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Asia Pacific International Conference Center

Address:219 Xincheng Road, sanyawan tourist resort, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province (No.15 Henglu, sanyawan tourist resort)
Area:5400 M²
Location:China-Hainan-The city of Sanya


Asia Pacific International Conference Center is a five-star standard luxury coastal resort and conference hotel under Hainan Airlines Group. With 254 luxurious and comfortable guest rooms and a conference center covering an area of more than 5400 square meters, there are 16 independent conference halls with a capacity of 20-1000 people. There are all kinds of guest rooms, catering and entertainment facilities in the store. The first seawater swimming pool and marine entertainment center in China let you have a pleasant holiday. The guest room is equipped with high-speed broadband Internet interface, and provides laptop rental service, so that you can enjoy the convenience of office while you are on holiday. Asia Pacific International Conference Center is one of the most advanced international conference centers in China with the most professional reception and the most thoughtful service. Her appearance not only adds beautiful scenery to Sanya Bay, but also improves the reception level and venue of Sanya City. The well-trained and hospitable staff of the Asia Pacific International Conference Center are ready to welcome you.
Conference Room
With a total area of more than 5400 square meters, the Asia Pacific International Conference Center is a multi-functional building complex. The interior design style is fashionable and elegant, with 16 independent conference halls that can hold 20 people - 1000 people. The conference hall is named after the capitals of the countries in the Asia Pacific region and the famous big cities. It has different styles, quiet and comfortable environment, and is equipped with the most advanced conference facilities and security system at present. The conference room adopts the world-famous "Philips DCN" full digital conference system, six channel simultaneous translation, infrared wireless receiver headphones, and with a full range of "Philips" video system, it can hold an International Ministerial Conference of 600 people at the same time. Provide comprehensive and thoughtful conference recording equipment, with analog, digital multi-mode, multi-media editing and saving functions. The hotel has a well-trained, warm and friendly banquet service team, which will provide you with efficient and professional conference reception and thoughtful services at any time.




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