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Guangxi Science and Technology Museum

Address:20 Minzu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning
Area:38988 M²
Location:China-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region-Nanning-Qingxiu District


Guangxi Science and Technology Museum is a key gift project for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The project was initiated on March 3, 2006, construction started on December 28, 2006, and opened on December 5, 2008. It covers an area of 14,655 square meters, with a total construction area of 38,988 square meters, with a total investment of about 250 million yuan. The Guangxi Science and Technology Museum, as an important science popularization facility for the public to improve scientific and cultural literacy and understand the development of social science and technology, will become the leader of Guangxi science popularization education and a window to showcase the culture of Guangxi. And an important platform for science and technology education activities for young people. The Guangxi Science and Technology Museum construction project is the first pilot project of the autonomous construction system in the autonomous region. The stadium building was designed by the China Aviation Industry Planning and Design Institute. The architectural plan is unique and profound in meaning, which reflects the three major elements of Guangxi's regional characteristics, national characteristics and scientific and technological connotations. Regionally, it looks like Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin, Guangxi, Moon Hill in Yangshuo, and Pearl Clam in the North Sea. In terms of nationality, its main composition design uses Guangxi bronze drums and the most characteristic and representative feathers in national costume The human pattern makes the building look like a huge wing that unfolds during soaring, which is highly national and infectious. In terms of scientific connotation, the sphere design of the dome cinema is as if pregnant with the egg body to be produced in the phoenix mother body. The new life of the pearl mussel contains the meanings of "science nurtures the future" and "Pearl spiritual education", especially the streamlined rolling state of the sphere design, which makes the whole design dynamic and static, full of spirituality. The Guangxi Science and Technology Museum is based on the theme of "exploration, technology and innovation". The venue is of appropriate size and complete functions. The venue has permanent science popularization exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, youth science studios, high-tech cinemas, and academic exchanges. Among them, the permanent exhibition hall covers an area of about 9000m2, with a total of 233 exhibits (sets), mainly covering engineering technology, information technology, biological engineering and other important areas closely related to people's social life and sustainable development. Guangxi, ASEAN countries' regional characteristics, scientific and technological development achievements, and other resources. There are three exhibition areas: “Inspiration and Exploration”, “Technology and Life”, and “Innovation and Prospects”, which include seven themes including children's playground, scientific exploration, environmental survival, life and health, information world, challenges and innovation, and future prospects. The temporary exhibition is located on the first floor of the main building, with an area of about 2,400m2, and mainly hosts short-term science and technology themes or hot topic exhibitions; the Youth Science Studio is located on the sixth floor of the venue, with a total area of about 600m2, and is aimed at young people and carries out technological innovation and extra-school education. The stadium is equipped with two special theaters: ball screen and 4D. The ball screen theater is about 250m2 and can accommodate 160 people. It has the dual functions of sky show and ball screen movie. Visitors can enjoy brand new ball screen movies and many more in the theater. Rare star motion and astronomical phenomena. The 4D theater is about 60m2 and can accommodate 38 people. The use of stereoscopic images is matched with the environmental spraying and smoke blowing in the theater to bring audiences a new visual shock and fun. There are several academic conference halls with a capacity of 30-300 people on the east side of the hall, which mainly carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, especially China (Guangxi) and ASEAN countries, and the western region. Lecture. Guangxi Science and Technology Museum is located at No. 20 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, and is located in the political, economic, and cultural center of Nanning. It is adjacent to Minzu Square, Guangxi People's Hall, Guangxi Museum and other important public facilities, and has convenient transportation.

Pavilion size

    The whole hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a standard exhibition hall area of 4,000 square meters. It has complete supporting facilities for exhibitions. It has long-term holding, hosting, and receiving various exhibitions, exhibition sales and economic and trade negotiations, technology and cultural exchanges. Economic, technological and cultural windows.


Bus Line

Take bus 6, 32, 34, 39, 45, 79, 205, 211, 604, 706 to Minzu Square to reach it;

Take bus No. 1, B3, 26, 38, 62, 71, 73, 609 to the Xinge Dongge intersection;

Subway: Nanning Metro Line 1 Xinmin Road Station



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