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2021 Third Harbin Famous and Excellent Annual Goods Expo
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Time: 2021/01/29 - 02/07 (Fri To Sun Total 10 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Heilongjiang Harbin Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHeilongjiangHarbin 301 Hongqi Street, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
Sponsor:Harbin International Exhibition Sports Center, Yatai Oriental Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Organizer:Yatai Oriental Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Harbin Branch
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The third Harbin Famous and Excellent Annual Goods Expo 2021, through a series of industrial service activities, will provide consumers with a shopping platform of "good quality, good quality, good price and intimacy", which will be closely followed and supported by all sectors of society, and will greatly enrich and satisfy consumers'shopping needs. Whether from industry attraction to brand promotion, it will produce a strong society. effect!

Consumption Golden Period: The exhibition period of this annual exposition is 10 days, approaching the Spring Festival and covering two weekends. It is the main time for consumers to purchase annual goods and also the golden period for major enterprises to purchase Spring Festival gifts.

Strong propaganda momentum: through all-media promotion, multi-angle propaganda, gather popularity, create the focus of Harbin New Year's market.

New Year's Goods Collection: All kinds of clothing, food, shelter and living can enable consumers to "one-stop" purchase the required annual goods at the exhibition site.

Super popularity site: hold on-site sales, popularity activities, shopping lottery, gift distribution and other activities, will be directed to attract people with consumer demand.


(1) Famous food exhibition area:

Green local products, green agricultural by-products, pollution-free food, organic food, children's food, health food, nutrition

Granules, snacks, meat products, condiments, seafood snacks, grain and oil by-products, dairy products, baked foods, candies, etc.

Sweets, biscuits, canned foods, puffed snacks, fried dried fruits, processed seafood, flavored seafood, etc.

(2) Drinks and drinks exhibition area:

Carbonated beverage, functional beverage, protein beverage, apple vinegar beverage, fruit juice beverage, vegetable juice beverage, soda water, drinking water, tea, coffee, liquor, red wine, beer, wine, champagne, yellow wine, health wine, etc.

(3) Brand tea exhibition area:

Green tea, black tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea, white tea, yellow tea;

(4) Clothing and apparel exhibition area:

Brand clothing, foreign trade clothing, cashmere products, down products, fur clothing, leisure clothing, shoes, hats, bags, knitting

Clothing, leather shoes and leather goods;

(5) The exhibition area for household goods:

Household textiles, bedding, daily necessities, daily department stores, furniture, washing and daily chemicals, ceramics, bonsai, flowers, toys, etc.

(6) Folk culture exhibition area:

New Year culture, Festival supplies, folk handicraft, New Year pictures, couplets, paper-cut, calligraphy and painting, four treasures of the study, books, audio-visual publications, traditional Duanyan cultural and artistic works, masterpieces of Arts and crafts, etc.

(7) Anniversary Gifts Exhibition Area:

Business gifts, household gifts, health gifts, various kinds of craft gifts, collections, etc.

(8) Haitao New Year Exhibition Area:

Imported food, daily necessities, cosmetics, special fruits, traditional clothing, etc.

(9) Brand enterprise exhibition area:

Jewelry, food, aquatic products, clothing, specialties, crafts, etc.

Costs & Precautions

(1) Standard booth: 3mx3m = 9ԩ;;

Fee standard: 3 MX 3 M standard booth 5000 yuan (RMB)

Side Road 3mx3m Standard Exhibition Pavilion 5500 yuan (RMB)

Note: The standard booth includes 9-inch exhibition area, three-sided (two-sided) fencing board, company name lintel board, one consulting table and two folding chairs.

(2) Special booth: 36

Fee standard: 500 yuan (RMB)/ԩ(36ԩfrom rent)
ScalePavilion A


  • Telephone:0451-82405781
  • Address:4th Floor, Exhibition Office Area, 301 Hongqi Street, Nangang District, Harbin


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