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Dahao Headline: China-Nanchang Yipai Art Gate has vivid color, natural, clear texture, simple workmanship, general profile, noble luxury.

Published At: 2020-02-04   Hits: 2096257 Editor: zixun1
The design of the Yipai Art Gate in Nanchang is in harmony with the life style of human beings. It is designed individually according to the requirements of users. The color is realistic, natural,...


Nanchang Yipai Art Gate

The Yipai Art Gate of Nanchang participated in the exhibition site of Yongkang Hardware Gate Industry in 2019.

Zeng Baohua, General Manager of Yipai Art Department of Nanchang City, accepted the product recommendation of Liu Zhenli, the moderator of COTV Business Information column group.

Zeng Baohua, General Manager of Yipai Art Department in Nanchang CityIntroduce the company's product features to customers and audience netizens around the world through COTV Internet TV

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Brief Introduction to Enterprises
The design of Yipai Art Gate in Nanchang is in harmony with human life style, not only in the selection of materials, colours and styles, but also in the philosophy of life behind its design, which coincides with our pursuit of practical and popular beauty. A variety of styles for you to choose, is to enable you to feel exquisite works of sincerity. According to the user's requirements, personalized design, vivid color, natural, clear texture, simple workmanship, general profile, to show the true self, highlight the noble and luxurious sense of home, with a visual stereo, size, the perfect extension of vision, strive to achieve the perfect interpretation of quality life. Adhering to the design concept of fashion art, Yipai Aluminum Industry produces products with innovative technology, masters the exquisite craft with wisdom, creates the charm style with taste, enriches the exterior of the works, and annotates the interior of the works. Welcome businessmen from all over the world to discuss cooperation! Address: No. 6 Warehouse, Zhiqiang Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China, Yipai Aluminum Industry Investment Hotline: 18823156929, General Manager Zeng Baohua with all staff sincerely welcome your presence!

Product Display

General Manager Zeng Baohua and all the staff sincerely welcome your presence!

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