a rich conference venue and advanced conference organization system, from small gatherings of dozens of people to large-scale meetings of thousands of people, which can be properly arranged. It is equipped with a number of small conference rooms (100-200 ㎡), 6 medium-sized conference rooms (300-500 ㎡), and a luxurious lecture hall with an area of 900 square meters. Indoor software functions are perfect, hardware facilities are complete, creating a comfortable and relaxed conference environment.




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