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Dahao Headline: Zhuji Shanxia Lake Wanyi Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd. Main business: Freshwater/Seawater Pearl Natural Products

Published At: 2020-12-26   Hits: 2975778 Editor: zixun1
Zhuji City Shanxia Lake Wanyi Pearl Jewelry Company is mainly engaged in freshwater/seawater Pearl necklace, pearl granules and high-grade imported pearls and other natural products. Welcome jewele...


Company Profile

Zhuji Shanxiahu Wanyi Pearl Jewelry Firm is a natural pearl jewelry supplier specializing in pearl cultivation, processing, production and sales. Main business: A variety of high-end freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl particles, seawater pearl necklaces, pearl particles and high-end imported pearl series of natural products. Welcome jewelers from all over the world and jewelry collectors to come to discuss tasting! Address: No. AB-1602-1606, 1st Floor, East China International Jewelry City, Shanxiahu Town, Zhuji City, China, Order hotline: 13655751279, General Manager Zhan Liwan welcomes everyone!


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