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Changchun CITIC International Exhibition Center

Address:4775 Jingyue street, Nanguan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province
Area:56000 M²
Location:China-Jilin Province-Changchun City-Nanguan District
Tel:0431-86785277 / 86785707


Changchun is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Jilin Province, the second largest city in Northeast China, and the birthplace of China's automobile, film, optics, biopharmaceutical, rail car and other industries. In recent years, the exhibition industry in Changchun has developed rapidly. The Auto Expo, the East Expo, the Agricultural Expo and the people's Expo held here have had an important impact at home and abroad. Changchun has become one of the most competitive exhibition cities in China.  

Changchun CITIC International Exhibition Center is located in the Agricultural Expo Park of Jingyue Development Zone in the southeast suburb of Changchun City, adjacent to Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot, which is a newly built modern exhibition hall in Changchun City. The Agricultural Expo Park has complete functions and facilities, covering an area of 1.06 million square meters. Among them, the exhibition center has built 56000 square meters of modern exhibition hall, 27000 square meters of main square, 26000 square meters of Agricultural Machinery Exhibition and 15000 square meters of new rural residential exhibition area. The outdoor function exhibition area has built 130000 square meters of modern planting exhibition area, 42000 square meters of fine animal husbandry exhibition area, 44000 square meters of food Square and 11000 square meters of rural energy and environmental protection project exhibition area. Each exhibition area is both self-contained and complementary. The 7th Changchun International Agricultural Food Expo held here last year has achieved great success. It has been proved that Changchun Agricultural Expo Park and Changchun CITIC International Exhibition Center are ideal choices for holding large-scale agricultural exhibitions.

Exhibition hall scale
Indoor area: 5000 m2




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