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Guangdong Shunlian Machinery Exhibition Center

Address:100m southeast of the intersection of Guanglong Beisan road and Chencun Avenue, Shunde District, Foshan City
Area:180000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Foshan City-Shunde District


Shunlian International Machinery City is a huge machinery trading market in South China. Located in Chencun, Shunde, which is known as the flower Town of the millennium, is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Guangzhou, Foshan, Nanhai and Zhongshan. National Highway 105, Guangzhou Zhuhai Expressway, Fochen highway and Baichen highway cross the whole area, with convenient transportation and convenient access to all areas of the Pearl River Delta.  

Shunlian International Machinery City covers a total area of 250 mu. The first phase of development covers an area of 120 mu, which is leased to machinery manufacturers and distributors for independent operation. It was officially opened for business on November 8, 2003, mainly engaged in forging machinery, general machine tools, mold hardware, rubber and plastic and packaging machinery.

According to the actual situation of the machinery market, Shunlian International Machinery City has carefully planned and refined the core business philosophy and service tenet of "restructuring the marketing mode and win-win South China market". Create a brand-new and practical marketing mode suitable for the majority of machinery manufacturers, reduce the operating costs of manufacturers, expand product sales, and provide a source of power for machinery manufacturers to explore the South China market and occupy the South China market stably.

In order to speed up the circulation of machinery procurement information, Shunlian International Machinery City will hold a large-scale machinery and equipment exhibition every year, build a convenient trading platform for both parties of equipment supply and demand, and promote trade exchanges in the industry. In April 2005, more than 10000 square meters of professional exhibition halls designed for the machinery industry were put into use in the machinery City. At that time, the International Machinery Expo hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation will be held in the exhibition hall again and again, which will become a beautiful scenery of the machinery industry in South China and strive to build a never ending Exhibition Center.

Shunlian International Machinery City Phase III is about to start, with a construction area of 180000 square meters. After completion, the total construction area of phase I and phase II of Shunlian International Machinery City will reach more than 300000 square meters, ranking the top of similar professional markets in South China, and becoming the machinery trading platform with the largest scale, the most complete variety and the most complete industrial chain in the machinery market in South China. In terms of market operation layout, Shunlian International Machinery City will expand from a relatively single machine trade in the past to the industrial chain coverage of upstream and downstream fields of machinery. It is understood that the functions of Shunlian Machinery City Phase III project will form an international trading platform integrating machinery trading, machinery 4S service center, exhibition, office, scientific research, training and other functions.  

Exhibition hall scale
The center covers an area of 26000 square meters and can display more than 1000 international standard booths at the same time.




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